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JustHere | January 3, 2018

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[LEGAL COLUMN] On visas and sponsorships

[LEGAL COLUMN] On visas and sponsorships

If you are living and working in Qatar, you, like most others, have a lot of questions on the laws that govern you. JustHere receives dozens of labour-related queries from our readers every week. In this column, advocate Ghada M Darwish provides legal clarification on the oft-asked questions.

In the first installment of the series, we address issues regarding visas and sponsorship.

[Q] We bought a work visa from a company who sell them for QR10,000-15,000. The visa has expired, and the company is delaying the renewal. What can we do?*

[GD] According to Law No. 4 Of 2009 Regulating The Entry And Exit Of Expatriates In Qatar And Their Residence And Sponsorship, the sponsor shall complete the residency procedures and its renewal, provided that such renewal shall be done within 90 (ninety) days from the expiry date of the Visa. It is illegal for a worker to out stay his residence permit term. In the event of the failure of the sponsor to renew the residency without repatriation of the foreign worker, it is possible for the worker to apply for a transfer of sponsorship from the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) on the basis of this delay. In order to secure a transfer of sponsorship from the MOI, a complaint should be lodged with the Human Rights Department at the MOI. The complaint must demonstrate that the employer/sponsor is indeed abusing his power.

[Q] What is the procedure to transfer visa from husband to company? Do I have to exit the country?

[GD] The procedure to transfer a sponsorship from husband to company is by obtaining a No Objection Certificate from the husband and completing the transfer of sponsorship form which must be signed by the husband and the company you wish to transfer your sponsorship to. Please note that the Ministry of Interior has absolute discretion to approve or disapprove the transfer request. [boxify cols_use =”1″ cols =”2″ position =”right” order =”none” box_spacing =”10″ padding =”10″ background_color =”#3c3c3c” border_style =”solid” ]

Helpful numbers

NHRC Hotline: 66626663 Ministry of Social Affairs Hotline: 44841137, 44841340, 44841959 Ministry of Labour: Department of Labour Relations: 44406546 Note: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs receive calls from7am-2pm.[/boxify]

[Q] For how many days after expiry of permit am I allowed to stay in Qatar?

[GD] According to Article (9) of Law No. 4 of 2009, the residence permit must be renewed within 90 days from the date of its expiry.

[Q] Is the NOC policy different to those locally hired and those hired from other countries?

[GD] It is the same.

[Q] Can we change sponsorship after completing more than two years in a company/Qatar, though the current employer isn’t granting NOC?

[GD] The procedure to transfer a sponsorship requires obtaining a No Objection Certificate from the current sponsor. In the event of the failure of the sponsor to grant the NOC, it is possible for the worker to apply for a transfer of sponsorship from the Ministry of the Interior (MOI). However, please note that the Ministry of Interior has absolute discretion to approve or disapprove the transfer request.

[Q] I joined a new company upon obtaining an NOC from my previous employer. Can I get an NOC from him, if I want to shift again?

[GD] No, you need an NOC from your current sponsor. * Please note, buying and selling of visas is illegal as per Qatar law. Next column: Gratuity and leave eligibility Disclaimer: Neither the law firm of Advocate Ghada Darwish nor JustHere is responsible for actions taken on information mentioned here. All efforts have been taken to provide accurate response to the queries. [boxify cols_use =”1″ cols =”1″ position =”none” order =”none” box_spacing =”10″ padding =”10″ background_color =”#3c3c3c” border_style =”solid” ]Ghada M. Darwish law firm is established by an experienced Qatari lawyer. Ms Darwish, currently a PhD candidate at Cairo University, graduated from Qatar University with a Bachelor of Law degree. Her experience includes working at the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC), Qatar University and Qatar Chemical Company Ltd. Ms Darwish is ably assisted by lawyers with different backgrounds and qualifications offering many decades of lawyering expertise in the Middle East and beyond. For more information, visit or call 44889050. Note: If you have a query, please leave a comment. The queries, if not already covered in this or an earlier piece, will be addressed in subsequent installments of the legal column.[/boxify]


  1. Sumesh

    i came here on business visa and transferred to work visa. My residence permit is not done till now. it shows on the MOI website that my stay duration was expired on 24th feb 2014. till now the company has not done my ID or RP.
    what should i do.
    am i staying illegal.
    will i have a problem in getting visa.
    is it possible to transfer to another company.
    Please advice…..

    Many Thanks

    • My job is governed by the Civil Service Law. I work for a government ministry. Two years ago, and without notice to the Expat contract employees, upper management decided to reduce the End of Service Benefit for all of us to only 25% of our actual entitlement which is contrary to the Civil Service law.

      They did this by creating a new formula for calculating our Basic Salary, even though our contracts stated that our basic salary was 100% of our monthly salary. For example, If a contract employee makes QR 30,000 per month, his or her salary would be multiplied by 30%, resulting in an End of Service Benefit based on QR 7,500; and not the contract salary of QR 30,000.

      All of us are unhappy, but we are afraid to challenge this new practice, even though we know that it is not fair and is actually against the law which governs our contracts of employment. We read the law and it is very clear that we are right.

      So,what can we do to challenge this so that we can receive the actual End of Service Benefit to which the law and our contracts entitle us?

      Please advise.

    • Anand

      [Q] Can we change sponsorship after completing more than two years in a company/Qatar, though the current employer isn’t granting NOC?

      [GD] The procedure to transfer a sponsorship requires obtaining a No Objection Certificate from the current sponsor. In the event of the failure of the sponsor to grant the NOC, it is possible for the worker to apply for a transfer of sponsorship from the Ministry of the Interior (MOI). However, please note that the Ministry of Interior has absolute discretion to approve or disapprove the transfer request.

      My question is how can i apply to the ministry to request them to change my sponsorship? What is the procedure to do this.

  2. Manny

    It legal from an employer to have indefinitely contract. Can they hold you as long as they want?


    Dear Sir,
    I have valid QATAR ID ( expiry in June 2014 ) I came back India at emergency leave, I am not any more interested to work in same company, is it possible to return QATAR after 6 month, ( from Exit ),

    or there is any other solution.

  4. Yemmy

    Dear Sir/ms,

    I am very happy i came across your website. I am working as Planning engineer in other company (N.O.C), I have and some professional certificate, I have been run bank account for over 2years.

    Please what can I do to settle this problem. I have been living in qatar for more than 3years with my poor profession status (General cleaner) which is preventing me to do so many things like driving license, wife visa. Even though am not working with my sponsor, every-time i got new work in other company I have to take N.O.C and he do give me. But I request him to change my profession status for me so as to bring my wife and do driving license, he said he can’t do it or not possible. And I dont want to transfer to any other company because of some other restrictions also. Please I am really confused in this situation.
    Please I need to bring my wife here to start my life and concentrate on my future.
    Please what can I do???
    Can I go immigration by myself??

    I hope to receive feed . Thanks

  5. Niyas Bakkar

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Good Morning, My friend want to go india. The RP expire 02/06/2014. Al ready he given to resign letter one month before. This month 24th he will go to india. how is calculate leave salary? one year not completed.

    Please advice me sir,

    Kindly Regards & Thanks

    Niyas Bakkar


    I am female employee working in government organisation in Qatar .I am sponsored by the company and my family(husband & children) are under my sponsorship. Is there any policy currently available in ministry of interior in Qatar if my husband secures a job whether my sponsorship should be changed to my husband sponsorship.

    Please confirm.

  7. Parambil PadincharaRajagopal Nair

    Dear Sir,
    I had been working in Qatar for the last 13 years in a WLL international company and for the last 7years I was with family resident permit.Last year my wife went to my home town for my daughters delivery and she could not come back to qatar with in 365 days, after that again I bought her on a visit visa and applied for permenent visa ,I full fill all the requirement for permenent RP for my wife but it was rejected as my RP is technician visa. I request you to advise me what I can do for getting a permenent visa for my family.

  8. Dear sir,

    My husband terminated his company, we ask them a favor to grand as NOC even they don’t give the graduaty but they refused to give us. He got a lot of offers to other company but because he don’t have NOC he cannot join. If we apply to MOI what are the requirements? Our children are here & he coudn’t out doha also because he has personal loan. Please i am begging your help what we gonna do.

    Thanks You so much

  9. Pranita

    Hi sir, I just came to quatar 10 days ago to work in a company in quatar but due to some personal reasons I need to go back to my country. Passport is with my employer I am afraid to talk to them about this, so how can I get my passport so that I could go to my country . My son is sick so I need to go .plz suggest me ..thanks



  11. ashok

    i am locally hired. so when my company terminated before six months . can i request for NOC or not . I spend so much money coming here.if they terminate and cant give me NOC . i cant enter qatar for two years please help. can i approach . labor ministry. human rights and Indian embassy..

    if they have terminated , the Hr is saying he will deduct money the company spend on Driving school. I am in sales so before they recruit they should know about my license status right.

  12. Amita

    I wanted to know what are the charges if resident permit is not renewed for more than three months of an Infant.

  13. Good day,

    I would like to ask about workplace hostility and harassment by the employer,
    what are the expatriates options. It’s been done for so long but no one has
    the courage to complain because of fear of retaliation.

    Please we needed expert opinion on this matter.

  14. Joe

    Currently I am working in Qatar and I have got another job offer. Current employer agreed to issue NOC but there not prefer to do transfer as the have bad experience with CID in transferring sponsorship. In that case, they prefer to terminate my RP and send me back home with NOC in hand.

    How long it will take for the new employer to arrange new RP to get me back to Qatar???? Heard that you need to stay 12 months before you can re renter Qatar???

  15. Dear Sir,

    I came hare for GIS Technician Job and Company also Given me Offer Latter GIS Technician. but Company given me Conract latter but in that contract latter my Designation is Machanic. so suggest me i should sign on it or not,i came hare last year 10Nov2013 still company not provide me RP. Give me suggestion,
    Warm Regards

  16. Amina


    I am new in qatar, i came a month ago with a work visa
    I would like to ask if i can change the sponsor (if I find a better job) if i made the finger print or not ?

    Thank you in advance for your response
    Looking fowards to hearing from you

  17. anonymous

    Dear Sir,

    I was terminated by my current company and they are already forcing me to give up my QID for cancellation.They are saying that they will cancel my RP and that they will give me NOC before I go but I dont want to surrender immediately as I have been locally hired and that it will cause a lot of expenses if i need to exit aside from it everytime a different person ask on my behalf he says differently. please i need your help. My current employer is my second employer according to them I have completed one year of service in the company but my visa has not yet completed one year. What should I do? should i really need to request for my NOC even though they terminated me?


  18. Angel


    I just want to ask, my current employer has terminated me because of the accusations they have against me that when I ask for proof they did not show me anything and I am a local hire I’ve been here for Qatar for almost 3 years and now I am getting confused with the HR’s answer to me regarding my NOC. Up to now i havent give up my QID as I need an exact answer regarding my NOC. my question is do I have the right to demand for NOC since my present company is my 2nd employer? And if i dont give up my QID now can they press charges against me? I dont want to go home as I wanted to stay with my husband and continue working here. Thanks

  19. HKK

    I am working here in as Resident Engineer in one Govt company through a private company. Now the Govt company is in a process to hire me on there payroll and i got a NOC from my present employer. I have finished my Medical and have submitted my documents for CEID clearance but at present my RP is expired. Can my Sponsorship change process still be completed? Thanks

  20. yangster

    Hello. I came here last 2011 and worked for 2 yrs before I was given an NOC to transfer to another work/sponsor.
    My friends are saying that I am now considered to be a “local hire”.
    After 8 months of working to this new company, my health is deeply affected because of the stress. So I wish to terminate my contract with them and look for another job.
    It is clearly written on my contract that “after completing the probationary period (6 months), either of the parties can terminate the contract provided that there will be a notice period of 1 month”. And that I will be given a NOC as long as I will not transfer to a competitor.
    A lot of people are saying that since I am a “local hire”, I should stay in the company for at least 1 year before I can transfer to a new sponsor… But, that is not written on my contract.
    I asked someone from Ministry of Labor and he told me that what is stated in the contract should be followed. But this “one year clause” is as per immigration – my friends say.
    What should I do?

  21. sunil

    Dear Sir
    I am working here with a PVT company for a project, now the project is going to be finished and my company don’t have any other job here in Qatar. I would like to transfer my visa to another Qatar firm (they are ready to take me) I got NOC from the present company and I did the CEID clearance and all, but the new company PRO is unable to transfer my visa, he is telling that its blocked because of its a project visa. What can I do now? my present employer is ready to gave me any help what ever is required. Please help me


    Dear Sir,
    I am in Qatar from 15 days for work in a private company. My contract is 8 hours duty 6 days in a week. But I am forced to work 20 to 21 hours daily and also half day on Friday. In Ramadan also same schedule and same hours. My Id not yet made and my original passport is with me. Sponsor doesn’t want to send me India. How can I go back immediately?

  23. Girish Kumar A.R.

    Dear Sir,
    I Was at Qatar on a Business Visa and got a job in a reputed company. Unfortunately when came back to India awaiting employment visa I came to know that my former sponcer procured a business visa to my passport without my knowledge and he is not ready to cancel it.
    Now the employment visa cannot be moved due to the Business visa is active.
    What can I do to move the employment visa process
    Thanking You,
    Girish Kumar

    • Faraz

      Hi Girish..
      Just want to know if you got any solution to your qatar visa problem as even I am facing the same issue.


    • Baig

      Even i have the same problem, Please tell us what to do.

  24. Tamilselvan

    Dear sir,

    I working for a contracting company in Qatar AS A PROJECT ENGINEER, since Dec 2011 ( 2 years & 6 months ). Presently Company don’t have projects. They are giving termination to some of the employees ( WITH NOC UPON REQUEST ), and forcing some of the employees to for vacation.( WHOME THEY WANT TO RETAIN )

    In this condition, as a pro active step I found a good offer in Qatar, I spoke our GM regarding my sponsorship change, but refused to give NOC.

    For your information I came from vacation last month .

    Now my question is follows.

    I am expecting , my employer will ask me to go vacation in next 10 days, then what can do.

    If there is any rights to refuse this.

    And I don’t want to go vacation, I want to change sponsorship. Also If I have any rights to ask NOC.

    Please advice to continue my job in Qatar.


  25. Zia Haider

    Dear Sir,

    I am diploma in mechanical egg and having more than 17 years experience, i have bachelor degree in science also, i am having Engineer Visa in my company as well as qatari id also.

    I have salary 14000/ QR, now i am applying for my family visa and my application is 2 times rejected due to that i have engineer visa and diploma certificate after that i submitted my BSc degree certificate that time also rejected that your degree is not matching with your job.

    Now they are asking to go to labour department and degrade your position from engineer to assistant engineer.

    Is it true that labour dept can degrade position and if how much time it will take.

    My family is on visit visa and i have two daughter, yelder got temporarily (school give us time for mother id+resident permit of mother and daughter are required)

    Please advise me

    With Regards

    Sayed Zia Haider

  26. Mounir

    i’m so happy to find someone that can answer my quesion
    i have came back to my country from qatar since about 1 year and 4 months because i didn’t like my job in qatar and i resigned and now i have found some contracts and i want to know if i can go or i can’t ?
    i’m from morocco
    Thanks you so much i will be waiting from you

  27. Siraj

    Iam exit from qatar on 31-03-2014 my id is expired on 03-01-2014 i want to come back to qatar can i get the NOC From my previous employer by legally at any cost.

    kindly suggest for the same

  28. Zuber


    A company has issued a “Single Entry work Visa ” and i didnt join that company and never used that visa and i didnt travel to Qatar , now that VISA has expired ,

    on MOI Website it is showing “VISA IS EXPIRED” but on “VISA STATUS” Column it is Showing “Valid to Use” can you please explain what does it mean .

    Now a new company is going to apply a work visa for me will they get a VISA or not.

    Thank you very much


    • Mohammed Azhar

      Dear sir,

      First I would like to thank for your support given for expats. I was working in qatar since 2014. My company given NOC to join with another company in qatar itself. So I resigned my current job and joined with new company.

      During my visa transfer process,they found that it is project visa, so not transferable.

      In this situation what can I do.
      Please help me to find a solution.

      Thank you.

  29. Fakhruddin

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I was just reading the above comments and replies by you:

    I am also a victim of such unfair justice.

    My co. hired me 6 months back and they terminated me before 10 days of my probation periods ends without any counselling or warning.

    My question is can I take up this case.

    Awaiting your feedback.

  30. Shang




  31. Rafi

    My previous company has issued Noc for me but I am not able to get original,they send me by mail so I have Xerox only ,now I wish to apply for new visa so should I submit original or copy ?

  32. Tabrez hassan

    A company has issued a “Single Entry work Visa ” and i didnt join that company and never used that visa and i didnt travel to Qatar ,
    Now a new company is going to apply a work visa for me will they get a VISA or not.
    Whats the way to come in qatar fo work purpose.
    Tabrez hassan

  33. Rahul

    I have a working visa in qatar, i wish to change my company , but my company is not giving me NOC certificate.I came to this company with the NOC of the previous employer.Now i would like to change to another company .how can i change it without NOC?If i cancel visa ang go to native Is it possible to come back to qatar after 6 months?What ar the rules?Pls help me

  34. aiane

    Hi everyone! I was working in Qatar for 4 months. During my stay, i was not able to get my QID and RP. It has been 3 months since i left and now i got a new offer back in Qatar. I just want to know if i still need NOC from my previous employer to be able to get a new visa? And can someone verify the information that i don’t need NOC at all since i don’t have QID?

  35. prakash

    IF company terminates ,can they give NOC. They terminated my contract and not giving noc.what can i do

  36. Haseena

    1. who will bear the visa expense cost? The employee or the employer?
    2. Will the employee under work permit can reimburse the visa expense cost from the employer?

  37. Eve

    Employed in current company for more than 8 years, if getting a substantial offer from other company and which undertake a project related to FIFA 2014, does the MOI or the Human Rights Department can possibly help to demand NOC from the employer? Thanks.

    • i m new to qatar.. i nt signed for any contract.. in visa my duration of recidency is 5 years… but i dont like that job.. hw can i change the job plz help me

  38. Eve

    Sorry, correction above message, it’s 2022 not 2014,

  39. hi I just came back my country cancelling my company visa, I wanna go back Qatar again for few months to visit my relatives, after how many months I can go Qatar as visitor again?do I need noc of company if I want to go as visitor to apply the visa?please tell me how I get visit visa ?

  40. Lance

    My working visa has been cancelled last 08.05.2014. I am planning to comeback to Qatar before my 2 years ban through business visa. If a found a job, do I have the right to get an NOC from my previous sponsor?

  41. Dear Sir.Madam

    I have only one question please answer

    I am start work with company 2000 till today work with same company
    my first contract clearly written gratuity as per Qatar law that time Labour law Act No. 3 of 1962* serving for labor.
    and gratuity calculate after 5 year 4 week and after 10year 5 week calculate,
    now my agreement written under labor law 2004 and gratuity calculate 21 days continue ,
    please advise and help my gratuity calculate by old law or new law and how to calculate my end of service,

    Best Regards

  42. Dear Friend

    My family in India and they have valid Qatar RP, now i resigned for betterment and now i request how to close family visa cancellation ….pleaseadvise

  43. reymond

    Gud morning ser /mam….
    I ask question now I have finish 3 years in compony!I want to exit..for how many months or years before I cameback in qatar again…..

  44. [LEGAL COLUMN] On visas and sponsorships | JustHere

  45. Ravichandran


    A company has issued a “Single Entry work Visa ” and i didnt join that company and never used that visa and i didnt travel to Qatar , now that VISA has expired ,

    on MOI Website it is showing “VISA IS EXPIRED” but on “VISA STATUS” Column it is Showing “Valid to Use” can you please explain what does it mean .

    Now a new company is going to apply a work visa for me will they get a VISA or not.

    Thank you very much


    • Hai Ravi,

      I am also having the same problem. Is your problem solved? Please let me know.


    • Kat Rob

      Were you able to find answers to your concern? pls advise, thank you!

  46. SIRAN

    Dear Sir,

    Since 8 years i am working in DOHA – QATAR, at the moment our company is facing some financial problems and a lot of issues occurred from the employees on salary and the computer card & labor department got blocked, hence my visa is expired since 1 month what is the solution to renew it….the company PRO says it will take time..

  47. AA Khan

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in Qatar at some construction Company,having Work permit valid up Oct 2015.
    Now i came in my home country on leave but dont want to go back to Qatar..I want to resign from my services…Please advise, if i resign Is it possible that My company Transfer my Visa to some Other worker instead of its cancellation…??? because it is valid still one Year..

  48. Arun bava

    I have a pending salary for 4 and half months including last continous last three and half month. My RP expired is it cause any problem in approaching labour

  49. mohamed yasur

    How to find my visa is project or company visa.

  50. Sathish

    sathish have a company Urban trading and contracting W L L in qatar and sold 2 bangali visa(2*18000) and 1 Indian Visa. They are working outside it will be problem for him please advice.
    Sathish ID No:26035617398

  51. Azeem

    I already change my sponsorship 3 months ago locally and now want to change to another because of unsatisfaction. if i will get NOC from my current/recent employer (2nd one), is it possible to change my sponsorship 2nd time where the period of my service with 2nd sponsor is just above 3 months.

  52. Yaseen

    In qatar there is a company where i need to sign 2 years contract, i am from india.

    My question is that, they are saying me if for any reason after probation or after my medical check up they think i am not fit to work or eligible to work with them they will terminate me and i have to pay them the expense of ticket, visa change, agency charge and medical. Please let me know is this legal as per qatar law.

    Waiting for your quick response.

  53. Ehsan

    i want to ask you about the procedure of visa because i born in qatar .my father did job there but when i became 2 years old than we left qatar and went back to pakistan but now i am 24 years old and wants to go there so what is the procedure for me .

    i shall be grateful to you .

  54. dennis


    7-dec-2013 i came here in Qatar on a work visa and my visa was stamped for one year now i want to leave this job ,. how can i get cancel this visa .
    expiry of stamped visa will be on 7-12-2014

  55. dennis

    i want to cancel my work visa which has one year validity ie from 07-12-2013 to 07-12-2014. is it possible

  56. rubina

    i have two kids,younger one is autestic,he is 9 years old,he was going in special school in abu hamour,and other basit is 6 years old he was in kg2,i got divorce in feb 27 2014,my ex husband is working in QAtar chemicals company as a lab tec.we were in QAtar,now i got nikah with another guy,he is also working in DOHA.but my ex husband has canceld my kids visas,now i am in pakistan with my kids,i want to come doha but i can come,my kids cant come,how i can deal with my ex husband,plzz help us,my son is not normal he cant speak,he cant live alone,plz sir help me

  57. ancy

    Dear sir,

    My visa is 5 year project visa -Engineer. I have completed 2 years in qatar. I got a new job offer. If my employer is giving me NOC. Is it possible to transfer my current visa or i have to cancel my current visa and come back in a new visa.


  58. mohit

    hi dear sir how are you ?
    i want to know about i work in qatar for 3 years and 5 month and i left qatar 15 may 2014 and i want to come back to qatar only in tourist visa not for work only for to meet my friends there can it be possible because my six months are already finish so i would like to get your important help kindly guide me what should i do and if i can go there only for tourist visa for only 10 to 15 days its fine with me .


    Dear Sir,

    I want to know that, I am staying in QATAR from last 3.5 years, and working with one of the Biggest M.E.P company. I am on residence Visa, it is up to OCT-2015.
    My. Question is Can I try in some other companies, here in Qatar only. is it ok for me, if I try in QATAR AIRWAYS or in some other Big companies, for my future.
    Please advice, can I try…..

  60. Shafi

    I am working in qatar for an IT company, I got a new job which is paying me aproximately double salary. My current employer is giving me NOC but they are cancelling the visa.

    I have to go back to india and stay there till my new company processess my work visa.

    But i have a personal loan, I cannot leave the country without paying the loan.

    is ther any alternative ?

  61. louis philip

    Hi Sir, I ve been working in qatar since april. I am looking for a change in job, and got a new job in a new company. My current employer is ready to give an NOC and release.
    Wud those documents be legally enough for me for a change in job..If not, what is the legal proceedings & documentation needed for me, inorder to join the new company. As I would be more interested to join the new company…!!
    Your valubale suggestions would be highly appreciated.

  62. Christian

    Dear Sir,

    I’m an engineer, I’m a locally hired and staying to my current employer for more than 3yrs already, which is a trading company. They hired me as a coordinator and they gave me a salesman visa. I tried to change it to Engineer in Ministry of Labor, unfortunately my application was denied due to no available Engineer visa under my employer. I can’t even use my profession as an engineer in this company.

    This year, I have received an offer from an international consultant company. They’re appointing me as an Engineer, they could give me an Engineer visa and the salary offer is double as what I’m getting in my current employer. It’s enough to support my family. I spoke to my employer regarding these things and asked for NOC return but they didn’t grant my request.

    I need your kind advice if it’s possible or is there any way for me to transfer in consultant company where I could use my profession and I could obtain Engineer visa.

    Thanks very much.


  63. Arthur

    I received an offer letter from a person claiming to be from Boom Construction in Doha, Qatar. It read as follows;

    “Dear Arthur Jackson,

    I have seen the signed document. The next thing is to start the processing of your travel documents. To live and work in Qatar, you need a 2 years work visa, residential permit and work permit. These documents are not processed in our embassy in your country but directly with the ministry of interiors in Doha, Qatar. You are to contact them directly through email. The person to contact is the deputy minister who is directly in charge of all consular duties. Contact him through this email:
    He will tell you the requirements for the processing of the entire document.
    Let me know when you have contacted the ministry.

    Best regards,

    Hassan Naddaf.
    Human Resources Manager,
    Boom Construction Company.”

    When I contacted the email address, I received a request for the following fees;

    “I will personally fill the forms for you because it is written in Arabic.

    The Official cost of procuring the documents is as follows:

    2 years work visa: ($210)

    Residential Permit: ($340)

    Work Permit: ($450)

    Stamp Fee: ($150)

    Processing Fee: ($150)

    The total amount is 1310USD and it will take approximately 14 days to process the entire documents”

    Are these fees customary for working in Qatar?? Is this a legitimate business and offer??

  64. i m new to qatar.. i nt signed any contract.. but my duration of recidence is 5 years.. i dont like that company… hw can i change the job… plz help me… plz plz

  65. Sir, i came here in qatar last 8th november, 2013. I renew my visa two i want change my sponsorship …..but they told my sponship is block again i submit my all paper in own hand then they told send sms after one week…..after waiting they send. : sponsorship change restricted.. no what i will do?

  66. Cantona

    Dear sir,

    I appreciate your website and the useful information. I have been living and working in qatar for two years. The company which i came under gave me 6 Months NOC to look for another job. But i am unable to transfer to the new company because the documents of the old company expired since May. The new company has asked that the old company cancels my visa, i go back to my country and come under their new sponsorship. How long can it to for my new visa to be issued? is it that possible and easy?

    Kindly advise

  67. Raj Khadka

    Hi I am working in one electrical shop from 4 yrs in computer and now I have problems with my eye sight. I told my boss who is bangali to give me a leave. He told me stay here and check the eye conditions. . I dont want to be here becoz I found my self critical about my eyes and cannot work in computer. . What shapll I do best to go back to my country. .

  68. Karthik

    Dear Sir,

    I am Karthik past 8 months worked in qatar and resign my job with out RP leave from qatar, but i am attend one of the interview in chennai posting in Qatar, but employer said your employee visa already cancel you are 2 years ban, you cannot come back qatar. but i am check with old company PRO he said your RP is not stamp you will sure come again to Qatar.

    I dont know which is one right, how to clarify please help me..

  69. seema


    I have my firend in qatar he moved on work visa sponsored by the employer two months ago due some issues they asked to look for another job in a months time now she has a new job what is to be done will that work visa be transfere or she has to exit the country and enter again on new visa.

    plz suggest at earliest

  70. hi i will be leaving qatar next month for cancelling my cuurent visa..kindly advice i can back to qatar again busines visa for 3 month?

  71. mleaving qatar next month canselling my company visa ..also i wont to come back qatar as a busines visa..kindly advice..

  72. Ali hussain

    Dear Sir

    Good Evening

    just i want to know regarding Re Entry when i go back after how many month i can come in other company. how many year will be banned after the exit ?

  73. NAZEEM

    Dear sir,
    How can I find the project visa and Normal visa.
    The printout showing boths are same.


  74. mohd

    dear sir/ madam greeting
    pls can you just say me ,, i got a job offer from qatar last 3 month before company was already apply my work visalast nov 2014 but till i am not get visa so pls help me how long time it will ready,, and why they are getting to much time and same years 2014 in march i was coming there on work visa i was only one month stay in qatar, but i was not done any finger print and medical, before PR i was exit, so pls let me know there some problem with visa
    thanks for your help i am awaiting for your reply

  75. Charito Flor YU








  76. I have worked in qatar for 4 years after I have cancelled my visa and I have returned to home,after few days my company is re issuing the visa to the ministry to make me back to there company is it possible that I can come to qatar

    Pls answee

  77. I have worked in qatar for 4 years after I have cancelled my visa and I have returned to home,after few days my company is re issuing the visa to the ministry to make me back to there company is it possible that I can come to qatar

  78. VICTOR

    I got termination from my management, in this condition another company is ready to take me and here im working qatar from september 2013,
    my company won’t give noc to me, is there any law point for getting noc for terminated peoples


    sir i born qatar doha this time i live pakistan how can i apply to come again qatar and search job,,,,????????????????

  80. Sanal Balakrishnan

    I have been studying in qatar since my childhood. Now I am 27 and I would like to change my sponsorship from family to work. Do the company need a new visa for accepting me or is it possible to transfer directly to the company with my existing visa.

  81. Renjith

    Dear Sir,

    I joint one trading company on 1.12.2013. before start they give me offer letter it’s include my basic salary, commission, house, car, etc.., start with 3 month probation period. After completing the 3 month basic salary, commission all will be increase noted in the offer letter. unfortunately after 3 month nothing is happed, still I didn’t get any commission, salary increment, nothing. now I already complete 1 years. I ask for NOC, now they are going to cancel my Visa without NOC.
    company saying the reason was I introduce one company and we supply the materials but still have outstanding (before stating the business I collect all the legal papers, credit application sighed by the owner of the company along with 200,000/- Guaranty cheque. all the transactions with PDC cheque. my company now file a case against the above company for outstanding 231,000 with 2 cheque including Guaranty cheque. Advise me in this condition what is better to do.. Here I need NOC and my benefits

  82. Lynster

    My company having a problem renewing my ID every time they enter the application there is an automatic response that i have to go to immigration department. I don’t know if this issue has connection to the following. 1. I came here 2008 unmarried 2. I got married 2013 and my husband and I has different sponsor 3. I deliver the baby 2015 and the baby got the RP under my sponsorship, my passport surname is my husband surname and in my RP/ Qatar ID i am still using the single surname. I’m sure that i didn’t make any violation to blocked my residency here in Qatar. Therefore i am wondering what is the reason why my company cannot renew my ID. Hope you will enlighten me.

  83. mohanan koyiloth poyil

    sir, i am an Indian. ( i joined the company may 2010.)
    i am working in a private fmgc firm on last five years. now i am going to resign my work. how many days before i need to give the resign letter to the company.
    and what will be my settlement procedure if my salary is 3500.00 please give me an advice.

  84. NAsh


    My 2 children is under my sponsor. and we are planning to transfer the sponsorship under my wife is working in a consultancy firm and is capable of sponsoring in terms of salary range.

    Anybody has the same cases? Pls advice any inputs. Thank u


    Hi JH Team,
    Please advice,I had completed my medical and finger print process but RP is not stamped and ID not yet issued. Whether i need NOC From my employer.I had enetered the country Jan’05 and not completed 3 months.Please advice whether i need noc if i exit qatar before april 1’2015


  86. Asuncion

    My wife was previously working in Qatar Airways, she was got terminated and leave Doha Sep 2013. We got married on the same year and when I applied visa for her under my sponsor end of Dec 2013, I found out that i required NOC. I requested NOC in Qatar Airways and write a letter to GCEO but up to now nothing happen. It’s been 15 months now still no NOC. And I found out today when I search MOI.Gov that her work visa validity expired 2014 Oct 13, but the visa status transffered to resident. What does it means? Pls help, what should I do so I can applied her a visa under my sponsor.


    I Kiran Kumar , citizen of India, I recently shifted to Doha and working as a Engineer in a trading company from 25 January 2015, i want to be sponsor er for my family(Wife) visit visa,

    For applying family visit visa the documents that i have

    1) Qatar ID
    2) Engineer visa
    3) Passport copy of myself
    4) Passport copy of family (Wife)
    5) Attested and Arabic Translated Marriage Certificate
    6) NOC Letter from my company stating my position and salary(8000 QAR)
    7) My educational certificate (Attested and Arabic translated)
    8) Filled Application by Myself(sponsor er) for family visit visa.

    1) Opening of my bank account is on process but i have NO 6 months of Bank statement.
    2) I have 1BHK flat on rental basis but NO rental agreement.

    Based on above documents can i apply for family visit visa ?, If not, please give me the information of remaining documents that has to be attached.

    Your help is appreciated

    Thanks and Regards

    +974 50498639

  88. islam

    dear sir
    i got work permit visa in 8/5/2008 which was for one year i stayed only three months in qatar and than come back on vocation to pakistan i did not go back and also i did not canceled my visa .now i got a job in qatar again can i get a visa now what about my previas visa status that is canceld automaticaly .because 7 yeras is finished that i came from qatar

  89. sir my passport no. is G2178731.i am Indian. I never came to Qatar but immigration has rejected my work visa application twice without any reason
    .I don’t understand what is this rule of Qatar. please help me how can I solve this. problem. my sponsor company also say that they can’t do anything. please help me
    move. no.8195021257.

  90. sir my visa has been rejected by Qatar immigration without any reason.passport no.G2178731.nationality Indian. please help me to solve this.i never came to Qatar for visit or work.

  91. Suresh Kumar

    Hi,Its really a worth website.I got lots of information.My problem is that I got NOC from my current company to transfer it to new company.But I receieved a sms with Rejection.Other day I got approval.Tomorrow the labour dept is asking to come with passport.Why they ask this?Please advise.Thanks

  92. BIJU

    Dear si – Recentely I change my sponsership to a new sponser, but I didn’t stamp visa on passport for new company, becuase this company is running for only visa sale (bussiness)
    they need always money, so I discuss my previous sponser about this prob, I said to me , make cancle letter from both side and give to GoV. so I coolected cancel letter & comp. card
    copy from old sponser and gave to new sponser’s Mondoop now 12 days is over , when I ask him
    he saying I submitted all documents – may I don’t know what happened. – so now he hide my previous sponser cancel letter also., when I submitt these all documents he asked me my original passport, 2000/QR I gave him that, my family is with me, I want to go to india for my child operation,I don’t like to continue with this new sponser so how can I leave from
    this new company -I deal is always with Monadoop- pls. help & advise me for solve this problems-

    Thanks & regards


    PL guide if the designation on the work visa and qatar id can be changed after 6 months stay in Qatar.Actually i was issued a mechanic visa by my company,and the owner of the company assured to change my visa to Engineer visa within few days of my arrival in qatar.Now its been 5 months still not done.Now he says he will get it changed as it is almost 6 months I am here in Qatar.I am feeling cheated and would like to advise and help from a legal concerns on what step I should take further as I wanted to get my family here in Qatar which seems impossible with this mechanic visa.As well I am not able to take a driving license too.

    Pl advise.

  94. I need your advise regarding my QID/RP renewal, I’m planning to take vacation this coming August 2015 for one month only, then my QID will expire on October 7, 2015 is it okey after my vacation i will renew my QID? Is there any problem in the airport or i will renew first before i go for my vacation. Is my company allow me to renew earlier?

    Thanks and I appreciate your kind advise.

  95. Afajal Ahamad

    Dear sir,
    I am working with a company, my contract is going to be finished in June 2015 ,I don’t want to get It renewed & want to quit the job.if I quit the job my employer will not provide me NOC. And I have to serve 2 years ban in Qatar.
    I want do a small business with a client if this client provides me a business visa,can I come in Qatar on that visa and do business with my client as soon as I leave my currant job.

    Please guide me

  96. Ahmed

    Dear sir,
    i need advice regarding work visa expiry. i came qatar on jan-2015 on company work visa still my visa has not stampd on passport 3 month validity is going to expire can i change sponser becous i am not satisfied with company.
    do the needfull.
    Thanks & regard’s

  97. Jan Snyman

    I have received a job offer from Total in Qatar.I must pay 920USD for labour permit. Is this true? I must also do my own visa is this also correct? Please assist me as there is so many scams going around. I have indeed received a working contract from Total bur I also received quite a few documentation from from Qatar Immigration. I am uncertain. Who can I contact to help me finding out if this is true.

  98. elsie

    i would like to know how long will it take to cancel my visa for correction because they issued my visa without my middle name.they told me that they are waiting for the visa to be removed from the moi system,thats why i would like to know the time duration of the process..pls help me

  99. Abiola Martins

    Dear Sir,

    I have just gain an employment with one company here in Qatar, the company requested for my NOC from my Sponsor and I get the NOC from my Sponsor for the new company. They process my NOC and get my NOC card before they allow me to start the work. Now After a month and two weeks the PRO of my Former company called me to tell me they have blacklist me.

    My surprise is that they just renew my RP and they gave me NOC to start new job with new company, and he was asking for 3000Q so that they can remove the blacklist.

    Sir, what can i do in this case because I have never spend two months out of the six months NOC they gave me, am suspecting foul play, pls kindly advise me.

  100. Riteshkant


    I am going through the process of transfer of sponsorship but my new sponsor is asking for CR number and Trade License copy of current sponsor. As I read on web these documents are required from new sponsor but not from old sponsor. Is it true?

    Thanks for your help in advance !!

  101. Tania

    Hello, I am in the process of hiring a live in maid. I have someone in mind that she is currently in Qatar. She is from Philippines. She has been working in Qatar for 3 years. She is now working for around 9 months for her sponsor but they are leaving Qatar back to their home country in middle of June. They are saying they will force her to go with them, but she doesn’t want. Is it possible? Now she said she has a family interested in sponsoring her and they want us to pay 15.000qr in order for them to release the NOC. Is it possible that they leave the country without giving her the NOC? What can she do? She can’t leave the house and she has no days off to inform of her rights. Can you please advise us?
    Thank you in advance.

  102. Muhammad


    (single edit)

    I just wanna know that “can i get a KSA visit visa after expire of my working visa in Qatar?, without company permission?”

  103. jojo

    I’ve been employed here in qatar for one company fo 4 yrs and 4 months, my contract is two years renewable, i got an offer from other company which is more than double of what i am recieving in my recent company, i did not yet accepted the job offer but instead i ask my recent company for an NOC and they refused to give me, instead they give me a termination letter, charging me that i am leaving my jod and responsibility and attending to job interviews which is not true. can you please give me an advice what will i do.

  104. Jeff

    I filed my resignation letter to my company for the effective of September 23 2015, and they told me that they won’t give NOC in case I want to apply in other company here in Qatar so I have to go back to my home country , now the question is, how many months should it take to go back here in Qatar after my resignation if someone will do sponsorship visa or business visa on me?and if I go back here through the sponsorship visa by my wife or business visa can i work here through this visa’s even i don’t have NOC if I go back here? (sponsor / business visa)please needed some information.

  105. Anon

    Quick Question: About RP transfer, here is the situation. I’m on a work visa and I’ve been here for more than 2 years. I’d like to transfer my sponsorship to my Husband who is working in the government.Unfortunately, My RP has expired and the current Sponsor is out of the country. To top it up there has been a change in sponsor last year. The previous sponsor has granted me an NOC and the current sponsor is unavailable to sign the form or the NOC. Since the current sponsor is out of the country and the CR needs to be updated with the current sponsors name and signature. Is there a possible way to get through this? Please advice.

    Awaiting for a legal or professional advice.

    Thanks Much

  106. Fazal Ahmed

    Hi, My question is that I already have multiple exit permit. 2 days ago my company’s CR expired. And now I am traveling to my home country after 3 days for 2 weeks. Is it possible to travel if I have valid exit permit but expired CR.

    Your prompt reply shall be very helpful.


  107. Sankar


    I working in a company for the past 2 years. Now I want to shift to another company with new sponsor. My current employer told me that they ll provide me NOC, but still they dint give me NOC. Now the issue is my RP visa is going to expire. And my question is . If I get NOC from my current employer after my visa expired, will the NOC is still valid to change the sponsorship? Or what is the procedure to change sponsorship after my RP VISA got expired .

    Please advice …

  108. Avadh


    I am working here on a company RP & my wife came on business visa & now her residence visa is approved.
    but the immigration people are saying they can not transfer business visa to family RP & advising to exit & enter again for my wife.
    is this valid because i heard that visa can be transferred.

    please advise.

  109. Maria P.

    Dear Ms. Darwish,

    I am a greek female engineer, sponsoring her family of husband and two kids. I joined a european engineering company’s office in Qatar 3 years ago. The company has offices worldwide, with the main Middle Eastern office in Abu Dhabi.

    I got the termination letter in the end of April, with the verbal promise that they will provide both the general NOC, as well as the specific NOC once I find the new sponsor. Today, after one month, they are refusing to give me NOC, once I informed them that I found new job in a Q-company which happens to be their best client!

    As per the company’s policy, they never refused to give NOC to any employee. This is not written anywhere though, since among the Middle East offices, the NOC requirement exists only in Qatar and KSA for which no specific policy is developed.

    I have a bank loan and cannot exit the country. The company knows that, they know that I am responsible for my family as well, but still are refusing without any valid reason (e.g. stealing, revealing company’s secrets to the competition etc.).

    Where can I address this issue to the Ministry of Interior, as you advised in your article?

    Thank you very much for your time and would appreciate if I could get an advise from you.

    • Jessica P

      Hi Maria,

      I’m also in a similar situation as yours. I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant (ACA) & MBA in Finance, from India. I came to Qatar last year to work for one of their local Qatari conglomerates, as their Internal Auditor, primarily due to commitments towards my family. However, due to my idiotic & unprofessional manager and excessive dirty politics, i was abruptly terminated from my services after eight months. And the company did not give me the NOC either. They have also verbally promised, that on getting another offer in Qatar, they will give the NOC.

      Now in the process, i have lost out on many good offers since, due to non availability of NOC. I was not given time to find another job in Qatar, due to excessively unprofessional manager and equally pathetic HR. So i was forced to come back to India, in January 2015. But i’m sincerely on the lookout for good opportunities in Qatar, but since i dont have the NOC with me, employers are hesitant.

      I’m really in need of some good advice and help, also, if something has moved positively in your case, u can guide me too.


  110. shefeeque


    I have wrong gender in my employment visa, how i cam change it ? i have to cancel or i can change it here ?

    Please advice me.

    Thank You;

  111. Hussain

    I came to qatar on Busness visit visa on Aug 2014. I got a job offer and i switch my Business vist to work visa by giving NOC. I have done medical and fingerprint on Dec 2014 but RP was not stamped. I resigned my job due to personal circumstances and get exit from company in march 2015. my work permit was cancelled by my company. Do i have any ban for re entry before 2 years for issuing new business or work visa… pls advise

  112. Joanne

    i just wanna ask if its true that the MOI has approved another law about the transferring of visa like business, visit and family visa will not be issued a working visa even if there is an employer who will provide working visa.

    thank you. and appreciate if someone there will give me a response.

  113. Sudhish Babu G

    i am not return to qatar from my vaccation and my visa expired on 2nd feb 2014. i renewed my old passport, with the new pass port number it is possible to enter in qatar

  114. sarah

    Hi.. I have been working as a cleaner and teagirl as well in ministry of enviroment. I came from. Alshamel company. And pass to ministry. I completed my two years contact. Last November 2014 i filed resignation letter. Last February. 21st 2015. It was granted . now ive been staying. Here in Qatar jobless. And. I dont have. New resident. Permit .. It was expired. Last September. 2013 until now they didnt. Renew it. My manager told me to find new company because. He is willing. To give me release. Papers. As well the noc but he want that the new company will. Give me the paper for transferring the sponsorship. I tried one company. But they told me to give copy of my resident. Permit. After the checked. It was expired. And not renewed. They withdraw. My application. .. Now i want to know if their. Is a rules that the new company will covered the penalties. Of my resident. Permit and what can. I do to have new sponsor and work. Again here in qatar.. I already told my manager that i will go home but he want me to find new company to work in…i have doubt. That he will run away from. Their. Responsibility. And thier. Penalties. From. My resident. Permit. Please help me what to do and what to say to him about this all.


  115. Nas

    i have valid visa in Qatar, my contract period is 2 year, My question is if I get job outside qatar i want cancel my current employment or no? In case sponser not cancel my visa I have any option to apply my cancellation of visa from MOI?

  116. I have been in Qatar for 2 months now and I have obtained a better job offer can I change companies before I go for my finger print appointment?

  117. Ismail

    Hi, I came Qatar in business visit employement visa. Entered Qatar on 30 March 2015. This is visa valid for three months. As per agreement, company given return ticket before arriving to Qatar. Now the return ticket is cancelled by the company. Our hr requested me to pay 1000 Qr towards ticket. But actually ticket given to me is absolutely free from the company side. Now 2 years visa is take and the status is valid to use. My HR told me that if u are not willing to pay then put cancel and go home. Now actually I want to go home only. My qurie 1) will company pay this month salary. 2) will company provide me ticket. 3) My visa is valid to use till December 2015. Still my medical and fingering not done. Shall I come Qatar after December 2015 or after 2 years or life ban. 4) if in case company will not provide salary or ticket then how can travel home. 5) Who will help me to solve this issue. Pls reply as soon as possible.

  118. md tanweer alam

    assalam o aleikum sir,

    My Residency permit is renwed but my id card is not renew can you tell me what is the meaning tell me as soon as.
    thanks for help me…….

  119. md tanweer alam

    can you tell me my residency permit is renew but my id card is not renew what is the difference . please help me



  121. Jide

    I wanted to change my sponsorship to another company and my document was submitted to the immigration and after two days ,I checked with the immigration and I was told to go to CID because the old company was blocked. I have been going to CID for almost 3 weeks and Immigration, CID will said I should go to immigration that it has been open but immigration always say it is still blocked. Am tired of this what ca I do?

  122. Mohamed

    Dear sir/madam,

    My Rp was expirted. It is actually march 08. But still not renewed it. I have to go my country immediatly in this week due to my personal problem. But company is not renew Rp and not allow to go my country. I already completed my 2 year contract & accept to renew my id which was more than 04 or 05 months. So how can get help from moi and when i can travel from qatar. Please give me the best sloution for my problem.


  123. KUMAR

    I’M KUMAR, RECENTALY I JOIN A COMPANY recently , but company company position is not good, and i want left my nation left to qatar. till my medical had been done and finguring is not done, and my Visa Validity will be Expire as on 11 aug 2015 and my Contract is not done with company till Present, so can i go back our nation to take a Exit Permit or not. and what i will be do if the Sponsser not give me Exit Permit.

  124. Sir,I finished my contract this coming November and I want to come back here in I’m allowed to comeback here again within two months?

  125. Hy,

    My self Amrit (female) from India. I m working in Qatar.

    I have got my husband family visa under my (wife) sponsorship valid till Oct 2015.

    He is currently in India. i intend to bring him here on my sponsorship.

    I have doubt if he can work in Qatar under wife sponsorship as during my document submission to MOI they took letter from me that my husband will not work under my sponsorship.

    As per Hulomi Law 4 of 2009 , it is written that husband / wife cna work under family resident visa if employer ready to give NOC.

    I m confused that should i call my husband now on m visa or wait till he get permanent employment visa from the company.

    What is the procedure to be followed to overcome the clause MOI took from me for my husband not to work under my sponsorship, even if legal law allows the husband to work.

    If i pull him on my visa now in july 2015 then how long we have to wait for him to change his sponsorship from me to other company if any other company willing to give him employment visa?

    Can he exit or change his sponsorship within one or two month stay in Qatar without stamping the resident stamp ?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  126. Hi sir
    I am jack my question is , i have done canceralation to my company how long will i take before i return back to qatar

  127. Dear sir,

    I am working in qatar since Jan 2015,Now My wife came on visit visa and went far medical examination at Doha clinic but after 3 days when i check status on line it is saying reffer to Medical Commission. Sine now EID holidays are on and Medical commission is closed. Wife has to go back india due to some urgent issues, Now if She will go her existing visa will expire and can i get another visit visa for her upon arrival next time or there will be some issue as Medical not completed this time.

    Please advise.

  128. Marlon Abanador

    I have a family visit visa for my mother in law extended already for two months until Oct 1, 2015. I checked on my metrash account that another 30 days are given to extending. Since my brother in law who will assist her to travel on expiry date expected by Oct 31, 2015, is not available and we plan them to travel by Nov 2, 2015. My question is how much is the fine for two days expired visit visa? Is there’s a way/option to extend her visa for another seven days after the expiry this coming Oct 31, 2015?
    Please advise.

  129. Fahad

    I have my family visa . my family is under my sponsorship and some family members in family visit visa under my sponsorship .so if i terminated from my company or i cancel my employment visa and exit the country then still my family members can stay in qatar until the expiry date of their visa or their visa also will be cancel the same time . If you know anything about this please guide me

  130. Ferry Lancion

    Dear Sir

    Last 2012, I was under Father’s sponsorship but then cancelled because my Father died here in Doha, Qatar same year November 03, 2012 then came home in Philippines November 11, 2012. Almost 3 years now I just came back here in Doha, Qatar but under working visa then sunddenly two days after finger printing the company told me that I have problem because it’s shown that my former record here appeared and I already gave my Father’s death certificate issued here in Qatar to show in CID. Is there anyone who has the same problem like I’m having right now? What would the possibilities of this issue.

    Thank you and best regards

  131. Sani Moha

    Good day to you all. Please my issue is this: I came to Qatar as a student to study Arabic at QU. My RP was cancelled after my studies and I have since returned home. Authorities of the university do not give NOC to students under the Arabic programme. Is it possible for me to return to Qatar without any NOC from the university? Do I also have to return withing the six months period? Thank you

  132. Dr Mujeeb ur Rehman

    It is stated that, I applied in Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) for a vacant position in Medical resident training program. I completed Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (M.B.B.S) degree at the Foundation University Medical College (Islamabad) of Pakistan. I cleared National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) IFOM exam required for HMC. I was born in Qatar and looking forward to work over there. Moreover family is already living in Qatar for last 40 years. I applied to Hamad medical education department for residency training program. The did not shortlist me and rejected my file. With a reason that my visa is under company’s sponsorship. Though  I have a letter of No objection from my sponsor.  Till the completion of my education I was under my father’s sponsorship. Afterwards on the request of Qatar government I converted my sponsorship to my relatives company. Now Medical education department has informed me to reconvert my sponsorship to my father’s name. As they have selected those resident who are in there father’s sponsorship. So kindly help me and give solution of this issue. In spite of my continues request the immigration is not giving any heed to my genuine request. My carrier is on stake. I want to be a doctor in Qatar. I shall be very thankful to you.

  133. Hi, dear sir/madam good morning I needs your helps . My friend is working since 2012 in Qatar. Now he’s in emergency Vacation. He issued a new MRP passport as per nepalies government . When he is going vacation he transferred his visa to new passport. But in the new passport there isn’t any significant or any stamped and on the old passport have canceled stamp on the visa stiker….. He wants to came back Qatar but in Nepal airport needed visa stamps in new passport his visa expired on coming October 9 2015 what he have to do……. please suggest me as soon possible please………… Thanks for Read me sir/ madams. Dilip ( )

  134. arun


  135. The company agreed (offer letter) to change my designation and increase my wage after completion of 3 month probation period but the company failed to fulfil the commitment, Can I file a case against the company? Please advise me on this.

  136. Habib

    Dear sir,
    Assalamualikum,My Qatar id no is 27005001263,But i do not my visa how can i known my visa number???

  137. Karis

    Hi, i have concern. I didn’t renew my contract anymore with my current employer. I finished my 3year contract and now i will go back to my country this December. But i want to comeback again after few months bcoz there is a new job offer to me from different company.. Do i still need to get noc from my employer or no need?

  138. bob mathew

    what is the duration of re entry without a NOC

  139. beenu

    I had joined LNT This Aug in qatar .
    I had to come back home in India on an emergency leave .
    I informed my company, and with their kind permission , I came back on 10th Sept 2015.
    I asked them to get my visa done on 1st Oct as I wanted to rejoin them .

    However till date there is no proper response .
    Earlier they said that there are some visa issues .
    Then they said if I am interested to join some other location and so on it is going on .
    But till date I am not posted on any location .
    I have written several mails to them .
    Please advise what to do ??

    I am in complete distress

  140. Jem


    Good day.
    My friend is working here in Qatar way back July 2014- September 2014. Before he came here he had an engineer working visa which valid until November 23, 2014. August 2014 their HR forced them to have a medical and finger printing, the reason is to avoid any penalty as what the HR says. They don’t wan’t to have finger printing and medical because they know that the project in which they are working is nearly done, and they were not wrong it was finish September 2014 and they went home and step outside QATAR with a clear conscience, without any violation and without an RP ID. Now he decided to come back to Qatar and he applied for a visit visa but the problem is the immigration required an NOC from his previous employer even if it’s a visit visa and even if his application for his RP was already cancelled and expired last year, and it’s already 1 year and 1 month because the expiration was November 2014. Now we called his previous employer, and they said they will provide, in fact they asked the computer card of the travel agency who manage his visit visa and we provided them already, our problem is they still don’t give us the NOC in which we have been requesting for 3 months now, even if we already provide them all the documents they were asking from us. So what are we going to do about this matter, it seems like humiliation. I understand that we/workers all have human rights here in Qatar specially if we haven’t done anything wrong and the fact that they agreed to give us NOC but still they are hanging it. Is there any legal rights that you can suggest for this matter?, I hope you can help us.


    Dear Sir

    I joined to a company in Qatar by providing NOC, but they are delaying salary, every 3 months they will give salary by cash , I requested company to transfer my salary to my Bank account, so that i will be eligible for family visa. company regraded.

    This way it was so much difficult to leave in Qatar , I put my registration officially after my RP done in 5 months time.

    I requested company to provide NOC to join another company , till day they are telling stories , nothing came positively. Iam leaving Qatar with empty hands.

    Is there any higher authority who can provide force full NOC to join another company.

  142. Im currently working as an accountant fr the past one year. I hav no got a new offer and got noc from my currnt sponsor to transfer the sponsorship aswell. But my new company is saying that my visa is blocked in immigration and we need to clear it. I dont understand what it is. Please advise
    Thank tou

  143. Nawaz

    I was issued a QATAR Work Visa of 2 years, when I was in India on 1 March 2015. Visa expiry date written was 28 AUGUST 2015.


    Too much disrespectful attitude.

    Thinking HR manager of this company is so indecent, I dropped my idea of joining the company in Qatar.

    Now I have got a new job in Qatar again. they are very genuine. I want to join this company. I am afraid if old company has filed any legal suite against me or is there any problem I may face when I step In QATAR.

    please help

  144. Mathew

    I have been terminated by my company and asked to leave Qatar immediately, however I have my family under my sponsorship. My children are already in School and I need them to finish the term before I want to leave Qatar. I have been with the company for 7 years and know the notice period is two months. Can the company cancel my visa if though my family visa is still active? Can they force me to leave Qatar?

  145. Dona


    I am seeking assistance to anyone who can help me to solve my problem. I was in qatar for 3 months under business visa .. I started working in a one company but not yet transferred under their sponsorship..then i got a new job for the other company ..and get my noc to my sponsor.. And my new employer was about to transfer my visa to working visa. Upon processing of my documents in immigration the “mandoob” says that he cannot process because i am blocklisted.. As per immigration.. How can i check if i am really blocklisted ? Who is the right person to ask about these? What are the reasons to be blocklisted in qatar? Please help..

  146. radu

    Dear Sirs,

    I have the following situation. I’ve worked on the same company for 2 years, although my contract was never registered. Now my contract is expired and I submitted the letter for not continuing with the company any more (ID expired in 2 weeks). They are trying to postpone any feed back.
    For sure they will not give me the NOC (they never do). I want to come back under family visa or any other visa for work purpose.
    How is it possible? How long it takes? The company has to cancel my visa or not before I go?

    Thank you

  147. Abdulla

    Hello sir,
    I am in india now
    Iam working in qatar
    My visa my own residency visa
    I just go vacation
    5 month olready
    So I want to know how many days more I can stay in india ?

    Pls help me it’s my request

  148. Leo Jose

    I have a visa transfer approved by MOI from my wife sponsorship to company. But the visa was not stamped or a new RP done. Can I still re enter Qatar on a work visa with the transfer request. Pls confirm

  149. Prem


    In the case that an employer refuses to pay the gratuity and pending salaries, what is the legal action that can be taken?

    Would resorting to a legal measure mean that I cannot leave the country immediately?

  150. Ali

    It is mandatory to get leave out if husband and wife working in same company is there any rule in qatar labour law

  151. DAVID

    my fiance rom the philippines she signed up with a agency to go to Dubai an work now she does not want to go because i am ready to bring her to the us an mary her but they are telling her she has to go what can thet do if she does not go

  152. Fazal Ahmed


    I need to ask an idea on how to get an exit permit. The difficulty is that my computer card is expire and have no office. My sponsor’s authorization on computer card is blocked due to legal case against my sponsor by some other company.My sponsor is a very good Qatari man. He has no issues or has no objection issuing me an exit permit. It is just because his authorization signatures are blocked as of now due to a legal case. I opened computer card for 1 day but didn’t succeed. Please tell me the way on how to get it.

  153. Prakash Shanmugam

    Dear Friends,

    I am a Qatar Residence Permit Holder and working in Ras Laffan, recently I resigned my Job, April 31, 2016 is my last working date with my company. Consequently I have another job offer from new company in Qatar itself. However my company refused to provide the NOC. So, Can I eligible to work in Qatar through Business VISA (OR) Business cum Work VISA for new company.

  154. RGomez

    Hi, good day. Would like to seek your kind assistance regarding my visa which will going to expire on 9th April 2016 and I don’t want to renew/continue working in this company as I have to go back to my home country. I already inform the company and even submitted my resignation letter to my Manager last 29 February 2016 wherein I stated and requested to process my salary, gratuity and other necessary documents before the said date (9 Apr 2016). But when my Manager talked to me this morning, he’s not allowing me to leave and he didn’t process yet my papers. My questions are, what is my assurance that they will process such and until when I will wait since my visa is already expired. Is there any legal process to expedite my papers and gratuity? Please help me in this regards and looking forward to your prompt response. Thank you.

  155. Shifana

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    My friend got a business visa from Qatar. unfortunately his name and surname came in visa.. wasnot as per passport.
    Given name was correct, surname and father’s name came with one shifted exactly with another. because of this issue airways company denied his travel. How can do the change process? and how long will taken for it?

  156. Rukhsar Ramzan

    Hi there i was deported to qatar a month ago n i was cancelled by parents visa after how long can i go back to qatar in husbands sponser…
    waiting for positive reply

  157. Dear sir …..i joined in qatar 2 months ago if i want to quit the job how much i need to pay. Aproximate idea?

  158. Yasin

    My new employers are currently in the process of transferring my visa but before they do that they are waiting for the cid certificate from MOI.

    My QID will be expiring tomorrow and I have been asked to renew it, as need a valid QID for visa transfer.

    I have also been told that I have 90 days from the date of expiry to transfer visa even if the QID has expired. Will they accept a expired QID?

    Can anyone please advise?

    Thank you

  159. DandK


    I have a question.. So my partner applied for a job in Qatar here in the Philippines. But recently shed had some family issues and now she wants to cancel. The agency told her she can’t cancel anymore and is asking her to pay 50,000 pesos for the visa cancellation and plane ticket payment (although there is no ticket yet). Is this legal?

    Also if she does cancel without even stepping foot in qatar will she still be banned for 2 years? And will she still need an NOC to be able to enter qatar at a later date? Please help. Thank You.

  160. Ravikumar undarajavarapu

    Hai sir iam in work qatar house driver my visa complete next month july 23 iam go india but my sponser say you not go india you go india after then put your name block list sir please help me give me answered sir please please

  161. junaid

    Im worked in qatar I came to india in vacation and i dont go back to qatar again i check my visa status its showing visa is expire and transfer to resident can i go back to qatar again for new job without noc

  162. junaid


    Im worked in qatar I came to india in vacation and i dont go back to qatar again i check my visa status its showing visa is expire and transfer to resident can i go back to qatar again for new job without noc

  163. mohammed javid hassan

    Dear sir,
    I am here in qatar now as mechanical engineer but the company provided me driver visa can i change the profession before issuing the RP
    And also im not satisfied with job because they are not behaving well as per the offer, can I resign this job after finishing the medical and fingerprint but my RP is not issued
    Expecting for the helpful and favourable response

  164. Hussain

    My wife & daughter is under my personal sponsorship. They are going on vacation but my RP has just expired & will take time to renew. My question is can my wife & daughter having valid RP for 2 years travel specially when my RP has expired. Will they have any problem at airport immigration departure. Kindly reply urgently as my family is travelling next week.

    In my previous post my email address was wrong,so kindly treat this post as correct.

    Best regards

    Hussain Mohammed

  165. Bryan

    My fiancee worked in qatar last year.. her employer never gave her back qatar ID… Now we need it to get police clearance from qatar for U.S. visa. Any ideas what to do?? Can employer get in trouble for keeping ID??

    Any info would be great about ID…

    Thank you

  166. Kat Rob

    I received a 6-month visa from my 1st employer but unable to pursue the job. I have found an employer who offers far higher than the first one so I preferred the 2nd one. However, when I check my visa status, still the sponsorship is under the 1st employer. How will I be able to settle this issue of changing sponsorship? Is it me to settle or the hiring company?

    I haven’t stepped on Qatar yet. I also did not signed any contract with the 1st one. Please, I am humbly asking for your assistance regarding this. Thank you.



  168. John

    Hi to all…

    I have this situation..I have been issued with a work entry visa (Type: Work-Yearly Resident) from a company in Qatar even though I did not signed the job offer letter. I did not proceed in joining them because I backed out due to some pressing personal issues. I did not left my country and the visa is not stamped in my passport. The visa will expire next month.
    Now, there is a new company interested in recruiting me but they could not apply for my visa because I have still an existing visa from the previous company. They advised me that even if it expires, the visa still needs to be cancelled.
    My question is:
    How can I cancel this entry visa? Can the new company request directly to the immigration office in my behalf the cancellation of the entry visa issued by the previous company?
    What happens with the unused work entry visa when it expires? Does it automatically cancels since I did not used it in the first place?
    What happens with the issued work entry visa if the person did not enter Qatar? What does companies do if the issued work entry visa is not used?

  169. hello sir/madam
    my mom is an employee working in qatar since 13years in a henna designing parlour
    since 1 year she has come to know about the leave salaries and gratiety what they get for the entire working years.
    she has been paid a grateity but not with a correct calculation of the working years
    and i have heard that the employees who have completed 10years of their work gets some amount of payment from qatar government is that true
    we need your favor regarding this as soon as possible

  170. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to change my job from present company due to 6 months pending salary, it was understood that MOI blocked our VISA due to non payment for various VISA transactions, Fines etc with MOI. In this situation if i get VISA release or NOC will i able to move to other company with out any MOI issues.

    Please advise.



  171. Ahmed

    Hello Sir / madam,

    I am looking to change my sponsorship to other company who is ready to employ me. My current employer has no objections. Just need to ask you if I am able to transfer the sponsorship to other employer. Please be noted that my current employer’s CR and Computer Card is now expired. How it can be done?

    My new employer has all the valid documents like CR / Computer Card to employ me.

    Your kind reply shall be very helpful for me.

  172. Marie


    I have a question. I am locally hired in a new company. My sponsor was giving me an NOC last April 2016 so I can transfer to my new employer or company.They (new employer) applied the transfer of sponsorship last May 17, 2016 and until now the status is deferred. The new company has a lot of reasons and they telling me that they are waiting from the Ministry of Interior response. Then, for how many months waiting, I just came to know that they don’t have yet female visa. From the beginning they didn’t tell me that they don’t have female visa. And my current sponsor really got angry now and my current sponsor mandoub is bothering me and makes me scared that they will file a huroob reports against me. In fact, it’s not my fault. The new company still don’t mind about the issues. So, please help me of what will I do? To whom or to which government agency I can ask an assistance. I am so tense because how many months now after they filing the said documents at MOI until now they don’t have clear answer to me. And I am so worried too because my passport already expired last July 12, 2016 and it is in the hand of my current sponsor. They will not give to me until my change sponsorship will not be approved…even I told them i will make it to renew in our embassy. Please need your advice and MOI officials & personalities please help me.

  173. If my contract expires on 14 February 2017 . I plan to resign on the exact date. How long can I stay a after resigning in case I want to look for another job then exit and return because my company doesn’t give the NOC.

  174. RINSHAD P.E

    Hi, i bought work visa from outside company, and in my visa the profession is Accountant,
    So actually iam not complete the degree, So can i change my visa status to any other profession, I didnt stamp my visa upto now.

    Kindly waiting for the reply


  175. Sai

    Hi.. I have a query.. I m under husband sponsorship and my husbands RP is expiring next month. He already resigned and have left the country. I m working here and my RP is expiring in Feb 2017 and I have a valid labor card till next year. If my husbands RP is not renewed next month am I allowed to stay here and work till my RP is valid or even I need to exit before his RP expires. His visa is still not cancelled and is valid. Please advise.

  176. Hello,
    I am Salim Akhtar Siddiqui from India I worked in Qatar for 2 years 6months as my sponsor has cancelled my visa and sent me back to my country and she is not giving NOC.
    So I just want to know that after how many days I get back to Qatar for job purpose….

  177. Kosala

    Hi,I’m having working visa for two years contract I would like to know whthr I need a return ticket to qatar If I’m going back to my country in vacation. Will the airport request me a return ticket to show indeed.

  178. Lynne Ngure

    Please help.
    For how long should one stay after 3 months visa validity expires?What are the fines if any and how soon should one renew his/her visa?
    Thank you.

  179. Dyoan

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    I’m currently working as a nurse in a private clinic here in Qatar. I did not renew/sign another contract and I’ll be leaving/exiting qatar on Feb. 01,2017. My residency/ pataka was expired already this December 3, 2016. My company said no need for renewal/extension for there is 3months grace period. Is that true? Will there be no problem in the immigration? Can I leave qatar with expired pataka?
    Please help. I’m a bit worried.thanks

  180. mark

    I was provided an engineers visa from a well known Company,
    I intend to decline it as Im currently at KSA.
    What will be the implications and my case?

    Thank You

  181. A.Q

    Dear Sir/ Mam,
    I’m Estimation Engineer last 6 month I will come Qatar. My sponsor push me about more work and in one salary I will doing now 5 job like ( Estimation, Design, Deal with client, Purchase Material & working site as a Technician) this month I give Resignation latter to my manager but he said if you not continue with me I make lie police complaint about you and I tell to police are you thief you take my 20,000 Riyal in my office . I didn’t understand what I will do please give me any salution. I need left Qatar as soon as possible.

  182. Jun

    Hi Sir,

    Is it possible to transfer company even if your still 5months in your current company? They will give an NOC. But is there a rule that says I have to be at least 6months in the company in order for me to transfer to other company?

    Note: This is my second company. I got an NOC from my previous company which I worked for almost 2years.

  183. Ana

    Hello I am almost 12 years in my company but I signed a new contract with them last December 2015. This time my sponsor in no longer existing, can I transfer into new job and new company without asking an noc from them?

  184. Cristine

    Hi hope everyone is well..I just want to know if their is any problem to get a working visa in qatar after I left under my husband sponsorship before. He give me an NOC but it’s already one year husband and I are not together any more his in UK and I’m in new Zealand and I want to go back in qatar…do I need to get an NOC from my husband again? It is very confusing for me please I need some of your good advise..thanks!

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