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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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What’s your aura like?

What’s your aura like?
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Understanding auras

1.     First/Root chakra:
Located at the base of the spine.
Function: survival and grounding
Connected to your back and legs.
Healing: For back problems, visualise red colour going through your back.

2.     Second/Sacral chakra:
Located in the lower abdomen.
Function: Desire, sexuality, pleasure.
Connected to your reproductive and digestive systems.
Healing: For stomach problems, visualise orange colour spreading through your stomach.

3.     Third/Solar Plexus chakra:
Located above the navel area.          
Function: mind, intellect and intelligence
Connected to the kidney and liver.
Healing: For focus, concentration and self-esteem problems visualise yellow colour around your navel and over your head.

4.     Fourth/Heart chakra:
Located in the centre of the chest.
Function: love, anger, forgiveness and guilt
Connected to your heart.
Healing: For blood pressure and cholesterol issues or anger issues, visualise green spreading in your chest.

5.     Fifth/Throat chakra:
Located in the throat.
Function: communication, creativity and expression
Connected to the thyroid gland.
Healing: For problems with expressing emotions or public speaking, visualise blue colour in your throat.

6.     Sixth/Third eye chakra:
Located between your eye brows.
Function: Intuition and wisdom.
Connected to the nose, eyes and ear.
Healing: If you have headaches, migraines or memory loss or beginning of Alzheimer’s, visualise indigo colour in your forehead.

7.     Seventh/Crown chakra:
Located above your head.
Function: Spirituality
Not connected to any body part.
Healing: To develop your spiritual goals, visualise violet colour all around your body.


Have always suspected it, and now it’s been confirmed – I am passionate, intelligent, expressive and creative. A regular ray of sunshine in a region where 90% of others assessed suffer from emotional stress.

Aura reader Shivani Adalja saw all that in my aura. Now, if only she had told me how to put all these attributes to some use.

Shivani was born with a sight that enables her to see the colour of a person’s aura through the naked eye. But she also shows you your aura colour through a biofeedback system that captures your aura onto her laptop screen. Mine was orange-yellow, and was it was only coincidence that I was wearing a similar colour that day?
“People have normal vision, but I have vision with colours,” she says. A gift she banked on to quit a rewarding career with Cathay Pacific airways, and establish ‘The Alignment Institute’ providing clients with new age well-being therapies. She regularly visits the Six Senses Spa at Sharq Village & Spa in Doha to conduct aura alignment and guided meditation workshops.

“Aura is the energy around your body. It is like your signature, it carries all your personal information from your past, present and potential future.” And where does it come from? “Inside your body you have nerve endings fusing with one another that create a circular motion of energy called chakra. There are seven chakras located along your spinal cord and have the same colours as the rainbow. Each one governs a particular aspect in your life and also controls a particular body part, so when you have imbalance in a chakra, the body part connected to that chakra starts malfunctioning. For eg the heart chakra is related to forgiveness, anger and passion. People with anger issues or obsessive compulsive disorder are likely to suffer from heart problems in the long run.”

However, not all of Shivani’s clients possess auras like mine. About 90% of her clients from the region suffer from emotional stress that is reflected on the colour and shape of their aura. “This emotional stress could be due to reasons at work, childhood or relationship. In fact, infidelity is a big problem here,” she mentions. To combat stress, Shivani provides them with an ingenious meditation therapy comprising hypnosis, neuro-lingusitic programming (nlp) and meditation. “I don’t do magic. I only change how you feel about certain issues through mediation. If you are willing to bring a change in your life, I can fix your problem no matter how deep or how bad,” she assures.

Shivani will be visiting the Six Senses Spa from January 27-31, 2013. For more information log on to:

Some famous auras

Two of the famous clients that Shivani has read auras for were:

Boris Becker: “His aura was completely red; red is the colour for activity and energy. Most sports personalities have very red aura.”

Madonna: “Her aura was entirely blue and green. Creative people have lot of blue aura. Most mothers also have a lot of green aura which represents unconditional love. In addition, she also has violet aura because she follows a lot of spiritual practices.”

Can anyone learn to read auras?

“As kids, we all have the ability to see colours, but as you grow up, we lose our ability to see colour due to conditioning,” she says.

Shivani holds workshops to train people how to read auras.



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