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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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A dozen things to brighten up your back to school season

A dozen things to brighten up your back to school season

It’s that time of the year again. A long summer vacation later, schools will open up their doors to receive students, both old and new. It can be hard to get back into the routine after a long break from homework, waking up early and classes. But it’s also time to learn new things, make new friends at school and create new things. There is a lot to look forward to.

To make this transition period from vacation to school a little easier on the kids and fun too, here are a few useful, colourful and pretty school supplies that you can find around Qatar.


1. GoVinci Backpacks
A photo frame that’s also a backpack, confused?
These GoVinci backpacks can be used not just to store your kids’ school stuff, but they can also hold their drawings or other creations on paper they would want to proudly display. All they need to do is pull out the transparent lid off the front of this backpack and place their masterpieces in the space, put the lid back on and show them off to everyone around. Since the bag also has wheels at the bottom, it also serves well as a travel bag for kids. Nifty, eh?
Find these at: Virgin Megastores, Villaggio Mall
Price: QR275 (large); QR159 (small)


 2. Literature-themed Merchandise
Is your teenager discovering Jane Austen’s works in class? Or any other classic piece of English literature? These notebooks, pencil cases and coffee mugs bearing names of different classic English novels are perfect for your literature geeks. Tribe Bookstore offers a range of different items from Penguin Books. Go explore!
Find these at: Tribe Bookstore, Student Center at Education City

3. Dotty Drinks Cans
These funky red and blue polka-dotted cans are reminiscent of a certain popular brand of soft beverage. Kids love such colours and what’s better than to get them to consume more water or their favourite juices in these colourful bottles. Each of these cans has a capacity of 280ml and is available in Lakeland at City Centre.
There are also a number of other pretty water bottles lining the shelves Lakeland.
Find these at: Lakeland, City Center, 1st floor
Price: QR 45 each

4. IceMelt Bottle and Chill Out Sock
With two more months of the summer to go, these IceMelt bottles are perfect for your kids to take with them to school. Just pour any of their favourite drinks in the bottle, freeze it and it will melt into a liquid once again by lunchtime. The kids can enjoy a refreshing chilled beverage during the day. This bottle also comes with a sock, which soaks up all the condensation around the bottle.
Find these at: Lakeland, City Center, 1st floor
Price: QR22

5. Bag Charms from Les Cherubins
Rather than picking up readymade items at stores, wouldn’t it be nice to have something handmade and illustrated?
These beautiful bag charms from Qatar-based artist Dominika Bozic’s line of handmade illustrated paper products will make adorable decorations for your kids’ backpacks.
Dominika offers both readymade as well as orders for customized products such as bookmarks, postcards, greeting cards, mini notebooks, sketchbooks and the like.
Email Dominika ( to enquire about availability of products and their prices or visit the Les Cherubins Facebook page to learn more about her creations.

6. Fraction Circles
Math doesn’t have to be tough; these colourful pieces of plastic will make it easier for you to explain how two quarters form one half or two halves form a whole.
Find these at: I Spy Bookshop, City Center, 3rd floor
Price: QR35 (pack of 51 pieces)

7. Camera Pencil Sharpener
There’s nothing like shiny pointed pencils to begin a student’s day. These vintage style camera pencil sharpeners don’t just keep your pencils sharp, they also make for great decoration pieces for the desk.
Find these at: Tribe Bookstore, Student Center at Education City

8. Stabilo LeftRight Ballpoint pens
Is your child a left hander? Or a right hander? Many pens can be uncomfortable to use as they may not suit everyone’s hands or fingers the same way. These LeftRight pens are designed to provide comfortable grips to suit left-handers and right-handers. Go ahead, begin your homework and ace those tests!
Find these at: Tribe Bookstore, Student Center at Education City
Price: QR7

9. Colourful Scotch Tape
Kids will love these bright and colourful rolls of colourful adhesive duct tape. Let them use their creativity to find uses for this, but most commonly these can be used to patch up torn sheets of paper, notebooks or even in artwork.
Find these at: Jarir Bookstore, Salwa Road
Price: QR25 per roll

10. Electronic Dictionary Bookmark
Have you ever wanted to find the meaning of a word while reading a book and there’s just no dictionary in sight? These handy little dictionary bookmarks available at Tribe Bookstore are great for adults and kids.
It’s not something you will have to toss out once your kids no longer have any use for them. They come in three different colours too.
Find these at: Tribe Bookstore, Student Center at Education City
Price: QR153 (Tribe Bookstore)

11. Siconi’s Sticky series
Use these little stickies to simply stick all your important items – cards, keys, clips, erasers, calculators etc. – onto where you can find them easily.
These stickies, which come in attractive animal shapes for kids or in simple strips for others are sticky pieces of soft and elastic silicone that can be placed on all types of surfaces. Or simply get a roll of sticky silicone tape and use as much or as little of it wherever you prefer.
Find these at: Virgin Megastore, Villaggio Mall
Price: Upto QR39

12. Glitter
All is better when glitter is involved. Excellent for art projects or greeting cards, Colour Note offers many shades of glitter – either with glue or without. Colour Note also offers an extensive range of art supplies, so it’s definitely worth a visit if your child is artistically inclined.
Find these at: Colour Note, Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street, Al Sadd
Price: QR29 (glitter without glue); QR20 (with glue)

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