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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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A walk through the Doha Trade Fair

A walk through the Doha Trade Fair

JustHere’s Srimoyee Phukan toured the Doha Trade Fair (DTF) 2013 which kicked-off yesterday at the Doha Exhibition Centre to find out what the best buys are in this edition.

The highpoint of the fair is the range of product categories: food, cosmetics, fashion and accessories, and perfumes. As one enters through Gate 5, one would get a whiff of the numerous spices and food items. There are numerous jalabiyas stalls showcasing the garments in every design, color, texture and pattern imaginable. Stalls like Piatche (C73) house a lot of modern evening gowns, which are western in appeal. Those looking for a traditional touch can head to C-82, the stall for traditional Jordanian clothing. The company has also designed outfits for Queen Rania, says the stall-keeper. The price ranges between anything from QR300 to QR5000 and above.


In accessories, there is plenty of silver jewellery to pick from: pearl with precious stones and gold plated ones are available too and one can get a decent deal with little haggling. The cosmetic stalls, not as many as compared to the garment and accessories, can be found mostly near Gate 3.  Household items such as ornate tea service and dining sets, dining table accessories glitter under the gorgeous Turkish lamps. One can get a handmade Turkish dish for as small a price as QR30 and an Iranian rug for a whopping QR5000 to QR10,000.


The exhibition runs until 6 July. Timings are 10am-10pm on weekdays, and 3pm-10pm on Fridays. For more information, visit the DTF website

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