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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Poori & Karak: Honk, and ye shall be served!

Poori & Karak: Honk, and ye shall be served!
Post-summer Karak blues.

Since I’ve been away for a few weeks, just long enough to miss our small city, I craved a cup of karak. It’s one of the simple things I enjoy after work and often late at night as well. Now that it’s rather pleasant in the evenings, it was time to explore the city for new karak joints.


A few days ago I came across a discussion thread online about the best karak places in the city. It may seem like you can visit any neighbourhood Indian cafeteria and get a cup; but, there is a karak hierarchy. One of the most recommended being Poori and Karak (yes, you read that right) in Umm Al Dhoom, Muaither. A long way to go for a cup of karak? Perhaps.

Finding the fix.

The place is small, most probably designed to accommodate only quick take-away orders, as evidenced by the cars lining up and honking, to be served at the wheel.


Its interior is beautifully decorated with bright photos on a red wall and surprisingly, a real tuk-tuk sitting right in front of the restaurant – a taste and feel of South Asia – compelling many to get out of their cars and click photos of the tuk-tuk. I bet everyone is tempted to ‘instagram’ the moment.

Poori, what’s that?

What they offer is deep-fried wheat bread – poori, with a spread of cheese, and of course a cup of chai karak, for just a riyal each. The karak, they say, is not the usual creamy tea. It is a blend of black tea, cardamom, milk and ginger.


The menu is quite long and includes a variety of chapathis and parottas, samosas, and a sweetened version of the different Indian breads.
I usually order parotta, chapati or an egg roll along with karak in the taxi restaurants around town. Here, I went for their bestsellers – cheese poori and karak.
Obviously, this isn’t a regular taxi stand restaurant, there were some fancy cars lined up outside. And the waiters are kitted out well, complete with a smile.

‘Everyone’s agreed’, it’s far


This place is not close to anywhere but Muaither, so it’s a long trip to make for just karak and poori. But the good news is that they plan to open more branches in the city. Meanwhile, you can call for delivery on these numbers: 4411-1464 / 4432-4929.

Google map co-ordinates: 25.279102,51.40769

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