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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Tea Pot: Honk, and ye shall be served!

Tea Pot: Honk, and ye shall be served!

Qatar’s food offering is not limited to extravagant weekend brunches or karak by the litre. John Dichoso cruises the most popular eat-outs in town, the meeting place of owls. This fortnight…

Tea Pot: Everything is good!

When: Friday night with friends, a cup of karak chai after a good dinner in the nearby Indian restaurant.

Tea Pot sits in a cradle of bright lights and signages in Markhiya. Open 24×7, the little restaurant, which opened a couple of years ago, is relatively new to Doha’s culinary scene.

Karak and fresh juices are their main sell.


It may not have enough space and chairs to seat you inside – just a small red kitchen table in the corner. I don’t know if it’s an Indian penchant for bright colours, but I’ve noticed most of the juice and food stalls around the city look similar – bright and inviting.

On a weekend night you’ll find its patrons honking and waiting in their cars for their orders to be taken and delivered posthaste. Those of us who get out of our cars hang around on the pavement outside, or on the small grass patches outside.


Get your big cup of karak for just QR2 and or go for a smaller on for QR1. Apart from karak they only serve freshly squeezed fruit juices. It’s already summer, perfect for some refreshments.

Tea Pot staff are from Calicut India and Kathmandu, Nepal.

They claim that the guy who makes the tea has been doing it for eight long years. It sounded like I had an expert filling my cup full with tea and milk.


Located in front of two television networks QTV and Al Jazeera Network in Bin Omran along Ahmed Bin Ali street, Tea Pot stands in line with array of restaurants including Garden Village and Marmara.

For those who don’t like their drinks too sweet, they’ll make it the way you like it.

Map Coordinates: 25.312499,51.495101


  1. Rema

    They make karak without sugar??? Please find more places that don’t pre-sweeten it! Thank you 🙂

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