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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Born this way

Abdul Rabb Fazal

Born: September 22, 1977

Profession: Self-employed contractor

Nationality: Pakistani

In Qatar since: Birth

Annual residence permit renewal: August

Earliest Qatar Memory: Going to Corniche early in the morning when it was still just a beach; visiting Al Khor garden; orange and white taxis ; watching my favourite cartoons on Channel 37 or Iftah Ya Sim Sim on the Arabic Channel.
Those other places… Even the villages are crowded. There’s greenery everywhere. I realised there are actually more than two season. But no one stops to help you out if you are stranded (here, almost everyone does).
The thing I’d missed most about Qatar: My home and Ramadan. No other place is like Qatar during Ramadan.
What must change here, now: More entertainment and theme parks needed; enough malls already. Discrimination in all its aspects.
Home is… Where I can leave my door open at night and still sleep peacefully knowing that people I love are safe. Where I can never get lost. Where my family and friends are just a call away if I need them.

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