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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Al Salihiya Juice Stall: Honk, and ye shall be served!

Al Salihiya Juice Stall: Honk, and ye shall be served!

Qatar’s gastronomic delights are not limited to extravagant weekend brunches or karak by the litre. John Dichoso cruises the most popular eat-outs in town, the meeting place of owls. First up…

Al Salihiya: The original taxi stand restaurant

When: Wee hours of Thursday, around 2:30AM

This seems to be the busiest time for the three taxi hotels in Muntazah. A taste and feel of India in the narrow streets of Doha. My friend Abdul “DJ” Rabb has lived in the area all his life, and introduced me to this eatery, which has been around for more than a couple of decades.


The tables within were all occupied; the waiters were scurrying between the kitchen and the patrons inside and outside the restaurant. People waiting in the cars, for their honks to be answered; Some standing by the pavement and a few others sitting on the grass strip between the restaurant and the Al Muntazah park. It’s the last few days of pleasant weather, before summer drenches us in its heat and humidity.


Taxi drivers and expats (mostly from sub-continental Asia) line up to get their southern Indian food for a steal.

Get your hot karak chai, parotta for just a riyal each. Or try some appam (fluffy bowl shaped rice pancakes) with Indian curries.


Do step out of your cars, and go in to see the bustle of business in this tiny part of Doha. The tiny restaurant is staffed by eight to nine people, most from India, and many speaking Arabic.

Map Coordinates: 25.26852,51.5256

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