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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Huge debts, shallow job market and lack of support leave fresh graduates in a lurch in Qatar

June 25, 2014 | | 3 Comments

The job market in Qatar is not an easy one to navigate for fresh graduates. Expatriate students find it difficult to bag a suitable job, and many have large debts to pay off; while Qataris say the Qatarisation policy is … Read More

Students in Qatar: Dealing with cultural barriers

December 29, 2013 |

Universities in Qatar comprise a diverse mix – Qataris, long-term expatriate residents and students who study here for a semester or year. Apart from the challenge students all over the world face in transition from school to university, in Qatar … Read More

Branch Out: HBKU preps for TEDxEducationCity

December 26, 2013 |

Building on the idea of a knowledge base and the potential to do great things with that base, TedxEducationCity has set its theme – Branch Out.

The event will have six speakers discussing ideas from the perspective of a computer … Read More

Students worried about ‘intruders’ in Education City Residence Halls

November 21, 2013 |

Students at Suduq Hall, one of the five buildings in the Residence Halls at Education City, have raised serious concerns over intruders who have moved personal belongings in residents’ rooms, according to the hall’s Facebook group.

Students in the group … Read More

Indecent behaviour outside EC. Stay alert!

March 28, 2013 |

Qatar is considered one of the safest places, but one can never be safe enough it seems.

The latest incident involves a ‘member’ of Education City.

According to a cautionary mail sent out to staff and students, the incident occurred … Read More