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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Born this way

Asma Ahmed

Born: April 21, 1985

Profession: Freelance Make-up Artist

Nationality: Indian

In Qatar since: I was 2 months old

Annual residence permit renewal: March

Earliest Qatar Memory: Huge grounds where my siblings and I would play with our friends; longer routes were nice because there was not much traffic; watching Sesame Street and Art Attack, which were my favourite shows on QTV; shopping at Souq Nabina; visiting Aladdin’s Kingdom and Palm Tree Island; listening to Fauzia Rahman on QBS radio; Corniche every weekend and the Doha beach.

When I went away from Qatar, I was surprised by…: Life is very busy in Mumbai, not calm and luxurious like Doha, you have to struggle each day and I feel Doha is much safer.

When I went away what I missed most: Lazy Fridays, enjoying karak chai with friends, shawarmas, shisha and Ramadan celebrations

What must change…: Definitely the traffic, more greenery around, more fun events, sales and business opportunities for expats

What do you wish would never change: It’s hard to say as Qatar is changing and growing with the times, but to pick one, those would definitely be taxes! I hope we are never required to pay those.

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