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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Today’s Buzz

Part of Dukhan Highway Central opens
The Public Works Authority — Ashghal — has announced the opening of a new part of Dukhan Highway Central between Al Rayyan Roundabout and Sheehaniya Interchange.
Nine kilometres of a four-lane carriageway, including an underpass of Al Dehailiyat Army Camp Interchange, are now open to traffic.
As part of the project, two underpasses for camels crossing near Al Rayyan and Al Sheehaniya roundabouts are also open, along with two lanes of service roads in each direction.

Plan to rein in unruly plane passengers
Airlines are trying to forge an international mechanism to tackle passenger misbehaviour in the air that often results in diverted flights and legal issues. International carriers are grappling with rising number of unruly passengers.

Mall of Qatar to open in Q4 2015
Mall of Qatar, which will be the largest shopping mall in the country when it opens in the last quarter of 2015, yesterday announced at Cityscape Qatar that it would finalise over 70 percent of its leasing by October 2014 with most of its key strategic agreements in place.
“We have had an amazingly enthusiastic response from major retailers in the region and internationally who have responded positively to our plans to create the first super regional shopping mall destination in Qatar,” said Shem Krey, Deputy Managing Director, Mall of Qatar.

Many Qatari students want parliament
Desirous of taking part in the political process in the country, some 41 percent of Qatari university students said in a survey that they strongly back the establishment of a parliament.
These students believe that people should be given more opportunities to actively take part in public affairs.
Only a small minority (16 percent of those surveyed) said they didn’t support the idea of having a parliament as the state was providing them enough to lead an honourable life.

One-way roads planned to end traffic jams
Several main roads in the city may soon be permanently declared one-way streets with the aim of regulating traffic in a smoother way to ensure there are no traffic jams.
This is part of a solution the authorities have come up with as part of a four-year plan to regulate traffic and end chaos on Doha’s roads.
Massive plans are also afoot to develop internal streets within the city to ensure smooth traffic flow. This was disclosed by a senior official from the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning yesterday.

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