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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Where are the Arabic receipts?

Where are the Arabic receipts?

Though the Ministry of Business and Trade has announced that all sales receipts should be bi-lingual, few retailers have implemented it so far.

The reason: store owners haven’t yet received the official paperwork from the Ministry.

The new regulations for wholesalers, retailers and service providers, was passed under the Consumer Protection Law of 2008.


Assistant supervisor of Woqod, Rizan Mohammed, said: “We were informed by the retail operations administrator from Head Office that we had to give the name and amount only of the items on display in Arabic.”

“We’ve had no news from the Consumer Protection Department, and it will take a while to get this organised,” added Adnan Zahra, Senior Operations Manager of Caffe Vergnano 1882.  “ Our machines and operating systems are from the US, so this can’t be fixed immediately.”

Red Velvet Cupcakery and Chapati & Karak have only partly implemented the law, as they are not sure what details need to be in Arabic. Their receipts show only the names of items in Arabic, and not the amounts, the outlet address and the bill date of.

Chapati & Karak’s supervisor-in-charge, Fouzi Ramadan, says: “We were informed about needing to have the receipts in Arabic… but we were not aware of having to get every single bit of information printed in Arabic. We were only informed that the item names had to be in Arabic.”

Asked when they would have the receipts printed in Arabic, Fouzi said: “It will take three or four days to fix this, as we have to send the receipt machine to our suppliers and get it in order.”

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