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JustHere | January 13, 2018

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10 dances forms to keep you on your toes (and fit) in Qatar

10 dances forms to keep you on your toes (and fit) in Qatar

Dozens of nationalities call Qatar home, and they each bring with them a unique essence of their culture… be it cuisine, fashion, languages, music or dance. So where better to don your dance shoes and try something new?

There are a variety of dance forms that you can learn in Doha – from ballroom routines, to classical and fitness-oriented. Other than a few exceptions, most classes cater to all age groups, and both men and women.  Even if you are not a pro, you can always test the waters with a beginner or trial class.

Scroll down and take your pick.

Latin American

Salsa, Tango or Cha Cha. Latin American dances are fun, sexy and peppy. Don’t worry if you don’t have a dance partner as academies here provide you with one.

Where to learn?

  • Dance Sport for All

Master dancer Pierre has been training dancers since 2007 in Qatar. He holds classes for Salsa, Tango, Buchata and other forms of Latin American dances all days of the week. Here’s the schedule:

Day Time Dance Location
Sunday 7.30pm-9pm Salsa & Bachata (Beginners) QIPCO compound
Monday 7.15pm-8.45pm Salsa & Bachata (Advanced) Sheraton Doha
Tuesday 9am-10am Women Latino Sheraton Doha
Wednesday 7pm-8.30pm8.30pm-10pm Tango (Beginners)Tango (Intermediate) Sheraton Doha
Thursday 5pm-6.30pm7pm-8.30pm Salsa & Bachata (Beginners)Rumba & Jive (Intermediate) Sheraton Doha
Friday 3pm-4pm4.30pm-6pm Kids Latino (Beginners)Salsa & Bachata (Intermediate) Sheraton Doha
Saturday 7pm-8.30pm8.30pm-10pm Samba & Cha Cha (Beginners)Samba & Cha Cha (Intermediate) Sheraton Doha

(Full schedule can also be viewed here.)

Cost: Prices are available on request.

Contact: For more details, call Pierre on 55990200 or visit the website.

  • Salsa n Candela is a fun Salsa group in Qatar since 2008, led by a team of passionate Latin and ballroom dancers. Below are the classes they offer at the Eforea Spa in Hilton Hotel.
Day Time Dance
Sunday 9pm-10pm Bachata (Intermediate)
Monday 8pm-9pm Salsa Improvers
Tuesday 8pm-9pm Class for those joining new
Friday 7pm-8pm8pm-9pm Salsa (Beginners)Salsa Improvers
Saturday 7pm-8pm8pm-9pm Latin & BallroomSalsa (Intermediate)

(Full schedule can also be viewed here.)

Note: The classes mentioned are only for adults. The group will be introducing classes for kids beginning September 21. The schedule is not available at the moment though.

Cost: QR60 per session. There’s also a package deal of QR420 for seven sessions, and you get an eighth session free.

Contact: For more details call 55047010 or visit their website or Facebook Page.

Hip Hop/Breakdance

Breakdancing is one of the street style dances that evolved from the Hip Hop culture that surfaced in the US in the 70s.  It is extremely popular among Qatar’s local youth, and there are B-Boying competitions regularly held here.

 Where to learn?

  • The Sheraton Doha Health & Recreation Centre offers classes every Sunday at 7.30 pm and Tuesday at 6.15pm. It’s a mixed class and there’s no age bar. But the group generally comprises of persons aged 20 and above.

Cost: QR60 for non-members and QR50 for members

Contact: For more information call 44854600/44836363

Ballet Dance

Picture your little girl prancing around in pink tutus and ballet slippers. Cute right? Ballet dancing is one of the most graceful dance forms, and it’s little wonder why mothers are eager to rush their little ones for a lesson on poise and grace.

Where to learn?

  • Qatar Foundation’s Recreation Services offers ballet classes for kids at the Awsaj Building 2 Studio in Gate 1. The classes for this Fall commence on September 11. The schedule is as follows:
Day Time Age
Wednesday 4.45pm-5.45pm 5.45pm-6.45pm 4-8 years
Saturday 12.30pm-1.30pm1.30pm-2.30pm 9-14 years

Cost: QR500 for a three-month course.

Contact: For more information, call 44540841.

  • Al Gheed Ballet Centre: The newly opened dance centre located in the plush Lagoona Mall offers ballet classes for kids and adults in addition to other dance and fitness programmes. Here’s the schedule for ballet sessions:
Day Time Age
Saturday 5pm-6pm 4-5years
Sunday 4pm-5pm5pm-6pm7pm-8pm 6-9 years10-15 years16 years and above
Monday 5pm-6pm 3 years
Tuesday 5pm-6pm 4-5 years
Wednesday 4pm-5pm6pm-7pm 3 years10-15 years
Thursday 4pm-5pm7pm-8pm 6-9 years16 years and above

(The full schedule can also be viewed here.)

Cost: Qr100 for a one-hour trial session. The fee for one month is QR800 (two classes per month); for three months – QR2,040 and six months – QR4,080.

Contact: For more information, call 44131389 or visit their website or Facebook Page.

Belly dancing

Wonder why Shakira’s hips don’t lie ? You can learn a trick or two.

Where to learn?

  • The Ritz-Carlton Doha spa offers classes for ladies (aged 18 and above) every Sunday and Tuesday at 6.30 pm.

Cost: QR50 per class for non-members; free for members.

Note: The instructor is currently on leave, so it’s advisable to call up the hotel to check when the classes resume.

Contact: For more information, call the hotel on 44848173/83

Jazz Dance

Jazz is a form of dance that originated from the African-American vernacular dance forms. Two key characteristics of this dance are syncopation where the flow of rhythm is interrupted at intervals, and improvisation that incorporates acting, dancing, singing and playing musical instruments within the performance.

Where to learn?

  • The International Academy for Intercultural Development (IAID) offers classes  for kids aged 4-18 years. The classes will be held twice a week, and the duration of the course depends on the child’s level of performance. The classes are held every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday at 10-11am, 5-6pm, and 7-8pm. But your kid will be given a particular time slot based on availability.

Note: Classes for this Fall commence September 11.

Cost: Registration fee is QR100, plus a monthly fee of QR450

Contact: For more information, call 44320974/66710589/55381960 or visit their website.


Bharatanatyam is one of the many Indian classical dance forms and is popular among the Indian community in Qatar, females in particular. But this dance form is definitely not easy. It involves years of rigorous training till you master it.

Where to learn?

  • Abhinaya School of Fine Arts: Both branches (Al Wakra and Al Khor) offer classes twice a week for kids and women. The available time slots are:
Day Time
Tuesdays & Wednesdays 4pm-6pm/6pm-8pm
Fridays and Saturdays 2pm-4pm, 4pm-6pm or 6pm-8pm

Cost: QR250/month

Contact: For more details call 44647550 (Al Wakra) or 44722207 (Al Khor) or visit their website.

  • Kalabhavan is another centre that offers classes twice a week for adults and kids. Timings are flexible, so consult with the instructor.

Cost: QR200/month

Contact: For more information, call 44662980/55372973 or visit their website.

Irish Dance

Irish Dance is one of the traditional dance forms practiced in Ireland which generally involves a set of couples or a group of dancers. One of the more modern forms is Step-dancing which can either be done solo or in a group.

Where to learn?

  • The Irish Dance Doha Group conducts classes at Hilton Doha’s Eforea Spa every Tuesday from 7pm-8pm. It’s a mixed class, open to any age and any level.

Cost: QR60 per session

Contact: For more information, call Hilton Doha at 44233441 or visit the Irish Dance Doha Facebook page.

  • Rachel Franzen, a fully qualified and registered Irish dance teacher, has over 10 years experience teaching Irish dance in the Gulf. She holds classes for kids twice a week. Here’s the schedule:
Day Time Age Location
Tuesday 3.15pm-4.15pm4.15pm-5.15pm 3-5 years6-9years QIPCO compound (behind Zig Zag towers)
Wednesday 2:45-3:30pm3:30-4:15pm4:15-5:15pm 3-5 year6-9 year10+ years and younger intermediate dancers Beverly Hills Compound in Al Waab

Cost: Price available on request.

Contact: For more information call Rachel on 70480128 or email her at

Dance and Learn

With the limited attention span that kids possess, here’s a fun and clever way to make your kids learn and understand educational concepts minus the distraction. KinderDance is an educational programme started in the US that incorporates dance, motor development, gymnastics, and fitness programmes into the curriculum, and is now available in Doha.

Where to learn?

  • KinderDance Doha caters to children aged 2-5 years. They recently held their introductory classes at Mulberry Nursery. More classes will be held soon. There will be two options available: one is a weekly after school classes and the other will be a tie-up class with some of the nurseries in Doha.

Cost: Prices vary with each nursery.

Contact: For more information call 33556840/33179128 or visit their Facebook Page.


Exercise helps you lose weight, and so does dancing. Club them together, and you get Zumba.

Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness routine that is taking the world by storm. The routine includes a mix of hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, squats and lunges. It’s said that there are over 12 million people taking weekly Zumba classes in over 110,000 locations across the world!

Where to learn?

  • Jamil Sidani, a certified Zumba trainer, offers two kinds of Zumba classes.

One is a regular Zumba Fitness programme that is held five days a week at various locations. Here’s the schedule:

Day Time Location
Sunday 8pm-9pm Four Seasons Hotel Doha
Tuesday 6pm-6.50pm7pm-8pm Four Seasons Hotel DohaB-Attitude Spa
Wednesday 7pm-8pm InterContinental Doha – The City
Friday 11.30am-12.30pm The Ritz Carlton, Doha

Cost: QR50-60 per session

The other is a Zumba Toning class that is focuses on targeted body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work along with Latin-infused Zumba moves. These classes are held twice a week, but prior booking is required as one class can accommodate only 14 persons. Here’s the schedule:

Day Time Location
Sunday 7pm-7.45pm B-Attitude Spa
Monday 8pm-9pm InterContinental Doha – The City

Cost: QR60 per session

(The full schedule for both classes can also be viewed here.)

Note: Ladies only Zumba fitness classes are available every Wednesday and Sunday at 10am at B-Attitude Spa, and will be led by a female instructor.

Contact: For more information, call Jamil on 66878772 or visit the website or Facebook Page.

  • Fikria El Kaouakibi has been holding ladies-only Zumba classes, but is currently on a break. She plans to resume with her coaching in October. Call her on 33837756 for more updates.
Choreographed Dance

Have you secretly wished to be featured in a dance video? If yes, there’s one group in Qatar who make this dream come true. “Ek Junoon” (which means One Passion) is a new dance initiative launched by a group of alumni from Qatar Foundation.  Anyone between the ages of 15-40 years with decent dancing skills is invited to be a part of a series of creative dance videos filmed and produced by young graduates, and will be featured on the Ek Junoon website. They would also be promoted through social media portals, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Read JustHere’s interview with Ek Junoon’s founder here.

Cost: Free

Contact: For more information, visit their website.

Do you know of any more dance routines in Doha?


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    I’m looking for classes about 2 or 3hs per season. I’d like to do different choreographies and rhymes in the same class. Does it exist in Qatar? Thanks

  3. We now have classes in two types of swing dance: lindy hop and west coast swing, both for complete beginners. For details and updates visit Swing Dance Qatar on Facebook.

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    I am newly arrived in Doha and looking for an adult tap class, intermediate. Does anyone know where I might find one please?

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