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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Tea Time: Honk, and ye shall be served!

Tea Time: Honk, and ye shall be served!

Every time my friends and I think of a post-dinner place to hang out, Tea Time receives a unanimous ‘yes’ from everyone. Whether it’s those late-night sips of karak with hints of cardamom-flavoured evaporated milk or the menu whose pictures of toasted sandwiches and colourful juices bring out our indecisive alter egos, Tea Time is a popular hangout post-work or after late night meandering around Doha streets.


The weather may not be as pleasant as it was a few months ago to sit out on the curb or lean against the car on a summer night, but you can always get out of your car and bag one of the few tables in the cafe. Depending on which branch of Tea Time you are at, you can join the swarm of cars with your own in honking and consequently waiting to be served a steaming cup of karak tea! Yes, Tea Time offers all kinds of conveniences.


I have only been to three branches of Tea Time (Salwa Road, Bin Omran and Markhiya), but these are just three of the many that Doha is peppered with.


Not everybody seems to read through their menus – I strongly urge you to! On its red glossy pages are pictures of generously portioned sandwiches with layers of lettuce, sauces, fried chicken, cheese and other delicious things peeping out. There are also colourful fruit juice and milk shake concoctions with amusing names that might make for humorous exchanges between customers and servers. Anyone fancy the ‘Computer’ juice? How about kebabs, biryanis or one of the variety of curries? Tea Time is more than just karak, ya know!

What’s more, in certain locations, they even deliver food and drinks to your doorstep. While I no longer work near the Tea Time on Salwa Road, where I enjoyed the convenience of ordering in a breakfast or lunch sandwich, it is comforting to know that there is always one around wherever I am, never too far away.

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