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JustHere | November 16, 2017

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Gift ideas for this holiday season.

Shopping for the holidays can be fun yet picking out presents for people who matter to you can be hard, especially when there is a lot of thought to put into it and there is so little time. Here are a few ideas to help you with your shopping this season.

1. Marks & Spencer gift hampers and boxes

The best thing about the Marks & Spencer gift boxes is that you can personalise them by adding all the things you like into a box, which the store will neatly wrap and decorate for you. These hampers are can be filled with either bath and beauty products or food and baked goods from the store.
There is no fixed price for each box, as the total price of your box will reflect the sum of the prices of each product you put into it. However, if you prefer a ready-to-go gift box, there are a few pre-packed boxes put together by the store too.
Find it at: Marks & Spencer stores in Doha (Landmark, Villaggio)
Price: Varies by the products you add to the box; pre-packed boxes are priced at QR254 and QR159.

2. PowerSpin

If you have a friend or family member who is a fitness enthusiast, then here’s an interesting present. PowerSpin is great tool to help you tone your arms and get a super-fit upper body.
Find it at: Virgin Megastores outlets
Price: QR249

3. Jewellery for babies

There are so many lovely things you can buy a newborn throughout the year. But these beautiful ornaments for babies made of gold make gifts for special occasions. Gold pacifiers are available too.
Find it at: Soumou (kiosk store), Landmark Mall
Price: Ranges between QR1000 and QR2300, varies by the size and type of ornament

4. iHome iBT4

The iHome Boombox might be great for someone who appreciates good music coming from an old school source. Apart from an FM radio, this device can stream wireless digital audio from your iPhone, Android, iPad or Blackberry devices. What’s more is that it comes with a universal AC adaptor or can be recharged whenever required.
Find it at: Virgin Megastore outlets (Landmark, Villaggio)
Price: QR469

5. Traditional camel figurines

These colourful decorative camel figurines will sit pretty on the desk or showcase of an out-of-town friend, family or business acquaintance. They are also perfect souvenirs of Qatar.
Find it at: Al Shaheen, Al Muntazah
Price: QR92

6. iHealth Wireless Body Analysis Scale

Trying to begin early on your New Year resolution to keep fit? This iHealth scale can be your friend. Gift it to yourself or a friend who is on a similar mission. This scale helps measure the body’s weight, fat content, lean mass, muscle mass, bone mass, daily calorie intake as well as your BMI and also helps you track your goals and set reminders. In addition, you can also share your results with your contacts. It also syncs your data with Evernote.
Find it at: Virgin Megastore outlets (Landmark, Villaggio)
Price: QR589

7. Café Ceramique

cafe ceramique
If you are the type of person who likes to put some effort into personalizing their gifts, then visit Café Ceramique to pick out an appealing coffee mug, plate, or other decorative items and use your artistic skills by painting or writing on them. These are then baked by the store after which they are ready to be gifted.
These make for excellent gifts for people of all ages. Alternatively, you can also make a family afternoon out of it by taking the kids to enjoy some bonding over art. They also have delicious food and drinks available too.
Find it at: Café Ceramique, The Mall
Price: Varies by the object you pick out
(Photo courtesy: Cafe Ceramique)

8. Glow American Salon


Glow Salon offers different nail art for Christmas. You can bring your own ideas to the nail artists or allow them to decide on something for you. For personalised designs, make sure you show them the design you have in mind a few days before the day of your appointment.
Find it at: Glow American Salon (Salwa Road, Beach Towers or Lagoon Tower)
Price: Only finger/toe nail painting costs QR150 each, but the price varies by the complexity of the design or addition of jewels (this does not include manicures or pedicures)
(Photo courtesy: Glow American Salon)

9. Gingerbread house

10-Gingerbread House
jones the grocer has the perfect Christmas delight, a gingerbread house, on sale this season. Swoop in, pick one up and bring it home or take it to a friend’s for a beautiful evening of fun. The kids are sure to love this visual and delicious treat.
Find it at: jones the grocer, The Gate Mall, West Bay
Price: QR200

10. Fancy goodie jars

9-Cookie jar1
Need a home for all the delicious cookies you’ve been baking this month? This Christmas-themed cookie jar from Home Centre makes a perfect container for cookies or other freshly baked homemade dry goodies.
Find it at: Home Centre
Price: QR59 each



Wrap It


If you are looking to go fancy with your gift-wrapping this season, Wrap It at Lagoona Mall offers high-end gift-wrapping services. Take your pick from among the several types of gift wraps and boxes available at the store. They also offer pre-packed boxes filled with chocolates and candy.
Find it at: Wrap It, Lagoona Mall, ground floor
Price: Varies by the size of the gift to be wrapped as well as the wrappers or boxes selected. Candy boxes are priced at QR200

Al Rawnaq


If a more economical solution to wrapping your gifts is what you’re seeking and you don’t mind doing it yourself, walk through the aisles of Al Rawnaq’s gift-wrapping section which is filled with a wide variety of attractive gift boxes, decorative bags and balloons, streamers, ribbons and lots of other fun stuff. You can truly go crazy.
Find it at: Al Rawnaq, Town Centre, Bin Omran
Price: Varies by the items purchased

Here is an earlier list of souvenirs from Qatar. Anything else you wish to suggest?


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