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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Apps Attack

Smartphones and tablets do change your life. For a few extra dollars. We review a few that might be worth the investment.

  • Trigger Trap
    Triggertrap Is the SLR the best thing that’s happened to your photographic needs? Then, triggertrap is the icing. The kit comprises the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle and a connection cable, through which you can sync your smartphone (iPhone or Android) to your SLR camera. So your phone becomes the sensor and triggers a click by the camera. For instance, you can turn your phone into a sound sensor: you clap, it clicks; or a shock sensor: it detects a vibration, and the picture is taken. Additional fun features include Peekaboo—whenever your phone recognises a face, the camera takes a picture; and distance lapse—especially good for road trips where you can set your camera to take pictures every 10m.
    Cost: Free app + US$29.99 dongle & cable (approx. QR110)
  • 360 Panaroma
    As the name suggests, this app let’s you capture a 360 view. Though with the new software updates, you do have a panoramic option on the iPhone or Android, the range is limited. With this app, all you need to do is hold your camera at the zero point, press start, and do a 360 degree spin! Stop. Your 360 view is ready to be saved and shared.
    Cost: US$0.99 (approx. QR3.5)
  • Nike Fuel Band This funky looking accessory actually doubles up as a sports-tested accelerator. It’s built in device tracks the total number of steps you take in a day, and calculates the calories burned accordingly. A rather trendy way to stay fit. Download and install the Nike+ Connect app (visit on your computer (there’s an app available for iPhone too from the App store). Unfasten the band to reveal its USB portal. Once you plug it in to your computer, wait for the Connect App to recognise it, and simply follow the instructions. Your Nike+ account is now ready to track your fitness goals.
    Cost: US$149 (approx. QR545)
  • Lytro
    One photo, different points of focus. Light field cameras change the way we capture moments. No more choosing between the bird and the fruit, or the child and the background. Lytro is the first consumer camera – a pocket-sized cuboid – that captures the entire light field. With this camera you take in the whole scene, every minute detail, and then choose your focus on the camera display or on your computer screen. If you are not yet ready to invest in this toy, check out the gallery ( where you can spend hours refocusing other people’s images.
    Cost: 8gb ($399/QR1460) or 16gb ($499/QR1820) on Amazon
  • Garage Band You don’t really need instruments to play music—all you need is your iPad. The application offers a range of virtual software instruments that sounds almost as good as the real deal. Try out the ‘recording studio’ where you can create music by recording your own voice. You can fine tune your rhythm by adjusting the track volume or adding effects like reverb or echo. Even if you are not a music professional, you are just having fun.
    Cost: US$4.99 (approx. QR18)
  • AirParrot
    For those of you with a rather messy, cluttered desktop, this app is a saviour, but only if you have an Apple TV. The app wirelessly turns your TV screen into a second desktop. You can either choose the ‘Desktop Extension’ option where you can drag a window from your desktop onto your TV screen so as to reduce the number of windows open simultaneously on your desktop. Or you can choose the ‘Mirror’ option where you can make your desktop visible to all on the TV screen. If not your entire desktop, you can just open a particular window that you want visible on your TV screen.
    Cost: $9.99 for a single user (approx. QR36)

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