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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Green Carpet Park

Green Carpet Park

What Makes It Special: Running track

As open air as it gets. Although most people know this park as Al Rayyan Park (as it is labelled on maps) the official name is Al Bossat al Akhder or Green Carpet Park. This can be confusing because two more recently built parks also share the name of “Al Rayyan”. If you are meeting someone at one of the Al Rayyan Parks, be sure to get the right one.

As the name implies this park is a large, open field. In fact, the field is so expansive that beginning windsurfers sometimes come here to practice steering their kites. On a windy day bring your own kite and let your imagination and your kids run wild. The field also lends itself perfectly to frisbee throwing or more staid exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups and stretches. Plenty of space exists for games like soccer, American football, rugby or even for a frisbee golf par-course of your own creation. Perhaps one day we’ll see a Tai Chi class in the open air.

A track surrounds the field and is frequented by walkers and joggers. At night the walkway is lit but the field is not. Some additional light is created by the lights off D-Ring Road. Even though the track would be great for biking, keep your trikes at home. Bikers (of all age) are not welcome here.

The park completely lacks in visual comfort. There are no trees or shade, not even a bit. The grounds are surrounded by an iron fence. Quite frankly, the only thing missing is barbed wire to make it look like a prison exercise lot.

Its location just off the Al Rayyan Interchange, ensures that this park is quite easy to access from anywhere in town, however, not many will find that an adequate reason to visit here longer than an hour.

[boxify cols_use =”1″ cols =”1″ position =”left” box_spacing =”5″ padding =”5″ background_color =”#3c3c3c” ] Also known as: Al Bossat Al Akhder, Al Rayyan Park
Type: Open Family
Established: 2006
Size: 13,000 sq. mts.
Hours: 24 hours

Address: Al Rayyan Road
Al Rayyan District
GPS: 25° 17’ 47” N, 51° 28’ 4” E
• On Al-Rayyan Road driving away from town towards Dukhan
• Al-Rayyan Interchange take the overpass (over D-Ring Road)
• 1st right

Nearby Parks
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After your evening run, sprint across the road and grab some take away from Jawahar, Al Sham or Opera.[/boxify]

[boxify cols_use =”1″ cols =”1″ position =”left” box_spacing =”5″ padding =”5″ background_color =”#3c3c3c” ]Thumbs Up
✓   single male-friendly
✓   toilets
✓   water dispenser
✓   running track
✓   benches
✓   water cooler
✓   designated parking

Thumbs Down
✗ no kiosk
✗ no restaurant
✗ no playground
✗ no basketball
✗ no soccer
✗ no skating
✗ no shade
✗ no mosque
✗ no theater
✗ no WiFi
✗ no recycling[/boxify]

Green Carpet Park





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