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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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A veggie haven full of just falafels

A veggie haven full of just falafels

A Greek falafel with a generous dose of tzatziki sauce? Maybe a falafel Americano? Does it sound enticing or is it too wild for your taste? Just Falafel, a fairly new outlet that has opened in Qatar, experiments with this traditional Arabic dish and adds interesting new twists to it.

The restaurant on Msheireb street looks bright and colourful from the outside and as you walk in, the staff greets you politely and tells you about the different offers available. They even help you choose your meal. Courteous staff always garners extra points!

This place is more of a fast food/take-away joint than a sit down restaurant, though it does have some seating.

First look at the menu and you are left fascinated by the variety of options at hand. The different types of meals, offers and sandwiches available leaves you a little confused because who knew that you could do so much with falafels?

On the order was the Asian-flavoured Japanese and Indian falafel sandwiches along with some roasted tomato infused hummus and regular fries. The Japanese falafel with wasabi was great. However, the ginger in the sandwich was too overwhelming.


The Indian falafel is a definite treat if you are looking for a punch in your palette. Sumptuously filled with hot cilantro sauce, pickles and veggies, the sauces spice-up the sandwich. The quesadilla version of the falafel lives up to its Mexican name; the cheese was just right, the falafels made a surprisingly good filling and the bread was fresh.

Only a few places get their french fries right, and Just Falafel is most certainly one of them. Mildly salted, fresh and hot, these fries were a sure winner. The tomato hummus and jalapeno hummus serve as convenient sauces to go with the fries. The jalapeno hummus really stood out for its good blend of flavours. The bread that accompanies these sauces wasn’t interesting or fresh.

For the drinks, the mint yoghurt was a complete disappointment. It was too thick, begged to be served chilled and wasn’t minty enough. The mint lemonade, on the other hand, was not fresh but satiating.

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Msheireb (Near Food Palace)
Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street, Al Nasr
Al Furusiya (Opening soon)

7 AM to 1 AM (Sat-Wed)
7 AM to 2 AM (Thu-Fri)

A meal will cost around QR15-20 per head.


Just Falafel has some great breakfast deals as well. For QR10 you can get a Falafel and Feta Sandwich or for an additional QR2, you can get a toasted Halloumi sandwich. Sandwiches are accompanied with tea and coffee.

All in all, Just Falafel is more than just alright. It’s great to see a growing franchise using its experimental streak to try out new sandwiches with varying palettes. Some of the sandwiches can have too many contrasting flavours so try it with an open mind and a dose of foodie adventure.

This review was not sponsored and was conducted anonymously.

The authors are Neha Ratti, Reema Venkat and Shrikala Kashyap. All in their twenties, the three girls run a lifestyle blog in Qatar called Doha Diaries. While they are not at work, they give honest reviews of restaurants, spas and events, and discover other fun things around the city.

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