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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Traffic Diversion on Dukhan Road between Bani Hajer Roundabout and the interchange opposite Al Wajba Palace

The Public Works Authority, ‘Ashghal’ has announced that traffic on the existing Dukhan Road will be diverted to an alternative three-lane road to facilitate the Dukhan Highway East construction project.

Four signal junctions will be used during the diversion to control traffic flows and enhance traffic safety for motorists using the alternative roads that have been designed in accordance with the highest international standards and safety requirements.

Works will be implemented in two stages:

Stage 1 will be implemented during the early hours of Friday 27 March 2015 and will include the closure of a 1600 metre two-lane road stretching between Bani Hajer roundabout and the interchange opposite Al Wajba Palace.  A three-lane alternative road will be provided north of the existing Dukhan Road to serve the traffic from Bani Hajer roundabout towards the interchange opposite Al Wajba Palace as is shown on the attached map (Stage 1).


Stage 2 of the diversion is expected to be implemented in mid-April 2015 and will be announced well before the scheduled opening time to alert road users in advance about the diversion’s details and any related maps.

The Dukhan Highway East project, part of Ashghal’s vital Expressway Programme, includes the construction of an approximately 10km dual carriageway consisting of 4 lanes in each direction with service roads and auxiliary roads along sections of the road.

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