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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Garden Juice Stall: Honk, and ye shall be served!

Garden Juice Stall: Honk, and ye shall be served!

Qatar’s food offering is as exciting in hidden alleys as it is in the glitz of star hotels. John Dichoso cruises the most popular eat-outs in town, the meeting place of owls. This fortnight…

Garden Juice Stall: A riyal goes a long way
One evening as I headed back home, Rasel the cab driver from India and I struck up a conversation as he drove me back to my home in Muntazah. He recommended Garden Juice Stall as a place where I could grab some excellent yet inexpensive karak tea (as you might have gathered by now, I am two parts karak and three parts everything else) and a snack. So off we went.

Garden Juice Stall is located right across the road from Muntazah Park. It’s large enough to accommodate one table surrounded by four chairs; it serves as a perfect rest stop for people on the go for a quick cuppa.


The simple but satisfying karak tea, parottas and the company of fellow cab drivers draw Rasel to the juice stalls around the area during his breaks from work. Food is cheap and it’s where most of the drivers go.

Rasel was just one of the many cab drivers I met at Garden Juice Stall. Just across the road from this little place, people, mostly males from Asian countries sit in small circles on the grass in cooler weather, engrossed in conversation; some lay down, content after a hard day’s work, taking in the breeze, even falling asleep under the moonlight. The gates and beige walls of Muntazah Park form the backdrop of this very laidback scene. On most nights and in good weather, people sit around until as late as even 2.30am.


I came across two Nepali cab drivers, both regulars at Garden, during their short early morning break from work. Just as Rasel, they go back for the inexpensive but tasty food. However, their opinion of the place veers away slightly from Rasel’s. When they convert the prices of food and the karak into the Nepali rupee, they find it to be a little overpriced. One cup of karak that’s available for QR1 is equivalent to 24 Nepali Rupees. “For this price, we could get at least three cups of tea back home” one of them says. They prefer to enjoy their karak out by the park.

Map Coordinates: 25.268583,51.524347

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