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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Why QAWS’s success will be the community’s as well

Why QAWS’s success will be the community’s as well

The Qatar Animal Welfare Society needs no introduction, the work they do speaks for itself. But they haven’t had an easy run. The existence of QAWS, the struggles it faces, the challenges it overcomes are all a reflection of who we are as a community: Sometimes indifferent, even cruel; but by and large willing to do the right thing, the kind thing. Which is why, if QAWS fails, we all do.



JustHere spent time at QAWS and spoke to Lucielle Burger on what it means to run QAWS and to keep it going.

Today is Adoption Day at QAWS, and what could be its last. So do drop in, and extend your support.


(With inputs from Nidhi Z. Eipe)



  1. ibrahim

    This Organisation is not made for Welfare of Animals .. I help my friend who rescue dogs and we give dogs for free adoption Unlike qaws, who charge more then 1200 for adoption and i also heard that adoption fees depend on dog’s breed .. they even blocked me from posting on their pages..The reason is that i was posting on their facebook pages about dogs dat are for free adoption . so do you people think this Organisation is made for the Welfare of animals ..?

  2. QAWS

    Ibrahim, we have responded to your untrue claims repeatedly and we are no longer prepared to enter into discussions as we are seeking legal advise regarding your continued slanderous accusations.

  3. Rhonda Rooney

    Ibrahim.. it is really sad that you call yourself a rescuer and you are supposedly doing things for the animals. If this were the case, you would be supporting films like this one for the good of the animals instead of slandering reputable rescue groups – ESPECIALLY when you do not have your facts straight! You forget to add that all dogs are spay/neutered, microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated including rabies. These animals are fully vet checked and adopted out healthy. You also have the price wrong for QAWS. There are many rescues that have offered to meet with you and your group to discuss your issues however you continually evade these offered meetings.. why is that? I do know for a fact that these rescue groups used to allow you and yours to post your animals on their pages out of the animals dire need to be adopted, despite the fact that all of these rescues groups have more than three times the volume of homeless animals than yourselves. Is the goal at the end not to do what is best for all animals in need rather than creating animosity and falseness? Perhaps you should rethink your negativity and instead focus on positive energy in creating a caring community for the sake of the animals.

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