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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Your race determines your pay scale

Your race determines your pay scale

CEOs in Qatar earn the best, and the colour of your skin determines your salary. The Gulf Business 2013 Salary Survey states that the average monthly salary for a CEO ranges from $30,069 (Asianexpats) to $35,178 (Arab expats). But Saudi topped the list for Western expats at $35,294 a month.

The survey found that the average salary of a Western expatriate in GCC is $12,215.5 per month, about 15.7 per cent higher than that of an Arab expatriate, who pockets an average of around $10,556 per month.

Asian expats on an average earn 26% less than a westerner in a similar job.

The survey looked at average remuneration for 20 roles across sectors, in the six GCC states.

The racially influenced salary structure has been a subject of great debate in the region.

The most common justification is comparing what the individual might have earned in his/her home country with what is paid out here. The argument conveniently ignores that all of us residing in these countries, share the same cost of living.

In Qatar, is your salary a reflection of your skin colour?

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