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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Born this way

Alaa Mohamad Ali

Born: September 29, 1990

Profession: Project Executive

Nationality: Lebanese by passport, Turkish and Syrian by blood

In Qatar since: One month old

Annual residence permit renewal: December

Earliest Qatar Memory: My most vivid memory is the shooting of the cannon in Ramadan 1994. I was 4 years old, and the Canon was at the old Post office location by the Corniche. After that day, every time I would watch it on TV I would understand the association of the cannon and my family breaking their fast. It was such a strange yet exciting feeling.

Those other places: Its traumatising to see how traffic signals were so easily crossed and how cars had no specific lane. The traffic was a complete mess. One thing I love about Qatar is the streets. It is so easy to drive here, and the distances are not as long as in Lebanon because of the fast traffic flow. Although at times in rush hour, traffic here gets congested, but its rush hour every hour at Lebanon!

The thing I’d missed most about Qatar: I missed how Qatar’s culture brought family together. On most occasions, and in most events, it almost always revolves around family. Going away to study in Lebanon, I felt very independent and reliant on myself. I missed the cosiness of this country that made almost all outings family friendly.

What must change here, now: The difficulty to travel from one place to another without a car. Without a car, plans would be impossible. The streets do not encourage walking, and public transportation systems are extremely limited.

What do you wish would never change: Nothing! I love all the changes and developments in Qatar so far. Qatar has been progressing very quickly and becoming more modern every year.

Home is: Where my family and car is.

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