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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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UPDATED: Best of Qatar’s home-based food services

UPDATED: Best of Qatar’s home-based food services Homemade food in Qatar - Desserts - Strawberries dipped in chocolate

Not in the mood to dine alfresco at a gourmet restaurant, or to sip on a delicious cup of karak in a hole in the wall eatery, or take away a casual shawarma?

Here are some delicious, homemade food options, only a phone call away.

Nay’s Oreo Truffles

Noora Al Attiyah, a Qatari high school student, liked making sweets and other light snacks to share with her friends. One of her deliciously successful experiments include Oreo truffles in melted chocolate. Oreo truffles are made by crumbling Oreo cookie crumbs, blending it with cream cheese and covering the mixture with a chocolate shell.

Her creations took off instantly with her friends and relatives in a huge way and within days, she found herself setting up an Instagram account for her new home business ‘Nay’s Oreo Truffles’, Nay Nay being her nickname.
All of this happened just a little over a month ago.

Nay’s currently has two specialties – Oreo truffles dipped in melted chocolate and Oreo Nutella cheesecakes. “The Oreo truffles dipped in melted chocolate is currently my best-selling item, but I am planning to add more varieties of Oreo truffles to the selection such as caramel, coconut, nuts and Maltesers among others” said Noora. “I use very simple ingredients such as Oreo cookies, cream cheese and melted chocolate” she added.

So far, her business is on the rise as in the month since she began selling, she has received many bulk orders for weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties as well as for Ramadan and Eid gatherings. More recently, she also provided special packaging for her orders during the festival of Garangao.

Nay’s products are priced at QR95 per dozen. Delivery to houses is offered for between QR30 and QR50, depending on the location. Trial tasting is available on request.

Price: QR95 per dozen
Contact info: Whatsapp: 7010 7364; Instagram
Delivery: Between QR30 and QR50, depending on the location

The Food Factor

The story behind The Food Factor is just as interesting as its food offerings.

Two cousins, both expatriates from Sri Lanka, once took on the task of supplying snacks and refreshments for a sports event. Cake pops, sandwiches and a host of other snacks were set up under a mini-tent at the event venue. Each member of their extended family had a role to play, right from inputs on the menu to setting up the tent and making the sales. That’s how The Food Factor came to be and has since then received orders for their savouries and desserts largely through word-of-mouth.

Although it may seem like The Food Factor’s menu has many commonplace items on its menu, the surprise element is the cooks’ twist on each of these items. The hot dogs, which come with two special red and yellow sauces, are one example; both sauces are family recipes.

“It’s not just one person who runs the business, our entire family that lives in Doha gets their hands dirty to whip up the orders” says one of the cousins, Sam (name changed to protect privacy).

Hailing from Sri Lanka, The Food Factor family also specialises in various Sri Lankan specialties, apart from other things. “We have received orders for veggie rainbow sandwiches (includes carrots, beetroots and lettuce, justifying the ‘rainbow’ in its title); chocolate biscuit pudding; stuffed chilies; patties and cutlets stuffed with tuna and salmon; as well as Chinese rolls, all of which are what are popular snacks back in Sri Lanka,” Sam explains.

Specialties also include certain ethnic Sri Lankan sweets such as wattalapam, made from a special dark jaggery comprising cane sugar and palm sugar. “This specific type of jaggery is hard to find here and we usually need to source it from Sri Lanka, so orders like this are based on availability of ingredients.

“Having grown up here, I get to taste true Sri Lankan food only when I go back on vacation. Similarly, I have other relatives who visit us from other parts of the world who prepare dishes that they have grown up with. When we visit each other, we learn a lot from each others’ cooking styles. At the end of the day, for us it’s about bonding over food preparation as a family,” concludes Sam.

Orders must be placed two days ahead of time for cakes and one week ahead for party orders. Prices are charged per piece and are usually do not exceed QR6 a piece for any of the savoury items.

Price: View their menu or call them for more details on other offerings not specified on the menu
Contact info: Phone–5521 2321; Facebook

Manjari Doshi’s Food for Friends in Doha

Manjari Doshi supplies homecooked Indian food to a number of working professionals and even families around Qatar. Her husband assists her by taking orders and they have a driver who performs the deliveries. They take orders for meals on a monthly basis for QR15 per meal.

Specialising in ‘Bombay-style’ vegetarian food, each of Manjari’s homecooked meals consists of one small bowl of different types of curry or lentils, one small portion of rice, two chapatis (Indian flatbread), a small salad and a complimentary small portion of an Indian sweet.

She accepts orders for lunch and dinner deliveries throughout the week, except for Fridays. Customers may pick up each meal from a pre-decided location, or can decide to have it delivered to them for QR50 per month.

In addition, she also caters parties of a minimum of five people. Prices for these depend on the size of the gathering. Rice dishes for a crowd of five could approximately be priced at QR20 while a dish involving paneer (Indian cottage cheese) could sum up to QR30.

The other offerings of this home-based business include but are not limited to Indian sweets such as barfis (QR80 per kg), laddoos (QR50 per kg), and pedas (QR50 per kg).

Price: QR15 per meal for lunch and/or dinner; contact for larger, party orders and other offerings
Contact info: Phone – 5555 3569; Website
Delivery:  QR50 per month or orders can be picked from their location on Al Mahar Street, behind the Gold Souq. 

Neenu’s Cakery

Neenu’s Cakery is the pet project of its namesake founder, Neenu. A self-taught baker and YouTube warrior, Neenu decided to dip her toes in the baking pool earlier this year, with support from her husband Aju.

Neenu’s Cakery supplies cupcakes, wide varieties of them. They also do birthday cakes with both fondant and buttercream frosting and cupcakes which are priced at QR75 per dozen. They encourage their customers to come up with design ideas for cakes so that they may feel connected to the process.

They accommodate all kinds of requests in the case of allergies and other dietary requirements, including those of vegans and vegetarians.

Price: QR75 per dozen
Contact info: Facebook, Twitter, Email
Delivery: Free delivery is available


Stroby is all about strawberries dipped in chocolate, an idea that came to the founder, a Qatari young lady (name withheld for privacy reasons). She offers strawberries dipped in four types of chocolate: Nutella, Galaxy, Kinder, and Milkybar.

A minimum order of 12 pieces is required and the strawberries are available in two quantities, one and two-dozen boxes. She is also open to taking orders for weddings and other special occasions. Orders must be placed 24 hours before the desired time.

Price: Available on request
Contact info: Whatsapp: 7404 7632; Instagram
Delivery: Yes, with a QR50 delivery fee


Brigadelicious is all about brigadeiros. Brigadeiros are a type of Brazilian fudge truffle dessert. “Some say it reminds them of a super soft truffle or bon-bons” says Samira A., the Lebanese expatriate, who runs Brigadelicious from her home in Doha. She lived in Brazil for three years and moved to Qatar in 2010.

Through Brigadelicious, Samira offers different handmade variations of this simple and relatively easy to prepare dessert such as pistachio dough covered with pistachio crumbs, white dough covered with coconut, Nutella dough covered with hazelnut, chocolate covered with sprinkles, almonds, Oreo, M&M’s, Daim, caramel and many more.

She mainly promotes her business through social media channels and relies on them heavily to market her offerings.

In the near future, she plans on introducing more Brazilian favourites such as Passion Fruit Mousse and Pave, which are staples in every Brazilian party and are hugely popular among people.

She also offers mini-cups which are convenient and popular among kids.

A minimum of one dozen pieces must be ordered at any time and customers can choose upto 3 flavours.

Price: QR100 per dozen; a minimum of QR200+ for party orders
Contact info: Whatsapp/Text/Phone: 5563 8660; Instagram; Facebook; Twitter
Delivery: Free delivery to limited number of locations; contact Samira to enquire about pickup locations

Greek Homemade Food by Pinelopi Kyriazi

Pinelopi Kyriazi hails from the beautiful town of Nafpaktos in Greece. She moved to Qatar around seven years ago, which is when she began cooking a lot of traditional Greek food.
Greek food, like most Mediterranean cuisine, makes wide use of olive oil, vegetables, herbs, grains, cereals, fish, meats along with yogurt, olives, cheese, eggplant and zucchini. Nuts and honey are predominantly used in Greek desserts.

Pinelopi’s offerings comprise but are not limited to:

  • Baked food – mainly with meat like the traditional mousaka (eggplant and potato based dish)
  • Braised food like soutzoukakia (Delicious little kebabs of ground meat which are lightly fried then bathed in tomato sauce),
  • Bread like the traditional Greek bread,
  • Salads like the famous Greek salad ( tomatoes, olives, peppers, onions, fresh olive oil) and Desserts made with chocolate, fruits, and nuts like melomakarona.
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Options are available.

To prepare these foods, she uses organic ingredients as far as possible. In addition to individual orders, Pinelopi also offers party packages which are good for 15 people and include baked food, braised food, salads and desserts. Trial tastes are also offered.

Price: Mousaka 40 QR per piece; prices of other products are available upon request. Refer to the menu.
Contact: 66512052, Facebook
Delivery: Free delivery in the Al Rayyan area and Al Sadd. A delivery fee of QR10 will be charged for other areas.


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