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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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10 ways to make learning fun

10 ways to make learning fun

1.   Get the rhythm right

Music is definitely fun. However, its usefulness doesn’t have to stop there. For kids music can be a great tool for overall growth and development. Kindermusik, a music and movement programme for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and children up to 7 years gives  parents and kids an opportunity to enroll together in an activity that is engaging and fun. Kindermusik’s programmes are carefully devised to develop a child’s six core areas of early learning: cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical, and musical. Classes are held every Tuesday – 9.15am, 10.15am and 11.30am. For more info call Kindermusik instructor Chantelle Laubscher on 55713581.

2.   C’mon Kumon

Is your kid weak in math? Try the Kumon math programme which is individually tailored to suit each child’s learning pace. The Kumon method focuses on “self study” rather than group study and include Kumon worksheets that have been specially created to allow students learn new concepts one step at a time while working within their comfort zones.

Call Kumon Qatar on 55775009 for more details.

3.   Abacus

There are many ways to teach numbers to kids. But abacus is probably the simplest way to make your child love math, while having a lot of fun. Abacus not only makes a great play tool thanks to the colourful apparatus used in the system, but the approach also stimulates thinking and learning among kids.

TCA Qatar offers Abacus classes for children aged 6-12 years. Fee – QR200/month. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

4.   Vedic maths

Vedic maths may sound like a complicated, ancient approach to solving your common arithmetic problem. But once you familiarise yourself with it, it’s far simpler than any conventional method. Vedic maths is an innovative way to let children learn their numbers.

TCA Qatar offers Vedic math classes for children aged 12 years and above. Fee – QR250/month. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

5.   Okool mental maths

Forget your calculator, use your mind! Okool’s mental maths programme by Skills Development Centre (SDC) teaches kids to perform arithmetic calculations by first using the finger technique and the abacus concept after which they are taught to work on problems by visualising the imaginary abacus to gradually become masters in mental maths.

Visit the SDC website for more info.

6.   Reading circles

Don’t let your child be a videogame addict. Encourage him to start reading books. Or better yet, take him to reading circles that are regularly organised by Maktaba and Mathaf and more recently by the Katara Art Centre. Through reading circles children are introduced to art and story-telling and also learn to socialise with other children of their age.

7.   Techy teach

iPads in schools? Yes, Zainab Preparatory Independent School for Girls in Qatar has been distributing iPads to each student since 2011. The entire school curriculum programme has been installed on the tablet device through which students do everything online: from homework to reading textbooks and interacting with teachers. Of course, the school has installed a password that makes certain sites inaccessible.

According to school officials, introducing iPads in classrooms promotes self-learning among students. Also, they help promote a paperless culture.

Maybe other schools should take a cue and revolutionise their teaching methods.

8.   Learn a language

It’s best to learn a language at an early age. Why not enroll your kids for a language course? Berlitz Qatar is a popular choice for short courses. They adopt playful ways such as songs, crafts, games and illustrations to help your kid master a language. It’s a little pricey though. QR3,300 for group class or QR7,800 for a private tutor. Visit Berlitz Qatar for more info.

9.   Get sporty

Kids are adventurous and restless by nature. Enroll your child at any one of the movement programs and classes conducted by Aspire Active. The activity centre aims to “maximise your child’s movement potential through the development of basic skills, balance, co-ordination and timing”. It’s fun and fitness together.

Visit Aspire Active website for more info.

10. Taalam.TV

Talaam.TV which translates to Learn.TV is an interactive web portal established by Al Jazeera’s Children Channel for teachers and students. The website was launched in 2010 when a research by its founders revealed that “children pay a remarkable amount of attention to audio-visual presentations”. The website is in Arabic hence, for Arabic speakers, the site offers a variety of short educational videos, fact sheets, graphics and images spanning a wide range of subjects.

Visit Talaam.TV

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