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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Al Soudan North Park: An Aspire Alternative

[boxify cols_use =”1″ cols =”2″ position =”right” order =”none” box_spacing =”10″ padding =”10″ background_color =”#3c3c3c” border_style =”solid” ] Also known as: Fareej al Suodan Family Park: Al Soudan Park 1
Type: Open
Size: Approx 5,000 Sq meters
Established: 2013
Hours: 2-10 pm
District: Al Rayyan

Al Majd Street
Off Al Waab Street
GPS: 25• 16′ 35″ N; 51• 28′ 53″ E

  • From Al Waab Street driving towards Villaggio.
  • After D-ring intersection take 2nd right onto Al Majd Street (look for the sign to Al Soudan Park)
  • Drive straight
  • Park ahead on right.

Nearby Parks
Aspire Park

Thumbs Up
✓Elementary School Age
✓Water Dispenser
✓No Sand
✓Mosque nearby

Thumbs Down
✗ Closed in the morning
✗ No WiFi
✗ No designated parking[/boxify]

Located just a few blocks from Aspire Park is a small, laid-back, neighbourhood park.

As soon as the sun begins going down, neighbourhood children come in threes and fours to play pickup soccer, climb the equipment, swing, and wrestle on the grass. The sidewalk turns into a race track for roller blades and 2-wheeling trikes. If you want it a bit calmer stay near the open, paved space at the main entrance with jump rope, hopscotch or chalk drawing.

Considering that the ratio of children to adults is often approximately 1:10, the children are surprisingly self-regulating; a difficult achievement when different cultures co-exist on limited swing sets. Instead of turning into an Arabian set for a re-make of the Lost Boys, it is surprisingly sensible, earlier in the evening. After a few hours of playing hard & snacking on chips and candy, it’s fend-for-yourself.

Al Soudan is most popular with the 6-9 age group with a respectable showing from the younger set as well. And more recently an increasing number of young families can be found picnicking on the grass.

And, yes, go on bring the kids’ bikes. They might not be able pedal far but they can pedal.

Note to Parents: The toilet stall doors are very heavy & hard for a child to open by themselves.

Download (PDF, 265KB)

Photos by Christine Gerber-Rutt

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