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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Born this way

Fadi Sulaiman

Born: July 27, 1990

Profession: Sales & Marketing Executive

Nationality: Syrian

In Qatar since: Birth

Annual residence permit renewal: January

Earliest Memory of Qatar: Playing with my sister in the yard, she kept following me, while I just wanted to get away
Those other places… People in other countries start working earlier in life than they do here and become financially independent at an earlier age. I have friends here who are even older than me, and they’re still getting an allowance from their parents.
The thing I’d missed the most about Qatar: I missed living at home with my parents and not having to think about the responsibilities that I had while I was away.
What must change here, now: It would be nice if we could all have more affordable places to go to, get to easily, and do something fun. Also, I wish the government would develop the other cities and towns in Qatar, which would hopefully reduce traffic in Doha.
Home is… a place you feel that you belong in and prosper and grow into while learning from your experiences.

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