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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Onaiza Park: A splash of colours

Onaiza Park: A splash of colours

What makes it special: like a multi-coloured pot of flowers at the end of a skyscraper rainbow.

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Also Known As: Al Khalifat Dafna, Alkhlevat Dafna; Eneiza; Onaizah

Type: Family
Established: 1994
Size: 13,510 sq m
Hours: 4-11 pm

Thumbs Up
✓  Toddlers to school-age
✓  Toilets
✓  Water dispenser
✓  Benches
✓  Playground
✓  Shade
✓  Parking
✓  Mosque nearby

Thumbs Down
✗ no kiosk
✗ unshaded playground
✗ no WiFi

Meshrif Street, Onaiza District
GPS: 25°19’53”N, 51°30’53”E

  • From Al Markhiya Street driving away from the Corniche with Qatar Sports Club on your left
  • Straight through Onaiza Roundabout
  • 1st slip road right
  • • Park ahead on the right

Nearby Parks
Al Mashrab Park, Dafna Park

Even though Onaiza Park is officially open only from 4pm-11pm, you can usually get in all day.[/boxify]

Onaiza Park is located near Rainbow Roundabout and is the place to go for a vibrant splash of colour in the spring when ornamental flowers, blooming trees and sari-bedecked visitors invigorate the city’s colour wheel. The jagged city skyline on the horizon ups the energy even more, making you feel like you have the best of both worlds.

Onaiza is one of the few parks with a playground that is encircled by plenty of benches—just where mamas like them to be. Wooden pagodas and large palm trees filter light on the benches. Unfortunately, the shade doesn’t extend to the playground. You would be wise to schedule your visit around the heat. No matter what time of day you go, take a thermos of iced mint tea to enjoy while your child moshes about in the sand, swoops down the slide and yelps across the bars (sorry kids, no swings). Play structures are available for both toddlers and older children.

If you need to get more steps into your day, a cobbled path curves around the perimeter. While you’re walking your heart into shape, your child could be wheeling beside you in a make-believe red hot lava river that is surrounded by green snakes of their imagination. Wheels are theoretically prohibited but bike wheels frequently roll around massaging the mosaics.

The majority of the park is given to rather plush, grassy lawns. Take a picnic. Take your netball. And take your time. Even a short visit here can perk up the dust-weary.

Onaiza Park map


  1. Onaiza Park is a splash of color at the end of a skyscraper rainbow. Map incld. #doha #parks…

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