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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Traffic diversion on the main road between Doha and Al Wakrah

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’, in cooperation with Qatar Railways Company (Qatar Rail), announces a traffic diversion on the main arterial road that links between Doha and Al Wakrah cities, starting from the Barwa Village interchange to Al Wakrah roundabout just north of Al Wakrah town.

The diversion will facilitate the construction works of the Doha Metro project (The Red Line South Elevated and at-grade) implemented by Qatar Railways Company, and will also allow the construction works of interchange 27; one of four interchanges that will be constructed as part of the East Corridor Expressway project, implemented by Ashghal.

The main road, consisting of three lanes in each direction, will be closed and diverted to a temporary alternative road that was built with the same number of lanes and in each direction. A traffic light was also installed to facilitate traffic flow from and to Ras Abu Funtas road, as shown on the attached map.

Ashghal-WakrahThe traffic diversion will be implemented in two phases; the diversion will be first open at the Southbound towards Al Wakrah starting from Tuesday 31st March 2015. The diversion will then be open at the Northbound towards Doha on Wednesday 8th April 2015. The traffic diversion will be open in both directions from 8th April until Q4 of 2016.

On Sunday 22nd March, the left lane (fast lane) of the main road Northbound towards Al Wakrah was closed, which will last until Monday 30th March 2015, in order to facilitate the opening of the temporary road for the above mentioned diversion.

The East Corridor Expressway project is part of Ashghal’s vital Expressway Programme, and includes the construction of a new dual carriageway with a length of approximately 11 kilometers and consists of five lanes in each direction. The road extends from the west of the access to the Barwa Development as far as Al Matar Street south of the Air Force roundabout, and will create a new strategic link in the South Area.


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