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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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That’s so WAAD

That’s so WAAD

Following WAAD Designs’ fabulous third fashion show, which displayed an impressive collection of abayas and other clothing, JustHere catches up with the talented young Qatari designer Waad Ali to get a better insight into her creative mind.


Doha’s fashion scene: It is very challenging here in Doha, because you have the international brands and you have the local brands. The local brands have been booming lately, and to distinguish yourself amongst them is very hard. So that is why I have taken a different direction – I want to take it through fashion shows and make people interact and live it.

Your design style: I’m very inspired by people like Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino. These designers are to die for. Everything they do is just perfection, down to the last thread

The abaya trend: Here in Doha, and in the Gulf generally, we wear abayas now as the main piece; we tend to dress up with the abaya.  So the change that has happened over time, it’s people’s perception of abayas, and the way designers shape the abayas and make them look like dresses, so that now people ignore dresses and just focus on abayas. So I guess all together designers, people’s taste, and also the need for an abaya that is glamorous and matches the European style, this is what has changed the perception of abayas.

The collection: My collection is inspired totally by Vera Wang because of all the tulles and the colours of the tulles. They are not regular abayas. The abayas I designed, they’re ‘think of yourself as a Qatari girl getting married, you want prepare your wardrobe of abayas and they have to all be spectacular, all glamorous’.

An abaya detail that you love: I love cuts. If the cut is different, and there’s a little bit of embroidery in it, and there’s a little bit of tulle, then this, this is perfect.

Marketing yourself: I like to market myself in a different way, I use instagram, I use social media, but when you do fashion shows, it just makes people want to come, even if nobody is buying, but people will know you, your name will spread. You will be known as someone who does fashion shows on a higher level than the other designers, even if they use regular marketing platforms such as exhibitions. I say that some people have amazing collections, but you have to be smart, you have to be business savvy about these things.

Get her designs

Next month WAAD Designs will hold a teatime event with Occasions. People are invited to come and meet the designer for an hour, choose their favourite abayas and buy them right off the rack. Keep an eye out for further details!

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