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JustHere | January 15, 2018

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10 things you should know about being employed in Qatar

10 things you should know about being employed in Qatar

Whether you are exploring career opportunities in Qatar or already working here, you must be aware of your rights and duties as an employee.

Here are some essential points compiled from the Qatar Labour Law, Ministry of Interior directives and tips from HR professionals:
1. Before signing an employment contract
Make sure you’ve understood it completely. Contracts submitted to the labour ministry are bi-lingual. Ensure you’ve checked both parts of it. According to the Qatar Labour Law, the following articles must be clearly specified on a contract:

  • Name of employer, place of work
  • Name, qualifications, nationality, profession and residence of the worker and the proof necessary for his identification
  • Date of conclusion of the contract
  • Nature and type of work and place of contracting
  • Date of commencement of work
  • Period of the contract if it is of a definite duration
  • The agreed wage and the method and date of the payment

It’s the employer’s responsibility to take care of your visa expenses.

In addition, also read through and clarify any additional clauses that the employer may have added to the contract.
Now would be a good time, before signing the employment contract, to request for a clause that would allow you to change sponsors in future. But, be aware that not all companies have this policy.

2. Overtime dues
The Qatar Labour Law specifies that if an employer requires workers to work above the regular working hours per day, then this should not exceed 10 hours unless the work is necessary to prevent gross loss or dangerous accident or for repair/alleviation of the consequences of said loss/accident.
The compensation should not be less than the basic wage plus not less than 25% thereof.

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If an employee feels their rights have been violated, they may appeal to the Ministry of Labor (MOL) by calling  44406406 or can learn more about how to file a labour complaint on its website.

Some law firms that take up labour disputes in Qatar are:

Arab Law Bureau  4483 0202
Clyde & Co.  4496 7434
Eversheds  4496 7396
Law Offices of Gebran Majdalany  4442 8899
Patton Boggs LLP  4453 2500
Sultan Al Abdulla & Partners  4442 0660

3. Mandatory benefits
An employer is required to provide the following benefits to an employee: basic salary, accommodation or accommodation allowance, annual round-trip ticket to home country, transportation allowance and the following leaves:

  • Annual leave: After one continuous year in service you are entitled to an annual paid leave period of:
    • At least three weeks if his service is less than five years
    • At least four weeks, if his service is more than five years
  • Sick leave: You are also entitled to paid sick leave. This can be availed only after completing three months in service, and a medical certificate needs to be submitted. You are due full wage if the sick leave does not exceed two weeks.
  • Others: Apart from annual leave, these are other vacation days due to you:
    • 3 working days each for Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha
    • 1 working day for the Independence Day.
    • 1 working day for National Sports Day.
    • 3 working days as specified by the employer.
  • Pilgrimage leave: Muslim employees are entitled to a pilgrimage leave without pay for a maximum of two weeks once during the period of employment.

4. Gender equality
Male and female employees are required to be treated fairly and equally. There must be no discrimination in terms of their responsibilities at work or the benefits they receive.
 The only exceptions to this are the following benefits that are specified by law to women:

  • Maternity leave: Female employees can avail of this after the completion of one year of service. This maternity leave is for 50 days on full pay. It should include the period before and after the delivery provided that the period following the delivery shall not be less than 35 days.
  • Nursing period: In the year following her delivery, female employees can take an additional hour-long break during the day to nurse children. This will be included in the working hours and no wages should be deducted for this.
  • Female employees should also not be terminated from employment due to marriage or pregnancy. Though Qatar Airways was found violating this, according to recent reports.

5. End of service benefits
All employees who have completed more than one year of employment at an organisation are entitled to end of service benefits. This amount is equivalent to a 3-week wage computed on the last basic salary for every year of service completed.
This sum is due to the employee within 7 days of his last working day with the organisation.

6. Health insurance
As there is no law that mandates provision of health insurance to employees, many organisations do not provide this benefit. This is also because all residents of Qatar can avail of the government-provided health insurance service at Hamad Medical Corporation and the quality of healthcare usually tends to be better than private healthcare.
This is set to change when the national health insurance plan launched this year begins coverage of expatriates.

7. End of employment
The employer has the right to revoke sponsorship of the employee on resignation or termination or end of contract. As per law, the employer must also bear the expenses of returning the employee to his country and the employee must leave the country within seven days of being issued the exit permit. If this 7-day duration is exceeded, the employer has the right to report this violation to the police or immigration authorities.

8. Business Visa
Often employers (and employees) prefer to test the waters by bringing in staff on a business visa, before opting for a permanent work visa.
Business visas are issued to select companies. This visa is issued for a month and can be extended for two more months. You will have to exit the entry after this, and re-enter on a fresh visa.
You cannot change employment during the duration of your visa, but can reenter on another company’s business visa, provided they are on the approved list.

9. Sponsorship Change
If you wish to remain in Qatar but change employers locally, then your current sponsor must issue a ‘no objection certificate’.
You also must have stayed in Qatar for two years, before requesting sponsorship change.

10. Sponsorship Change before stamping RP
You can change your sponsorship before your residence permit is stamped, provided “the sponsored person shall not exceed legal grace period of 3 months starting from the date of entry to the country.”
The new sponsor needs the approval from “concerned authority for the recruitment from same nationality and profession.”

Disclaimer: All due diligence has been carried out in compiling this article. However, if you find any discrepancies, please email us at

We address various aspects of Working in Qatar in this series, including finance, laws, HR development. Write to us if there is a particular subject you are interested in and would like to read about.

For any labour-related queries, read our new column by advocate Ghada M Darwish who provides legal clarification on oft-asked questions.


  1. Shaik Mabu Subhani

    Very useful meassage

    • I have a question on Gratuity, along is my friend who worked for 5 years in al dana saloon, because of some employees jealousy, she was forced to transfer her sponsorship to another sponsor,does she is entitled a gratuity from Al Dana saloon? for her 5 years and she never went home to Philippines because the sponsor did not give her vacation for 5 it allowed? can she get her gratuity and ticket for 5 years she never went vacation. pls help us with this .

      Also my second is can we complain to authorities regarding this working visa we bought from QATAR UNITED TRAVELS ?they are selling working visa for 10,00 riyals ,15,000 riyals, and my cousin got one visa from them, and he wants to renew but QATAR UNITED TRAVEL kept promising to renew but till now still not renew ,they made so many excuses, they didn’t do, the ID is expired already, my cousin bought that visa because he so desperate to work here in Qatar but the company no visa for him, so we bought from QATAR UNITED TRAVELS since they are selling the visa. pls help.

    • jobert

      if we stayed in the company for more than 10 years can we still get the end service benefits? because in the present company where i work we are entitled for end service benefits only within 10 years of employment.thank you…

    • hi,i worked in qatar for 2yrs half and my employer cancel my visa when i get back home here in the phil.without NOC,is it true that after 2yrs before i can come back there and do you think i can go back thru business visa or tourist visa….thanks

    • Sly

      My employer claims that the Qatar law states that during 3 months of probation, only half of the monthly wage would be given to me. I have friends who work here in Qatar and they said that doesnt happen at their companies. Its never like that in UAE where i came from but as i’m new to Qatar, I’m just baffled on how to find out if this is true or not

      • Rajeewa de silva

        Hi. I’m working in Qatar since 2011 for very famous company. According to our company rule for the resignation we have to submit one month notice period. I have given my resignation on April 18 2015. The end of service was May 2015. But my company extended my last resign as 15th July 2015. So I had to agreed with them coz otherwise they will block my three & half year gratuity. This is what they do all these time for our employees who left this organization. So since July 15 up to now I’m staying in the room waiting for there reply of benefits information. Please give some advice. Contact me through my email.

    • isha


      I am sorry maybe not the right place to ask this, but i was not able to find other forums,, i have a qatar visa expiring next month but my 6 months is alrdy over and i am not a student and over the age of 18.. what would my current visa status be? where can i check this when im not in qatar… my visa is under my dads sponsorship..

    • ashok

      Please help . i have come to Qatar on business visiting visa on 18th oct and joined a company in sales on november 6th . there is a probation period of months. My company terminated me on 15th april 2014 not satisfied with my performance. So they ask to leave the country.
      but in return they are going cut the costs of Driving school which they spend on me. but if they terminate me why i need to pay the fees. as it not mentioned in the contract on anywhere else. I want a noc as well to join another company ,please help. email or what app 77627593
      or comment here
      if they give noc i will join another company after one year finish with the present employer.

    • Sanju Khanal

      I work in security company. I work everyday 12 hrs but my my company provide me only 1130 riyal. is this salary is ok about qatar law..

    • Daniel


      I’ve been working in Qatar six months. I’m from Ireland and hold I British passport. I got offered a new job in Doha which I want to take but my current employers won’t supply me with an NOC.

      Is it possible I leave the country now (get my visa cancelled) and return on a different passport (Irish) and take the new job then?


      • mary

        Hi Daniel,
        I have a similar problem. Did you resolve this issue?

    • manoj singh mahara

      Thank you for this information.
      I have 1 qns- I completed my 2yr contract (02/april/2012- 30/march/2014),than again signed 1yr contract(01/april/2014-30/march/2015) and left my company within 2 months(30/june/2014). So can i enter in Qatar again after 1yr for job.
      Please help me out

    • nideesh

      One of my friend died in qatar as normal death at the age of 35.there is any possibility for insurance claim???kindly help……

    • Prageesh

      Dear sir, I am working in a private company since last 2.5 years..I would like to know that, If I got a offer from government establishment, Is it possible to get NOC from my company..? What are the proceedures.? Please advise.
      Thanks in advance.

    • Hello everyone

      Can u let Me know plz

      I come exit from Qatar

      In this month so I can go back

      January 2016

      Rplz reply me rR

      • afzal m ansari

        HII ALL




    • Ars

      Who told you salary will be in INR? Work should not exceed 8 hours and not 10 hours.why you mis guide people?

    • Hi I’m my contract is finish already last December 23 2016 but until now my sponsor didn’t book ticket for me. He said also that I still need to work as a babysitter for a month but my visa here in qatar is a Waitress. What will I do?

    • hello. i have one question about noc. if my current employer is not releasing any noc even i finish my contract for 2 years. what is my other option to transfer to new company?

  2. Richard

    Clarification re sponsorship change; if sponsor grants noc and and the employee has been more than 2 yrs in the company, is that really possible? Coz my understanding was you have to leave the country for 2 yrs then you can reapply. Isn’t it?

    • JustHere Qatar

      Hello Richard,
      If you have completed 2 years, and have an NOC, then you can change sponsorships.
      Please refer to this link:
      Good luck!
      Team JH

      • shibu bhadran

        sir.i’m a driver in a readymix compam[ny. now finished 3 years here.already finish my id on15th oct.and the company compelled to continue here and not send please.we are now driving mixer truck

  3. sheila pascual

    hi i worked in qatar for 3 years and been terminated recently do you think i can go back to thru business visa … thanks

    • JustHere Qatar

      Hi Sheila,
      You can, provided your previous employer hasn’t placed a ban on you.
      You can contact one of the law offices we have listed for further clarifications.
      Team JH.

    • it depend if you are not blacklisted then you can come with b-visa

  4. kristin

    Hi! please i need your help.. can you help me find the provision in the Labor law which states annual round-trip ticket to home country as a mandatory benefit?

  5. Purl Joyz

    Hi. It is stated in our contract ‘no work, no pay’ which means that during holidays if we don’t work we won’t get paid. And if we go to work, we’ll get only regular pay (not overtime). Can we contest that statement even if we have already signed the contract?

  6. Karen

    This is only applicable to those working in government/ semi-government companies.

  7. Peter Pasion

    Team JH,

    What if I completed more than 2 years in Qatar and have asked my current employer for an NOC but they refused to give? Any chance for employee to change sponsorship?



  8. Madel

    In my case, I’m a husband sponsor but my company submitted my document to Ministry of Labor and they issued me a Labor Card. My question is this: “Does the company has the right not to give me an NOC if I will resigned or does it requires an NOC in order to get a new employer?” Please advise. Thanks!

  9. jorel

    Hi, if my current company cannot or wont provide any NOC, is there still a way to have a NOC?


    just for confirmation: I am working in Company through the visa or sponsorship of another company wherein I have a contract that I am being sub-contracted by them. In my contract it is stated that NOC must be given upon my request. Can my company where I am working refuse to give me NOC through my sponsor eventhough it is stated in my contract?

    Many Thanks

  11. EJIE


  12. Pet ramos

    My current company not give me salaries for 6 months,I pay my own rent for my room,transportation to site office ,foods and most of all How can I provide my families in my home country specially in school.Can you please help me in this matter.Thank you

  13. bond

    My previous company is not really good.they converted all the overtime hrs.into a rest day.Diplomatic Club how dare you!!!!!

  14. Alvin

    Hi, last time I’ll resigned 3 months before the end of my two year contract? Is there any change to have one year gratuity? As per the labor laws regulation? My previous company said I don’t finished my two year contacts that’s why I can’t get the this Legal or violation?

  15. Mhartz-28

    I just want to ask the following question:

    1. As mentioned on the Qatar Labour law, it was stated that employer is obliged to pay the employee an annual leave of at least three weeks if he/she is working for less than 5 years and at least for weeks if he/she is working for more than 5 years. My question is “How do you count the three or four weeks? Is it a calendar day or a working day?”. Please clarify.
    2. I was given NOC from my previous employer and now working for a different sponsor. If for example I recieved a new job offer after one year of working to my new sponsor, is the new sponsor has the right not to give NOC to me although he was not my original sponsor?

    I hope you could help me regarding this matter.

  16. Syed

    I worked in one company in qatar company called ANVIN QATAR W.L.L they have not pay my 5 months salary and they have not even given my visa which i transfer from another company now i am in dubai i got a job but can any one tell me how should i recollect the money back

  17. cookie

    “As per law, the employer must also bear the expenses of returning the employee to his country and the employee must leave the country within seven days of being issued the exit permit.”

    Hi, on the above statement. Where can I find this in the labour law? under what section? I am resigning from my employer this december and would like to know if I should pay for my ticket going home or them. Since they said they will also not pay ticket for annual leave unless you are already two years in the company.

  18. Rodelio Abrero

    Is it legal to impose a plane ticket budget for expats. Shall i say your the excess amount will be paid by the employee deducting the ticket budget.

    ticket budget : 2500
    ticket amount : 3000

    amount to be paid by employee is 300.


  19. nora

    hi!. just want to know if you are residence or family visa or houseban visa and you want to change your visa for company visa it is posible? and do i have to exit for how many days or month? or what i need to complete my papers to transfer company? thank you and hoping for kindly answer>

  20. marvin

    I was transferred here in my new company coz i have noc and having near my 4th year question is can i demand an noc from my previous employer to shift anothet company.pls help.

  21. raisy

    If the employer will not to give NOC,who will force them to release NOC? because employee don’t have enough power to force the employer to release NOC.
    Is the government the one to force the employer to release NOC or the government will not stand in between employee and employer?So if the government can not do,the NOC law is useless because several of the companies in Qatar did not follow the Law.

  22. ochoink

    Regarding the re-sponsorship. My employer does not issue “NOC” as for my knowledge. We needed to be out of Qatar for 2 years b4 we can come back and be employed for another employer. Does our/my employer do abide the law? Is there any step we can do to make them do good?

  23. Anwar change,I’ve been working now in my company over 2 years and I want to change sponsor.what if my company will not allow to issue me an NOC. Is it a mandatory?

  24. Arthur C

    Good day! I am locally hired and been in my company for more than 4 years . And now i have decided to resign and go back to philippines .what if i would still want to come back but my company is not giving NOC? Do i need to wait for 2 yrs again to enter doha?

  25. JustHere Qatar

    Thank you all for your queries and comments. We will be compiling these and speaking to a few lawyers, and try and seek answers.
    Team JH

    • Philip

      Thank you!

      This site helps a lot 😀

  26. Jude Polido

    Hi ! I worked in Qatar for more than 4 yrs. My Visa expired on the 15th of May, but I send a resignation letter to the company 1st week of March to follow the procedure that the company should be informed 1 month before leaving the company and went home. I didn’t received any compensation/benefits from the company equivalent to the said benefits as mentioned in Qatar Labor Law. I even bought my own ticket to went home since my company was keep on promising me and nothing happened. In short, I didn’t received any single riyal benefits from my company and I was the one bought my ticket home.

    Thanks a lot.

    I need your advice…

  27. Incredible points. Great arguments. Keep up the amazing work.

  28. Respected Madam,

    I recently joined Doha Bank Qatar in August 2013. Before signing contract bank not guide me about the visa policies of family residence visa. After signing contract and joined the bank i come to know that i am not eligible to get family residence visa because my salary is less then 10000 Riyals. I am appointed at around 8500 salary. I resigned from my job and exit from the country. Bank miss-commit on my appointment. I request them to accommodate me. But there is no cooperation. IF i want to launch a complain against them. What will be the procedure.

  29. Khalid

    Is it also applicable in government agencies?

  30. Francis

    Hi. I just want to ask if there is still a possibility to claim my unpaid salary, leave salary, and ESB if my sponsor had asked me not to go back to Qatar and extend my vacation indefinitely? I’ve transferred to another country already and still thinking on how to claim what is due for me.

  31. tariq ibrahim

    This is Tariq Ibrahi. you give me very short answer of my query. I can’t understand. please give detail. thanks.

  32. jeffrey

    is the NOC issuance is sponsor / employer right only? how am i entitled to get NOC? most of the company is not giving NOC if they have incoming projects or if they have place / slot on another project for them to transfer an employee. i am working on my company for almost three years.

  33. ecarg

    my question is, what do you mean local hire? because in my situation is i was hired here in qatar i came here thru business visa, now that i submitted my resignation they refuse to give me NOC as per my understanding I am locally hired because i was hired here in qatar. am i right or wrong? can i oblige them to give me NOC?

  34. Philip

    Hello Sir!

    I decided to leave out company accommodation and I am staying now with my sister. I’ve tried to demand to have it, but they’ve said… Accommodation & Transpo allowance is only for married employee.

    Is this true?
    Can I pursue to demand accommodation & Transpo Allowance?

    Thank you! and More Power!

  35. sujith

    My work permit was expired on 28th September 2013.My company didn’t renew it.So how many days can stay in Qatar without work permit.How can I avoid the police arrest.

    • sujith

      Where i can see the answer of my question?

  36. Nada

    My husband has been working in Qatar for 11 years and for the same company. Because they are closing down and because of verbal and physical abuse on their part, He submitted his resignation. We need your input on these issues:
    1- Is his gratuity calculated from 2005 only (because that’s when the law was reinstated), or since his employment in 2003?
    2- Can they refuse to give him an NOC?
    3- If they refuse to give him an NOC, what can he do to object and get an NOC?

    Thank you for all that you are doing to help all the workers in Qatar.


    Can Someone Tell me that this computation is CORRECT or WRONG, and in what grounds if WRONG? Please provide me a proof. Thanks

    Name : Anonymous
    Profession : DCC Clerk
    Salary Rate : 1,500 QAR

    Date of Commencement : 10.12.2007
    Date of Termination : 14.11.2013
    Working Days : 2167

    Salaries & Wages : 600 QAR
    Salaries & Wages : 100 QAR
    Feast Holiday : 0 QAR
    Weekday Overtime : 0 QAR
    Friday Overtime : 0 QAR
    Feast Holiday Overtime : 0 QAR
    Leaving Indemnity : 6,324 QAR
    Advance Notice : 0 QAR
    Leave With Pay : 1,650 QAR
    Food Allowance : 0 QAR
    Bonuses : 0 QAR

    Amount Due : 8,584 QAR
    Advance Deduction : 0 QAR
    Ticket Deduction : 0 QAR
    Net Amount Due : 8,584 QAR

  38. respected sir,

    recently i got job in qatar army. my medical and finger is finish. 8months finish till my file is not came. do u tell me how long it will take. for joining

  39. Danny

    Is it legal that the previous month unpaid overtime can be converted by the company into an offset of holidays even it is not on the contract and without any consultation or agreement with the employees? Please advise.

  40. Yanni

    I just want to ask. If you filed a case against someone here in qatar and you wanted to have your vacation in your county. Would it affect your vacation?

  41. hey plz abdulrasool can u tell me how can i join an army forces my email is

  42. Wendy

    Hi Sirs/Madam,

    Could anyone help me if how you would know if your visa is non-transferable or transferable?

    In case of non-transferable visa, is there a chance that you could apply another company in Doha even if you have NOC?

    Appreciate your kind and positive response.

  43. yalla

    I think the article left out one very important factor. Under the rules of KAFALA, every foreign employee must get permission from their Qatari sponsor before being allowed to leave Qatar, for any reason.

    This rule can easily be used by a corrupt employer to blackmail you…Can you accept the risk of being trapped indefinitely in Qatar as in the case of French footballer Zahir Belounis (to name only one)?

    I urge every expat to consider this before taking up employment in Qatar.


    Can Someone Tell me that this computation is CORRECT or WRONG, and in what grounds if WRONG? Please provide me a proof. Thanks

    Name : Anonymous
    Profession : DCC Clerk
    Salary Rate : 1,500 QAR

    Date of Commencement : 10.12.2007
    Date of Termination : 14.11.2013
    Working Days : 2167

    Salaries & Wages : 600 QAR
    Salaries & Wages : 100 QAR
    Feast Holiday : 0 QAR
    Weekday Overtime : 0 QAR
    Friday Overtime : 0 QAR
    Feast Holiday Overtime : 0 QAR
    Leaving Indemnity : 6,324 QAR
    Advance Notice : 0 QAR
    Leave With Pay : 1,650 QAR
    Food Allowance : 0 QAR
    Bonuses : 0 QAR

    Amount Due : 8,584 QAR
    Advance Deduction : 0 QAR
    Ticket Deduction : 0 QAR
    Net Amount Due : 8,584 QAR

    I Need someones feedback / comments:

  45. I am her on Husband Sponsorship sisnce three years, I am working with a company and I have work permit from labor department without changing the Sponsorship.
    Now I want to change the comapny and sponsorship also.
    Could you please assist me in this matter.

  46. Bidur

    I am working in a company. I am getting 3 months basic salary in completing of every 2 years i.e. 2 yrs contract as a settlement. Again I am getting some amount yearly as a bonus.But as the name of gratuity, I don’t get from the company. My question is: If I ask for the gratuity, the company is compelled to pay or not?

  47. hi
    i just want to ask if i really need to pay to my company because i resigned this december 2013. im just 11 months in my company.and they want me to pay for the one month left before i get one year in my job wich i didnt finish.

  48. sheem

    i came to qatar just 2 months ago with a sponsor that sponsor gave me a no objection letter then i have just joined a another company.still i have not taken the finger print or medical but company changed my visa as under company for 3 can i go to another company?please advice me.

    • assirren

      Hi Sheem! I think we both have the same situation. can you give me some updates what happened about it?
      I am also a local hired. I was under a family Visit visa before i enter a company. My Visa was transferred to working visa under the new company but i didn’t do the medical, fingerprint and no contract signed yet, no RP stamped to my passport. After 1 month, I decided to resign because of valid reasons which my employer understood. They promised to give me NOC provided that I can find another job within 3 mnonths since i didn’t have the RP yet and that’s the grace period in my visa. My question is, will it be hard for me to find a job in my case?

      Thanks and I appreciate anyone who will give a reply..

  49. anonymous

    I was locally appointed in one of the largest private company in Qatar in 2011 as Mechanical Engineer. Recently I have been transferred to different location and asked to work in Sales Department, which is not at all my field of interest nor experience. What to do when Management is forcing me gently to accept this responsibility? There is no paper work given by the company to change my job profile or location.

  50. dhaval

    how many time bussiness visa can be extended???
    means my company hire me on bussiness visa…first it was for 1 month then they extended for two month and now once again they extended it for 1 month…i m still in qatar only…so now i want to know how many numbers of time the bussiness visa can be extended???

  51. Mariam

    Hello. I was wondering if there are anti-discrimination laws against landlords refusing housing to certain nationalities. Thanks.


  53. nicholas

    I have come on a Work Visa with one company but due to the untimely salary and other conditions, like to switch over to another company. Residence Permit not processed so far( Medical and Finger not over) Its 40 days since i have landed in Doha. What are the formalities that will be involved if i have to change to new company?

  54. KK

    Hi, may I know what should I do if my employer filed a case against me which is I tried to demand for NOC after I stop working with them. I am still under probation but quit immediately because they don’t provide my benefits that is written in the contract.Now I am curious if should I pay them because of the unfinished 2 year contract? Please any further info. Thank you..


    Hi, I leave qatar in my previous employer last march 6 2012, and this current employer wants me to be there as soon as possible but i don’t have a NOC, since my banned will be cleared on march 2014. What do you think? they can process my working visa???

  56. M A Murad Hossain


  57. HI,





  58. waiter

    Hi good day.
    I have been working for the span of 6 months in Qatar.
    I am working as a restaurant waiter.
    In my offer letter it stated that I am to work 48 hours a week and I am entitled to 1 day off a week. But somehow these terms are violated. I am working 84 hours a week and if I take a day off that would be cut from my salary. And I still don’t have my PATAKA and still haven’t had my medical. And the work is just too much.
    I am planing to complain my situation and my other fellow workmates. I would like to complain in the hopes of getting a release from the company. Do I have a big chance on these?
    Please do let me know about your insights.
    Thank you so much.

  59. mangs

    hi, I just want to know if how much benefits I will receive in two years working here in qatar… basic salary is 1400 rial. ..

  60. Oni Michael

    Pls, am from Nigeria. I seriously want to know when ege residency visas started and how many months will it take to lift the ban.
    2- I wish to work with any construction firm, am a surveyor technician. I av 3yrs/4yrs experience in dat field. Pls can I easily get a work when I travel there.
    3- Like how much will I be paid.
    Thanks. Pls I need a quick reply… my email is

  61. imran hussain

    i want to cancel my visa… but my company is asking for money as they have spent on my ID card health card etc. is it right?

  62. rejith

    IAM INDIAN I enter in qatar at oct 12 2013, now it is more than three months. my id is not created untill now. i donot finish medical and finguring. now i dont want to work in this company.if i give one month notice should they can cancel mefor two years. is it possible to get my salary for last two months.

  63. ClayHammer


    i am more interested regarding the healthcare system in private companies,
    my company’s contract states that in healthcare it is “as stated/required by the Qatar Law”
    so what exactly is the meaning of it? can i find it in the Labor law? so i can enforce or
    suggest to them that healthcare is needed?

    the company is not paying for our medical bill, they are not eve providing proper transportation
    for the employee to go to the clinic/hospital.

    i want to know in what extent is the company will provide in health for the employees.

    One more, the QATAR LABOR LAW says every year a person should have 1 free ticket vacation, but in the contract it says every 2 years.

    my question is, which is the absolute or may i say which one should be followed?
    Thank You.,.

  64. azaam

    I working as a labours in cleaning company.i worked here 2years and 3 months already went vacation that time company paid only 21 days leave i want go exit from this 3 year RP will finish 1-7-10-2014. if i go exit from my company i can get Gratuity or not? my salary 1200riyal
    i waorked only 2years and 3months i get omly 21days leave salary
    can u plz calculate for me how my company have to pay Gratuity for me ?

  65. Daniela

    Dear Justthere team,

    Can you please clarify one point for me. Did the law in Qatar regarding the work visa changed like in the UAE regarding hepatitis b and then making a difference depending on your sector of work? If not is it going to change?
    Thank you.



  66. manoj prasanna

    I am Manoj and worked for one year and two months out of my contract of two years. Pls let me know if i resign from this company and go back to my country without a NOC, is there a possibility to come back to qatar for another sponsorship after 6 months from the date of my left.
    Pls help me, Thanks

  67. ravi

    I come qater 23 oct 2013, as house driver but my sponser not admit me in driving schol till today i have vaild saudia licence but only copy i told about this befor sing the contract
    Now my main problm is food i many time told my sponser u give me food money and i make my food but he no reaction and the food provide from the house some time no food some time litel food .
    I want to live this job isit possible or not
    I read labbour law there is one artical if your sponser not fulfill your basic needs then you cancle the agrement .

    Can i do this
    Can i cancle my agrement and tke my till date balance salary and return ticket from sponser

    Plz give me reply or plz understand my english

  68. ANP


    I need urgent advice

    I resigned on 21/10/2013 from my job due to
    1. influence of Management to signed unfair new agreement,asking for original professional certificates to keep under their custody,
    2. Salary increments agreed at the time of Interview (orally)
    3. Management expectation and influence to work on Fridays,Public holidays, every day till 10pm or more where no transport to accommodation and food is not provided.
    4. Employment agreement signed (due to influence)shows my position as Cashier while my Offer letter was Accountant. They promised at the time of interview to give me a Professional Visa.
    5. I found an opportunity out side Qatar. It was quite better offer. I had some personal issues at home too.

    So finally I place my resignation and same was accepted and I was informed that they can release by first week of Dec-2013 my resignation date given was 21-11-2013. Considering management request I agreed to leave in first week. Same time I promised my future employer I will joint with them 9/12/2013. But they didn’t release me. I requested any postponed my expected future opportunity till 21/12/13 it was the maximum. Same was informed to management.
    But till the date they didn’t release me. on 15/2/14 they recruited new. They didn’t release me and I lost my future expected job.

    Now management informed me they are going to send me at any time new employees work progress satisfactory. I requested time till 15/3/14 because my one year complete on 15/3/14. Management telling me since I resigned I am not eligible for any benefit (gratuity, Leave salary, Air ticket, Even go now or after one year completion)

    Is the above issue is negligible under Qatar Law? Can’t I do any thing to get my right. Please help me

  69. manny

    Salam walaikhum,I am a filipino citizen and its my second time to work abroad (middle east),I just want to ask a legal advice regarding for my problem I am confusing what to do and where to go to ask some advice,I am LOCAL HIRED here in QATAR and I have been working in a family business for more than one year and I will finish my two years in this coming APRIL 2014,they hired me last April 01,2012,my problem for my company is what we agreed in contract is not followed anymore, the main reason is they are not giving my transportation allowance(600QR) because they know that my accommodation is near from the place I work and my house allowance they are just giving 600QR instead of (900QR) and sometimes they giving 2000QR instead (2500QR) for my basic salary, and also at the first time they are just giving me a receipt for my salary and after a couple of months they are not giving anymore even PAYSLIP they are not giving and also I have been working for almost 12hours in our showroom but this overtime they are not giving me paid even holidays, and now this company is sinking because the income is not enough for the expenses, and I still remember what the owner told me “I have to sympathize because he is losing much money in his business”, I have a contract copy to prove what we agreed with my company and some papers, actually I came here in Qatar for working visa and its transferable, actually I made an attempt for more than 6 times to resign but the owner of this present company insisting that if I will make resignation before to finish the duration of my contract he told me that he will cancel me but im insisting to him that I came here in Qatar with my own expenses until he hired me even my visa I bought it with my own money because he is comparing the 7 staff that he cancel with in one year only(THE COMPANY NOT GIVING NOC, actually this company hired different nationality last year ,we were 8 staff including me with contract copy but this 7 staff leave and resign in just the same year(last year) because this company is not good and ALWAYS THE OWNER IS REVISING THE CONTRACT WHAT WE AGREED and they are using people just for their satisfaction and interest of his company, at the same time they are using me and they tried to teach me to lie in their client that I should tell the client the true even its not true, I am only a staff and I have no power to argue with the owner, NOW MY PLAN IS TO RESIGN THIS MONTH OR THIS COMING APRIL 2014 AFTER MY TWO YEARS WORKING THIS COMPANY, RESENTLY THIER IS A BIG COMPANY WANT ME TO HIRED BUT THEY ASK ME A RELEASE PAPER, I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS MY RIGHTS AS AN EMPLOYEE,AND IF POSSIBLE MY COMPANY CAN ISSUE ME A RELEASE PAPER OR NOC? OR THEY WILL CANCEL ME,my contract is 3years…….PLEASE HELP ME WHAT TO DO AND WHERE TO GO,PLEASE SEND ME A FEEDBACK/RESPONSE REGARDING FOR MY PROBLEM,HERE IS MY EMAIL, please send me reply so that i know what to do…..thank you for reading my complain and patience and INSHALLAH YOU CAN HELP ME,MA SALAMA.

    • I was transferred here in my new company coz i have noc and having near my 2nd question is can i demand an noc from my previous employer to shift anothet company.pls help.

  70. rrs

    I worked with a local company for three years and three months. My sponsor did not pay me salary of eight months and leave benefits as well. I got job in some other company and to get NOC, my sponsor asked me to sign on the papers prepared by him that I have received my salary and leave benefits. I did that because my sponsor is a high profile local person. This case is around two years old but was curious, if that amount can be claimed?? I can prove my case because he hid not give me any payment by cheque or cash and he always made payment to employees through cheque.

  71. Vikas


    I joined a contracting company on 17th December 13. Till date (24 feb. 14) I have received salary for only December 13 month. There are some financial problems back in my home country for which I have to interest @ 1500/- QR per month.After many requests company is not paying me . So I have decided to leave this company.But as per the existing employees experience company is not leaving employees after the completion of notice period. So can ask them for compensation for the delayed days.Also there is no guaranty to get job immediately .I may have to wait for 2-3 three months for another job. So can I ask this company for more 3 months compensation. Getting no salary on time is increasing my tension & also disturbing me mentally. Can u please advise me in this matter to leave this company immediately & get my compensation without any deductions.

  72. Akram

    Presently I am working in Qatar. I have completed 2 years and now I am going for the vacation. Can I go to another Gulf country for job if I got for vacation from Qatar ?
    If cancellation is needed , Can I cancel my Qatar visa from my country ?

  73. prasad lingala

    Hi Hello,

    I got qatar visa 2 year before and visa provided is BUSINESS VISA for one month.But due to my personnel prob I hav not gone to qatar.

    Now I am expecting new job in qatar with another employer .Is my previous visa will effect on my current visa.

    Pl suggest me and help on this.

    Prasad Lingala

  74. ameen

    Hi maam and sir

    actually I work here in Qatar as housemaid,,,almost 5years…now I just want to know if ever I ask my boss or employer to give me NOC it is possible for me to find another work??? To change my employer what should I do???? Pls answer me…more power and tnk u very much

  75. zaineb

    Please help

    I’m fron morocco . I just started working in a hotel in doha in the 20th January 2014 .

    But I hate this hotel . I need to change it but when I asked they toled me you’ll never obtain the NOC .

    But I heard that if I got hired by a government company I will have the right to change my work . Is it correct ??? Pleaaase answer me
    Thank you


    I was issued a business visa on 30th Dec 2013 till 30th Mar, 2014. Because of some reasons I travelled on 22nd February. Now I wanted to know that whether i can get my stay extened by another one month or will I have to come back on another visa.

    Thanks in advance

  77. Geo

    Hello All !
    I am Lebanese engineer, been working since May 2012 with same employer and got NOC after receiving a better offer.
    after 2 months being under review, moving sponsorship got rejected for no reason, obviously i did not complete 2 years with same company there are 2 months left.
    but same time on May my residence will expire, so basically now i lost my old and new job.
    Please if anyone call help let me know on what shall i do.
    Regards to all

  78. Marine Dilip

    I m been in qatar for 1 yr..i came on free visa I m planning to transfer my sponsor. .but I came to knw tht I cnt transfer my sponsor .bcz it’s project visa..can u tell me ..any other way around to fix dis problem..without exiting from I hv noc frm pervious company ..can I cum again in new visa..without any bann

  79. Jansen

    Hello! My renewed passport is still not out for relase. I need to go in qatar for a working visa by april 3. I will just extend the validity of my passport for another year. Will the immigration officer in qatar allow me to enter? Thanks

  80. I was transferred here in my new company coz i have noc and having near my 4th year question is can i demand an noc from my previous employer to shift anothet company.pls help.

  81. Hi
    One of our friends Qatar work Visa go expired 10 days back ie on 12th March.

    How he can come back on the same visa.

    As the time runs out, an early response would highly be appreciated.

    One of my colleagues visa is being cancelled.
    Can he change he obtain visa from another sponsor in 7 days grace period

  82. Hi
    One of our friends Qatar work Visa got expired 10 days back ie on 12th March and staying in India.

    How he can come back on the same visa to Qatar.

    As the time runs out, an early response would highly be appreciated.

    One of my colleagues visa is being cancelled.
    Can he change he obtain visa from another sponsor in 7 days grace period

  83. prabej miya

    Hi this is prabej miya and I would like ask you a question which is regarding NOC and residential permit expired. My current employer give me an opportunity to join another company and I already found new job but my visa will be expire soon. So my question is can my new company join me even my id has expired?

  84. albert

    hi i am currently working in one of the company here in qatar , now that i have completed almost 3 yrs rendering my work as a watchman. my concern is one of the company nearby was offering me to work as a safety officer which i do have a knowledge in these particular job, i heard that my company are not giving this NOC. is there any option that i can do to work in the said company who was offering me a better job that will improve my carrier and status in life.

  85. Abdul Hakkim

    please help to me very urgent………..

    my company give release to me but i cant change my sponsorship due the following reason, please inform to me any alternative way for solving these issue

    01. My visa is project visa(5 year completed)
    02. my visa is civil engineer , but my certificate is Electrical Diploma

    please treat us very urgent

    Abdul Hakkim

  86. Enzo Doha


    My Resident Visa was expired when i lost my QATAR ID, i ask our Mandoop if do i need to take a POLICE Report but as if him no need to take report. Now, they apply the renewal of my Visa but the MOI looking for the QATAR ID but my Mandoop cant provide the ID. What shall I do for the government allow my Visa to be renewed.? Till now my Mandoop did not renew my Visa because of my lost QATAR ID.

  87. Habib

    Would I be entitled to sick leave payments as per the Labor law of Qatar, I was obliged to go for medical checkup in my home country; note that I have medical reports. (I had to leave Doha for further checkup and assurance as my case was critical). I had to be absent for 33 days.
    Or the moment you leave for sick leave out of Qatar then the sick leave rule will not be applied.
    Kindly acknowledge,
    Thank you in advance,
    Best regards,

  88. bam

    Hi .

    I have worked in qatar for 6 years,now my company got closed .i didnot get the NOC from my company.Now i returned back to my country .its almost been 8 month.can i go back to qatar now through other company ?how many years ban for me.please let me know,

  89. arif


    am on private visa (domestic visa, driver ),& I have been in Qatar for more than two years.

    can I transfer my visa to company. plz explain me

  90. Dhanya

    Dear Sir,
    We are staying in Qatar with family. We need to shift to Bahrain as part of my husband’s job change. Can we go directly from Qatar to Bahrain or do we need to go back to our home town and then to Bahrain? (as part of Qatar visa cancellation and Bahrain new visa)
    Please let us know your valuable suggestion on this case.

    ThankYou in Advance,

  91. arfat bilal

    Hi friends,,,,

    Currently um workin as Branch Manager in india. Now i am planning to go Qatar or Dubai for a job on tourist visa. so plz tell me what iz the best option to go there, whether to go thro consultancy or directly. secondly,,can i have a good career there or not. as u people hve been there since many years,,so u must have a perfect knowledge.

    plz guide me for the sake Almighty,,,um waitin for ua responce.



    I have a question, how can I find out whether the visa type is “project visa or a permanent residence” as I couldn’t. Please help me on this. Thank You.

  93. vanny

    Hi, my current visa is business visa and valid for 1 month. My husband is currently working here in Qatar. How can we transfer my sponsorship from company sponsorship to husband sponsorship? my company will provide an NOC. also, when do I need to have my medical exam?
    I hope for your immediate response. Thank you and God bless!

  94. ruby

    Hi, I came from philippines may I ask what to do in my case, my contract is 2years ang I signed it. But not expected that the company were our company supply us was cancel our contract to them. Then our company now don’t know were to put their people because they don’t have some other offer to supply us. Now they decided to guve us NOC but they want to take all our end of service and ticket. Now we signed already the paper tell that we already received that amount of money but the truth we don’t received yet. Then our papers now like transfer letter, they don’t want to make stamp.

    What should I do?
    Can I asked also if our company was responsible to give slary for the left months that we signed to our contract but not finish?





    My id expired in April 2014. My Company CR was also expired. my company doesn’t have CARD. They will do manually. they want to give me NOC. i want to join other company, form this NOC and CR (EXPIRED) , Can i transfer my ID to other company
    very urgent

    Our company doesn’t want to do renewal of CR

  97. anonymous

    I want to know if the Qatar labour law allows the Employer to Pay salary to paid in the Home country from where you have be hired? because I got a and offer stating Salary will be in INR in general case for Indian residents + per diem, as the employer is hiring its staff from India to work in Doha, Qatar and they are making contract in India with a promises to pay salary in Indian Rupees in India and will give some Pre Diem for expenses in Qatar. I am also not sure if the company has registered company in Qatar and is it possible for any company to employee staff to work in Qatar without be a registered entity of that country. Awaiting your response…. Thank you and God Bless!

  98. Thanks a lot for this. Hopefully after the reforms in Qatar labor law, life of workers would be better off!

  99. hi my name is atul sharma from india i want to know that recently i am associates as Electrical engineer working in Qatar and i am new in the Qatar so please let me know if i signed two years bond and i want to resign to attend My marriage itself .then any option to to take immediate leave and visa working process time and condition too.


  100. praba

    Need best answer from you. ….
    I am working in a company since 2009 August 23 can I get change from my sponsorship

  101. Dragan

    Hi there.
    I have signed a contract with Wyndham regency Hotel almost one and a half month ago and also the HR told me that he applied for my visa in 22 of april and today is 7th of june, a month and a half ago, I am contacting him often and he is saying that the visa isnt still issued because he applied for 18 people at once.By 10th of june I supposed to start working.Please tell me what should I do and how long should I wait. I m having another opportunities to work also.PLease any advise would be very appreciated.Many thanks

  102. suleyman

    hello everyone ! i’m working in Qatar already 4 months . And im on my probation period . Which means still have 2 more months to expire my probation period . Stil i didn’t finish my Fingerprint . But my company pushing me to finish my Fingerprint . The question is Can i finish my Fingerprint on my last month of probation time ??? Do i have a right to complete my Fingerprint on end of my probation period (6 months ) , it will be accepting from employer ???

  103. Manu

    Dear Sir,

    I have been working in UAE as an Engineer in a MNC since last 10 years.Visa profession is also Engineer.I have got a Promotion and transfer to Qatar as a Project Manager.I have done my predegree and 3 year diploma in Electrical Engineering from Govt Polytechnic.Is there any problem to get a Manager/Engineer visa in Qatar?If so what is the next option of profession to be stamped? I am staying with my family in UAE and I need to sponsor them in Qatar as well..Please suggest a suitable answer….

  104. hope

    My question is simple and easy ,but i don’t know the answer to it because i don’t know all whats in the Qatar labor law,i came in Qatar in December 2013,i now have 5 days to complete my probation period in the company that brought me.i have been looking for another jobs in Qatar since the year began to see that i can leave this company because it is not giving me the work i came for,God is good that i got a job,and they are requesting me to ask my current company to provide me with a NOC. Will my company give me the NOC before completing the two year contract i signed.

  105. amulya kumar

    dear sir,
    I have been work in Qatar from april22 2009 , now my id is finish, and company give me memo not to renew my contract reducing per head cost .I got job offer later from another company I requested to boss for noc thus iam single earning person in my family and I have to paid bank loans but I don’t get favorable answer steel now iam waiting , if they do not give what I do? and what is the legal prosier for get noc please reply

  106. m khalid sherif

    sir. i am working printing and packaging company as a folder gluer operator my contract two years
    now i am 1year 6 month finish now i want go cancel from this company already i give resignation letter two month notice period now my honour say you cannot go withot finish two years contract atherways make police case
    sir. what ican do to go my home country can i go cancel without finish my contract

  107. hi sir, here my self pradeep working in man power company for airport last 1.6 years as engineer, and my visa is project manger. Now i have problem that whom my company is supplied there work is finished, and now my company saying he vl cancel visa and send me back. But as i have some other company job offer, but company will not allow and even not give NOC. Now my carrier will spoil. Is there any solution so that i can come back to qatar and do job in company,. i need your valuable solution. kindly guide how i can go ligaly to change sponcership.

  108. mohammed cassim

    assalamu alaikum
    bismilahir ar rahumani rahim

    my name is mohammed cassim abthul niyas from srilankan i ahve a poblem with my company regarding my 3 month salry and my work change,i mean they are abuse to working me in kharama building as safety and helth manager also they mad certificate also by my name and another rope tecnicion names but i dont have any experience with this field then june 13 i tell them i want to change my sponsor,then my ceo said my work is no good and they write me a dermination letter and abuse to me make signature and i make only one paper signature because of ramdan i need some money to sent my family but they don’t give me also then until 24 i work for them because i am doing transport manager job no one like to take my job so i do then ceo said me she dont like that i am working with this aqua cleaning company and ask me stop then i stop and yesterday i go to the labor ministry to complain that i want noc letter and my pending salary and my end of service money then they give me application to fill,today i went there but i am waiting more then two hour they are saying my qatar id not sawing the system then i ask them why they ask me to go to high court i don’t know why also i don’t have single qatar riyal also i am fasting its so died to go there because of the hot,i request i want my money around 21000 qr but exactly i don’t know how much that also just i calculate my self and i tell them know i need help from the goverment because i dont know any system here know my family dont have money to make fasting in ramdan so how can i sent maybe if i go with some one help also the labor court or high court they will ask me a time but my situation is verry bad because ramadan
    my mobile number 30506840 nnd my qatar id number 28114411283 mohammed cassim abthul niyas my company name aqua cleaning company who can find me good solution for my job and my money the emergency i need money for ramdan

    my general manager mr.jamal he is sriyan he is verry nice and his brother mr.mukuthaz former ceo but know coming new ceo dr.sarikka she is the one who make problem to me and for the labor because i dont like haram she like more haram

    jazakallahu hairen
    mohammamed cassim

  109. Hello ma’am/sir. I just want to ask what is the possible things I need to do to go back in Qatar. I worked in Qatar less than 3 years and I resigned this April 2014. Now I wanted to go back in Qatar is it possible for me to go back in Qatar as a tourist visa Only? And at the same time is it ok for me to pay my NOC at the company I worked in before so that I can get my release paper for me to find another job..

  110. Mostafa Osman

    Dear All,

    I have been working in Qatar for 1 year and 11 months now … i resigned on 1st July 2014 and my Contract duration is 2 years and will expire on 07 August 2014.

    I had some problems at work here in Doha and i decided to leave the company. I resigned giving 2 months advance notice as my Contract states that advance notice should be minimum 1 month. However, my manager is asking me to leave even before that and asked me to put 1 month instead of 2 months.

    The question here is. Am I legally allowed to give 2 month period prior leaving the company and be paid for ? or 1 month is the legal notice period ? … Second Question, Is the Employer allowed refuse my 2 months notice and ask me to replace it by 1 month ?

  111. Bronze

    I just wanted to ask, is there any possibility to get your rights (gratuity) while your outside QATAR?
    I was on my vacation for one month and unfornately i decided to resign while i am on my country.

    If i will ask the employer, is it possible to demand my rights?

    This kind of concern, is it mentioned on QATAR LABOR LAW?

    • Arvey

      YEs and No.
      Yes if your employer is kind enough.
      No because you breached your contract with them.

  112. ned

    good day everyone, i just have a simple question.. i just finish my 5 years contract with my employer and i return in my country in april 22 2014.. how many months can i go back to qatar to work again??

    thank you in advance..

  113. sam

    My visa will expire on 25th oct. 2014. Job visa. So i dont need to stay here anymore. I need to exit from my company. So I need to know, how many days before I inform my company about exit?
    And, can my company renew my visa without my signature? My room mate told me that is possible. I think he is cheating me. Because he brings me here and lied me about company. That is horrible place. No work on time or off time. Even ramadan days we are working 9am to 6pm. In other months, we dont have time because our incharge. He coming to pick up us after 9a.m. then we are working untile he comeback to pickup us. May be 7or 8p.m without overtime or food. So please help me. Reply me. Thank you.

  114. Jamie Conners

    On the Bases in Qatar there appears to be an open display of violation of Qatar law- Why has there been one visit by the Labor Ministry to gather the list of the Sub contractors on the bases and inspect their violations of law. Working hours. vacations,sick days and the refusal to provide end of service. Do you know how many employees never receive their end of service and the employers local qatar sponsor have no idea that the companies are taking millions of riyal by not paying vacation and end of services? Do you how many american and UK workers were for local company do not even know the theft of these companies. Ask a company with under 30/40 employees to provide you a list of employees for just two years and ask to see the list of those that worked a year or more and BE SHOCKED OF THE NUMBER THAT NEVER received end of service[0],vacation,overtime paid,worked overtime during Ramadan. Why the ministry does not do surprise inspection on our bases? We could name the local subcontractors working for the had full of construction companies but will not because hopefully someone will come to the military base and inform the law and zero tolerance for harming even americans.

  115. Juan DC

    Badly need help. My company stopped me from work last May. And June they sent me home for vacation. Now I am trying to reach out from my boss but she did answer back. She not cancel me. And my visa will expire on November. Now I want to come back and work for another company but my employerwont ever give noc to anybody. Can I come back to take my ggratuities and benefits from them? Even if I pay my own ticket? How can I come back to Qatar without any problem? What legal actions do I need to do. Please help me. Please.

  116. nirdesh

    I finish my contract and leave what is the time period that I can come back to qatar.

  117. ibrahim

    hi i have 1 question: i started working in qatar 2014 feb and my id is going to expire on may 2015.if go to my country with out cancelling my visa and dont come back to qatar is there any possibility to get GCC ban since or only for qatar ban.

    please reply

  118. Dear Sukanya,

    Can you please give advice if you know if a positive blood test for hepatitis C will result in a visa refusal for working in Qatar or if they even test for hepatitis C these days. The job I have been offered is in the oil and gas industry as a technical specialist working a 28day on/28 day off rotation.
    Your kind advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated as there are conflicting blogs on most sites.

    Best Regards

  119. Boyet

    Dear Ma’am,
    Good Morning, I resigned last July 31st 2014 but my company did not pay my final settlement immediately before leaving Qatar, A lot of emails I’ve sent to our ranking officials before they finally deposit my settlement to my account in AHLI BANK QATAR after almost 2 months. My problem now is I’m out of Qatar now and my ATM card is retained by one of ATM machine because my trusted friend who I give my ATM card in order to transact if ever our company will deposit my settlement made a mistake and encoded a wrong PIN 3 times. I call the costumer service of the bank and explain to them what happened they told me to write a letter requesting the branch to transfer my money to my bank here in phillippines but first I need to call my branch. When I call my branch and explain they told me they can’t do anything with my situation. Please help me what I need to do? Thank you in advance hoping your advice ASAP.

  120. Jacqueline

    Hello. I am planning to file a case against my employer. I only have an offer letter which i signed and accepted already and returned the copy to them. I was promised a contract,but it did not happen. I already started with them after coming from my vacation, after more than a week they advised me not to come on duty until such time that my license is ready. I already have a license to practice but needs to be changed to another scope. I was willing to work while waiting for the licence change but they did not allow me to go on duty. It took about more than 4 months for the licence change, when i told them it was ready and asking them when can i start working, they told me that the position was already taken. I was so upset because there was no notice of any sort. They just dropped me like a hot potato. During those times while i was waiting for the licence change, i was going to the workplace whenever they want to call a meeting and update me on the status of my licence. I did not receive any salary from them. Can i file a case against them? Is this a breach of contract without a contract but only an offer letter. Thanks, hoping for a quick response.

  121. jerome

    Hi. My partner has a 3month visa on kuwait but she did not go there and decided to work here in qatar. Is it ok if she go here immediately? Are there no rules about having 2 gulf visas at the same time? Please reply.

  122. CM Lincoln

    If I stay in Qatar on a work VISA for 90 days and I then leave the country for 1 day can I return and work another 90 days all for the same company?

  123. Suzan

    I am currently under company sponsor and has been working for 6 years with this company. While my husband and I are working for the same company. Hence company provide us an apartment for the past 6 years. Very soon my husband will leave for another new job pf different company. My question is if I am under company sponsor, is it the responsibility of the company must provide me accomodation or allowance for accomodation? does the company has the right saying that they will not giving allowance for accomodation since my husband will be working for another company which the new company will give a house too.

  124. Mariam

    I worked with Qatar Airwaysfor 8 mos. But resigned due to a personal reason. After 3 years, i wanted to visit my relatives inqatar but was informed in the immigration that im blacklisted. For what i dont know. I emailed the CEO that time but his reply was that it was the company’s rule that once u leave the company u cannot ckme back to the country anymore. It’s been 13 yrs. Now i want to apply an immigrant visa to US but cannot get a police clearance from Qatar. What will i do.?

  125. HD

    Well for me i have received a work permit visa from a hotel in qatar with a waiter profession while i applied for receptionist position when i told them that there’s a mistake in the profession they told me that the position in the visa is only my visa category but my position in the hotel is still the same, it doesn’t make any sense for me what should i do should i accept and go i am afraid once there they will force me to work as a waiter i need some advice thank you

  126. shemsu zeynie

    Hi dear…hw u?am from Ethiopa last year am waiting in qarar for 75 days coz am sick and am return to my home country ethiopia at that time i hav’t Id just the time was in process to get id and i take medical and am Normal the air condtion is not good for me thenam calling for my sponser and i wanna go ethiopia voz am sick i said for him then he cancel my visa and am go back to am normal and i went come qatar can i get visa can i come?and for how money time he cancel to me?please tell me???

  127. cyril


    I want to ask This is second company I have 3 months probation also I’m local hire almost 7 years in Qatar I want to change company again its possible to give me noc? Asap rply

  128. suresh ravindran



  129. I worked in Saudi arabia for 80 days about 4 years ago
    Do I need No objection letter to work in Qatar
    I was told I need one . is that true

  130. hi, my name is vishal from India. i want to know that i want to go home but my company not give me exit permit i don’t want to work any more in Qatar,my just 10 months fines in Qatar
    my passport with my company, what should i do i have no idea from 2 months i am not working even my company not give me any good work i was came as supervisor but now they told me i have to work as tea boy,i am in very big problem i have no money to feed my self be cues from 2 months i was in my room no work, pleas help me pleas what should i do thank you give me replay fast asap thank you

  131. handsome

    Please am a Nigerian a 23 years old boy I want to ask how many weeks does it take to get a Qatar work visa. (2) will my passport be sent to Qatar for visa or what cos I don’t understand. (3) is it easy to get a visa to Qatar or I should stop trying? This is my first time tho.

  132. raelrodel

    dear mam’sir i need an advice about my situation my visa finish last sept 26,then i file the resignation company told to me i provide my own tiket,because i did not finish my another 2yrs since im vacation last jan 25.2013.then i return here in qatar march 19 2013.i start work here since sept 26,2010 they told to me your 2yrs this coming march 19 2014,my company told finish your 2yrs this coming march 2014.what would i do.pls help..thnk you..god bless

  133. Hi there, I just wanna ask for help regarding our Company that untill now they still don’t give our Salary for NOvember, 2014. It is already December 7 and yet no salary? All workers have almost nothing to eat out here and the family in the Philippines also needs money from us for support since there’s a typhoon in there.

  134. i was completed in 2 yrs contract. my id is expired today. now i need to go my country. 15 day before i give the resignation letter. now company manager told me you must stay atleast one month. i cant stay here. there is no current. accommodation is not good. so i feel now. i don’t want stay here. i want to go home a two three days. now what i do. please kindly reply me…..

  135. shahzad

    Dear All,
    please help me if some body know,
    i have suffered HCV 4 years before but after treatment now it is negative on PCR test but but show positive on small test due to antibodies now my question is ? can i allowed to work in qatar? can the health authority tested my blood through PCR or some thing els?
    waiting for ur response plz?

  136. shahzad

    I am re-active of HCV anti-bodies but my PCR result is negative. I was once infected of HCV.
    So my question are:
    1.)”Do i necessary to tell the physician that im post infected of HCV during medical examination?”
    2.)If they found that my anti-bodies reactive, do the Qatar immigration will automatically send me home without second test/opinion (HCV-RNA)? If they will conduct second testing is it world-wide standard to have second test (HCV-RNA)?”
    hope you can enlightened me more. looking your soonest reply.
    warm regards,

  137. mervin

    I want to work in Doha,What is the option to get visa and what is sponsers there

  138. Mhel

    Good Day! I want to seek an advice about my situation. I am under indefinite contract and I resigned after 8 months due to personal matters, but my employer is asking me to pay them 4900Qr for my Qatar id, visa and ticket. Is there such law stating that employee must compensate the employer when resigning to service less than 1 year?

    Please help me, or if you have any contact number in Labor Department.Please kindly inform me.

  139. premalatha

    I am working in ministry of qatar.During offer they promised to give accommodation. But now 1 year is nearing they have not provided. I need rp for my family so that my son can take entrance eexam.kindly guide How to procèed

  140. babycharmed


    If you were local hire in Doha and wants to change job and sponsorship is it possible to get NOC from your employer after working for 2 years in the company?!? Are the company also can terminate an employee without any reason?!? What is the law regarding this kind of matters?!? Thank you..

  141. javed

    Sir I work in Qatar 9manth my company send me back cancel
    Can’ I go back in any company or I need to wait 2 years

  142. SYED

    I heard government has passed the law but not announced directly regarding , NOC – after compoletion of 2 years exit to home and comeback after 3 months to join other company without NOC.Please clarify my doubt.

    whehter it is true , if so please tell me how.

  143. Ali

    What if you employer terminate you and don’t give NOC for sponsorship change and later on give your passport to CID so what rights i have in that case.

  144. Laura


    I worked in a school in Doha for 5 months but unfortunately I had to resign due to my husband’s work commitments.

    Now I found a job back in the UK but they want police clearance from Qatar. How do I do that? Could you please give me some advise?

    Thank you.

  145. Mithun Mohan

    Hi is it possible for a worker to work during his annual leave after taking a short local leave.Please reply

  146. Hetal Shah

    I know of a senior exe from a reputed Qatari firm.he is legally divorced.he joined this firm 1 year later but with Married status in his passport and ex wifes name as spouse.he didnot change his psspt detail. Later renewd psspt in doha wth same details till date..
    Is it a legal offence..he was divorced more than 10 yrs bck..
    Does he enjoy xtra perks or benefits as a Married person.

  147. summer

    Hello, I got a job offer from qatar airways and I came to qatar on 3rd of February. on march I had to come to my home country since my medical condition was not good. I have already obtained my qatari residents permit as well.i got 7 unpaid leaves from the company to come my country but they didnt provided my air ticket. I couldn’t go back to qatar within that 7 days. I have sent all my medical leave certificates and medical reports which are all normal. But my employer isnt give me any chance to go back to qatar. I need this job very much since I have waited more than 6 months to get this job. Please help me on this. Is there any way of going back to qatar?

  148. Trupti

    Is this a rule of companies from qatar that all original educational documents and passport mandatory to handover to employer?

  149. Advise please

    In the contract it states that there is an entitlement of a return ticket upon completion of the contract. The contract has now come to a natural end and there is a wish to change employers. the new sponsor is in place. Must the flight ticket be used or should the financial equivalent be paid in lieu of a ticket home?
    Thank you

  150. hhhhhange


    I have been working here for almost 3 years now holding a Philippine Passport.My previous company issued me my NOC but my current employer did not process it yet and they don’t have available Visa for lady, and my Visa will be expired this June 2015. and when my previous company found out that I am not yet transferred under the new company they want to cancel my Visa. Is there anything that I can do to stay here.
    waiting for your prompt reply.
    All the best!


  151. Angela

    And my previous employer they are rushing me to transfer my Visa in one week. otherwise they will cancel me. what I should do if everything is not under my control? what I have to do to keep myself staying here.


  152. Yogesh Wagle

    Hi befor im working in Doha Qatar but im live this company I all ready rijains but I want to aggin come in Qatar how to posibal

  153. Sameer

    I came in Doha on business visa and my company is too bad they are taking work for 16 hrs and also not paying the overtime and not even salary on time so I have resign but they are saying that you have to wait for 1 month and you can go, but I don’t want to stay here what should I do and even my Indian embassy is not helping me in that I just want my salary and want to go please suggest me something so i can go, Please I need expert suggestion.

    email me:

    • Prinze

      as per Qatar Labor law
      “Article (49)

      If the service contract is of an indefinite duration any of the two parties thereto may terminate it without giving the reasons for the termination. In this case the party intending to terminate the contract shall notify the other party in writing as follows:
      1.In respect of the workers who receive their wages annually or monthly, the notification shall be given not less than one month prior to the date of the termination. If the period of service is five years or less. If the period of service is more than five years, the notification period shall be at least two months prior to the date of termination.
      2.In all other cases the notification shall be given in accordance with the following periods :

      A) If the period of service is less than one year the notification period shall be at least one week.
      B) If the period of service is more than one year and less than five years
      C) the notification period shall be at least two weeks.
      D) If the service period is more than five years the notification period shall
      E) be at least one month.

      If the contract is terminated without observing these periods, the party terminating the contract shall be obligated to compensate the other party for an amount equivalent to the wage for the notice period or the remaining part thereof.

  154. I came Qatar November 14/2014,my six month probation period finished with one month my employer tell my performance unsatisfied so u want termination.can i get compensation from employer
    My mail id

  155. Roan Enriquez

    My sister went for vacation and during that time her Visa was expired so she couldn’t get back to her job here. I’m just wondering will she be banned in re- entering Doha? When can she come back here?

  156. Anonymous


    My sponsor will not be able to give me an NOC although i have finished my 2 years contract, do i have any choice cause i wanted to stay and work here on Qatar for another company.

    Please advice.

    Thank You

  157. vijay

    I’m work 6month my muthir not change my accommodation very daty salary not given to time my father in devical condishion I go to srilanka return emargency after comming nathar cmpany 2yers back or 6month back? pls send me msg

  158. Hi I was working in Qatar only 6 months and my employer suddenly canceled my visa without any reason then I ask the ministry of interior of Doha what did I do then they tell me employer tell them I’m doing monkey business
    I never do that I ask her about my salary because the one I Sign in the contract was not followed my salary could be 2500 riyals that was the one written on the contract that I sign and then when I reach Doha its only 1500 riyal then they take 500 they tell me its for my expenses they use in my visa and tickets also they didn’t give my allowance for food in a month and no day off at all I am working 12 hours without overtime pay I work in perfect nails salon and boss canceled me she sent me back here in philippines and scaring me to cancel in whole Arab countries is it possible that she can do that to cancel me in all Arab countries

  159. Joanne Vasquez

    hi! good morning. i would like to ask regarding a visa, work business visa actually the visa that i have will be expired this coming august 2 and it will be renewed again for another 3 months it is ok right? and just an information i am not exiting qatar.

  160. Ahamed

    My company is has asked me to go for medical this Thursday.
    I’m on a labor visa, i have informed them to change my visa to a professional visa.
    They say only once the RP is done the designation of the visa can be changed. Is that true or can the designation be changed before I go to medical.

    Please advise.


  161. Gunarathna

    I have been working in qatar since 2012. now 3 years then I need change my sponsor but they are not provide NOC let me know if have anther way without NOC.

  162. Hi Does anyone know? My husband has worked for the same company for over 2 years and his RP runs out next month. The company has changed it’s sponsor. My question is should he get his gratuity for 2 years service before getting a new RP with a new sponsor or is gratuity continuous with the new sponsor. Thanks for your help.

  163. Khaled Ibrahim

    hi there

    I have Been cleared from HCV but antibodies will remain. Do I qualify for a work permit in Qatar or Bahrain

    I am British national working as a hotel General Manager

    I appreciate some feedback



  164. jami

    I worked in qatar from 2009 to june 2011 but i didnt take a final exit i went on vacation and never came back.

    Now i have a offer from qatar will i have any issues with new visa.
    Please reply as my new employer wants acceptance of new offer but i am worried

  165. Roshan

    I have been working for this company for 2 months now. My finger print is over but my visa has not yet been stamped. Is it possible for me to change the company without the NOC of my current employer. Please help me as my current employer is delaying salaries for 3 or 4 months. I am afraid if i still continue in this company the salary delays may even increase. Please advise me on this

  166. HAI everyone,

    i am ameer and i am a post graduate degree holder..and due to bad family circumstances i want to relocate to qatar…so i applied for a job..i got visa as a security guard(haris)..and i received visa waiting for departure soon…they promised me to pay 1200qr as a salary..and food and accommodation…my question is if i come to qatar can i change my sponsor after work for a certain time..and what is the it possible for work yearly resident visa…if i get noc from current employer????please reply soon friends….

  167. PR in Ze



  168. Hi, I took my vacation After 2 years of service last may 2014 then delivered my baby last November 3 2014. Unfortunately, my father died last December 19, 2014; so after my maternity leave I ask our clinic if I can have emergency leave for 15 days to see my father in Philippines and assist his funeral. They allowed me to leave but without pay for 15 days and I provided my own ticket. Now I want to take my vacation this coming October 13 and they told me I must take my vacation After a year from my last leave. I think vacation or annual leave is different from maternity leave? What if within the same year I took my vacation and my maternity leave is there any problem for my succeeding annual leave so they can provide my ticket and paid leave too? Thanks a lot

  169. AHMED

    i am working here in qatar from Jan’2015 on work visit visa it was expired in june 2015 my employer has changed my same visit visa to other company still my RP has not done last month my visa has expired so i just want to go back to my country I HAVE NOT SIGNED ANY CONTRACT/OFFER LATER There any ban on me to re-enter the country.PLEASE ADVICE ME. THANKS.

  170. recarte

    Good day can I ask question. Because our company said that if we resign for example,our cut off for the month is the 15th and if we resign on that day. They only give 15days of working payment not the whole month. Our H.R said that from the 16th to 30th they only give the overtime if we have because it is being paid. How come it is being paid which is our cut off for the month is on the 15th. Is there any legalities on this matter we can raise?thank you and more power. Please reply on my email.

  171. yusoph panda

    hi i am yusoph, i am a local hired here in qatar i have QID. i have a question? i work for 10 months in my company then they terminate me on October 8 2015. they want to sent me back to my country.. but i did not sign the exit. i told them just give me noc and my passport to find a new job.. they give me until 31 October 2015 to find a job if i cant find a job they will send me home.they said if i found i job they will give me noc but they will cut my RP and exit to dubai.. my question is do i really have to exiT?

    • Lebanese

      No you don’t have to leave anywhere, if you are changing sponsorship & have NOC from both companies.

  172. Enuhjgin...

    Good day sir/maam, can you please help or advice. I’m holding with a family visit visa. I apply for work and I pass. My question. Is it possible I can start now my job while while waiting for the transferring of my visa and I already sign à job contract. Thank you.


    I am SULFIKAR i joined in the company Qatar before 6 Months till now i have not revived my Qatar ID and visa is also not stamped,and temporary work visa is already expired on 18 October.whenever i ask my company they are telling its processing. past 5 months they are processing this any please help me regarding this.

  174. Thahir

    Actually 2 months only I came from India company call me in business visa only, if am interest to work that company can I change the another one. Please tell me

  175. Masi

    I have been worked in Qatar for 2yrs..
    Iam came last yr to India.. Now I want to work in is possible r else I have ban for 2years??

  176. respected sir my i came from qater in march .my visa is valid till december company is cancelled my visa can i apply for visa .need noc

  177. Omar


    Please help…

    I am planning to leave Qatar for another GCC country and will be cancelling my residence visa with my current employer. My wife and 10-year old kid is under my sponsorship. Since the new company who will hire me requires me to transfer immediately, it pose a problem for my family since the kid is still in school and has 3 to 4 months to finish. Also, we need to dispose lots of household things including a car, cancellation of water/electricity, phone, etc. and this may take at least a month or two.

    I was hoping that I could travel alone and leave my wife and kid for 2 or 3 months just to clear and finalize everything that is needed. Their visas are still good for another 2 years. Can we do that? I was told that once my visa had been cancelled, it also automatically cancels the dependents. Can you clarify this for me please?


  178. mack

    hello good day,

    im here in qatar since oct to work as a nurse. my employer already processed my QID and its on my hand problem now is I can’t start working because of my nursing license is still on process, my evaluation was pending due to my employment status in libya before and also my employer is deducting the expenses for my Supreme council of health license. Is this my obligation to pay that expenses? is this legal? and my employer said to me that if ever my evaluation needs further nursing training she will give me only the minimun and extend my contract for another year, I already signed my contract for 2years only. First of all they are the one who get me here and all I know that everything is ok. I want justice for this matter. please give me an advice. I have the option also to go back to the Philippines if that will happen but im thinking if who will shoulder my airfare.

  179. karthiga

    Dear Madam;
    Currently I am working in private finance company, now am work with one month notice period. After completing notice period, within how many days the company should give NO Objection Certificate? to me as per Law

  180. What are the benefits due to the worker if he resigns from his post after six months of employment according to Qatar law.

  181. sethuramalingam

    Kindly clarify ,Is Safety officer G-14 occupation employment visa in Qatar eligible for Family status?

  182. Prabakaran Arunachalam

    Dear friends,

    I, Prabakaran have been selected by an reputed company in Qatar. When they tried to apply Work visa for me, it come to know that there is one business visa had been approved in my name. But the visa is not yet printed by the sponsor. So I am doubting that someone has misused my passport and taken the business visa in my name. Now I have to find that visa’s sponsor to deal with them regarding my isse. Because due to this existing business visa, my comapny couldn’t take the work visa for me. Please help me to sort out this issue friends. Is there any way to find the sponsor of business visa?

  183. Karthik kalesh

    I am an Indian citizen. I got an offer from Qatar company I signed on the offer letter and sent back to the company on November 2015.on the month of December they open the qatar visa for me,but they didn’t pay the fees until now. Also they are not responding to my mail or phone call

    I would like to know the minimum days with in which the company have to pay the fees. Also what can I do from India if they are not appointing me

    Thank you

  184. sam

    i am working in qatar as a driver . my profession is house driver . i want to bring my wife and son in visit visa..what all things need to get the visa

  185. Alex

    I have been approved a job visa from Qatar after signing a 1 year contract. What if I am not able to get to Qatar and join the job before the visa expires?
    And what if I no longer can go to Qatar for the job due to some personal reasons?

  186. Anne

    Hi, Just want to ask. My Boss wants to terminate me, Ive been working with his company for only 4 months. Iam under company visa but that visa expired March 8,2016 and they still not processing my qatar ID and QID. Can you please advice me what can i do. and the things that are possible to happen. thanks in advance for your answers.

  187. ellai

    hello! i am currently working in a clinic here in qatar for 1 year and i am planning to leave this clinic after two years since we are provided a vacation after two years, but i signed a 5 year contract. is it possible if i will find another job before my vacation just to transfer to another employer?is NOC still a requirement for me to find another job in the same country? i have read articles that if you were able to stay in qatar for 2 years or just completed 2 years straight, you can find another job to another company…thank you

  188. marco

    What if I am in an emergency vacation and my Visa expired and I did not sign for a new contract during that time because my contract is already finish,and my sponsor forgot to renew this visa and to let me sign for a new contract before I go, what is the possible solution if I need to come back,in other company or with the same sponsor.Thank you.

  189. kaushik

    I am selected in samsung through consultant and got visa for 6 Months. I didnot receive the air ticket and not getting any confirmation of joining date from the consultant. Is there any chances that my visa could be cancelled?
    I already resigned from my current company and i do not know how to proceed.

  190. Sulthan


    currently i am working in business visa in qatar.

    Is this possible to process EMPLOYMENT visa while I’m on BUSINESS visa IN QATAR??

    • Monazir Akhtar

      I have business visa it will expire on October first week I want to go india emergency leave for 10 to 15 days in September second week please confirm that can I come in same visa or I have to get new visa /fresh business visa

  191. Gaurav

    My joined my company in Qatar 23rd July-15 and very near to finish one year. But my company want to ter. Terminate me and send back to India. There is any option to be here and join any other company. Bcoz I don’t want to leave this country. I did marry here with Indian girl but she born here and living with her family.
    Kindly give the right suggestion.

  192. Dhirendra kumar mishra

    I am dhirendra .i am working in security company . But i want to know . I have completed 2 years . But i want to comeback go nepal and again i want to join another company can i come or not. But generally person is saying two years after only you come….

  193. Eman Jad

    How can I get the employer with details to get the job

  194. Imu

    Dear sir, can I clarify one information for related to labor. Actually one employee has go to labor court and saying that our employer has not give the salary and food, after the court hearing the employer may salary but some due r pending. Remaining the employees go to lobour court and say but before one day the employer has registered a case the employee has go to other company work. The employee visit a labour office the police has arrested and still yet not any information.

  195. Hi Hello,

    I got qatar visa 2 year before and visa provided is multiple entgry visa for six month validity of residency .But due to my personnel prob I hav not gone to qatar.

    Now I am expecting new job in qatar with another employer .Is my previous visa will effect on my current visa.

    Pl suggest me and help on this

    manoar babu

  196. jt

    Dear Madam,
    I am working in Qatar for last 3 yrs on business visa. Now I am planning to quit my job. Can I get End of service benefits (gratuity).

  197. bahaa

    i ask about
    5. Basic Travel Allowance Deposit Receipt (Security Deposit)
    is that true ???

    You must be able to demonstrate that you have funds to support yourself and any dependents. For the main applicant
    this is $3,000USD and you will need a further $1,000USD for each dependent accompanying you
    Applicants are required to make a Cash deposit of the stipulated financial requirement of $3,000USD via WESTERN UNION
    is that true ???

  198. Zaheer


    I have been interviewed for Qatar in the second week of August, 2016, after leaving the interview place, i got a call from the consultant regarding my selection. The agency said to me the offer letter will be issued to you within 1 week but unfortunately till date 23 Sep, 2016 no offer letter is received. So anyone can let me, is there any requirement of clearance from labor ministry of Qatar. Please help me out this moment.

  199. Jasim

    Hi, my friend he wants to come in a business which gives out NOC on a later part. He is ready to come to Qatar but as per his current situation in home he can’t bear to shed more money he was looking for a business work visa which the company or the travel sponsor can provide the NOC, where he can work and with no problems and the visa should be affordable price as well..later if he is not interested in the job he can quit any time by transfering his visa to other company.

  200. Eirenmee Veloso

    I currently working here in Qatar for only three months and a half. And im resigning to my employer due to many issues in his management like our contract it indicates many benefits there which are totally lies specially regarding the salary and the other benefits. He said he will not allowing me to leave in this country because i was signed to the 2 years contract which is true. But because of the lies that includes in the contract i was so dismayed and feel aggravated that is why i want to resign. Please help me! What should i do? I wanna go back to the Philippines with my family.

  201. psyche s. par

    Im a private car driver, I left from my old sponsor due to some work misunderstanding, and now he wont give me NOC and won’t sign the transfer papers..what should I do? he said that he already cancelled my visa,it is not due until March of next year..

  202. shas

    I came Qatar for a job visa and I can’t go through this job. My visa stamping is not over.what can I do

  203. Antony Franklin

    I’ve left to India during my 11th month of service as an emergency leave as soon as I landed I found I can’t go back to my job so, I’ve resigned my job. Is there any chance for me to get back my salary which was under hold of employer? (the month which I’ve completed).

    the employer wasn’t give medical card, any benefits which was not mentioned in the offer letter. they even didn’t give employee copy of contract

    Thank you

    Antony Franklin

  204. sahib

    hi good morning qatar i have one thing to ask our labour ministry what is the basic sallry procedure means do you have any law for basic sallry how much is minimum basic sallry for a labourer visa

  205. Without cancel my qatar visa may I go outher gulf cuntries from india

  206. Habeeb

    Sir/ Madam,

    Recently I received work visa for Qatar. In that it is mentioned as below visa type is
    Visa type: work-yearly Residents for Qatar.
    This means the work contract will be for 2 years or not?

    Please clear my doubts
    Thank you .

  207. Debopam

    Hi I am currently working in Qatar since Feb. 2016, kindly let me know if I leave the Country and want to come back to Qatar under a different employer, then after how much time can I re enter the country.

  208. Lambodar

    I have finished my two yrs as per my offer letter ..I wish to move my country ..can I move ?? Wht could be the procedures ??

  209. Nevil company is not paying the salary every month.some time thye paying over 3 month. I am now alrady morthan 3 years stay in qatar. My job contract is unlimited contract.what i can do

  210. Shankar

    Good evng This is Shankar from India
    I did a civil engineeging graduation and i have experience in south africa and Mnc company’s in india
    I want start business in qatar
    I want know about genaral labour licence amd fees ETC. in qatar

    Thanking you

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