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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Healing With Music

Healing With Music

It was music that brought them together, and it was music that kept them together even through the darkest hours of their lives….


Teacher and musician, Bonnie Johnson-Williams and his wife Brenda, also a singer, share an immense love and passion for music. In fact, it was music that played cupid and brought the couple together. Even in 2007, when he won a scholarship to do his Masters in Music Education at the Royal Academy of Music in Scotland, their relationship stood the test of time. A year ago, the couple, along with their three children—six-year-old Francesca, and three-year-old twins Amarachi and Ben – moved to Qatar. On 1 April, 2013, their life tragically unraveled. Amarachi drowned in the swimming pool.

Bonnie and Brenda share life-lessons and speak candidly about how melodies are helping mend their hearts and how their love for music has impacted a life-altering experience, that instead of tearing their family apart, has helped unite them on the road to healing.

There are 25-30 near-drowning and drowning patients who get admitted every year to Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar. From these, 80% are children who were without adult supervision at the time of drowning.
Medics say that when a child drowns it is not a noisy event. Their head simply slips under and in no time you find a floating lifeless body. The best way to keep a child safe in the water is close, constant and capable adult supervision.


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