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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Today’s Buzz

Doha Outlet Mall to open by first quarter next year
Qatar Property Management (QPM) company is gearing up to open the doors of its upcoming ‘Doha Outlet Mall’ to customers by the first quarter of 2015.
This was announced by Mana bin Ibrahim Al Mana, Chairman, QPM in a press conference yesterday.
Al Mana said: “The mall at West End Park, owned by Jassim bin Mohammad bin Thani Social Care Foundation, is the first and largest of its kind in Qatar and the region. As the name suggests, it will house outlets of leading international brands clearing their stocks at heavily discounted prices. The mall is almost ready and scheduled to open by early next year. Over 75 percent of the space has been booked.

Clearance delay hits fish, vegetable supply
Imported fish, fruits and vegetables are in short supply in the local market due to an alleged delay in getting the shipments cleared at the new airport, say market sources.
Importers and traders complain that a major portion of the stocks have been damaged by the time they arrive in the market due to the delay, which they said, started since the new airport became fully operational on May 27.

Mangrove cleanup collects two truckloads of garbage
Hundreds of volunteers from various expatriate communities joined the mangrove cleanup drive on Friday at Al Thakira, pulling out big tyres from the mud and picking up bottles, plastic and barbeque pits’ leftovers, broken glass and other waste materials in the area.
Project leader Anri Taki said they collected two truckloads of garbage from the site while a big chunk was  brought by Global Metals to its recycling facility.
“We had wanted around 200 volunteers to sign up, but only a few days later, we were surprised to get over 550 registrations,” she noted.

Midday work ban from June 15
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs yesterday tweeted  that outdoor work must stop in the country from 11.30am to 3pm, between June 15 and August 31. According to the ban instituted in 2007, labourers are not to be made to work for more than five hours in the outdoors before 11.30am. Employers who flout the ban will face action. They could be shut down for up to one month, the ministry warned. The hotline for people to call in case they spot summer working-hours violations is 44241101.

Villa woes
The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning has launched a survey of villas across the country, focusing mostly on Doha and its suburbs, to check illegal partitioning with a view to curbing the trend and ensuring people’s safety.
Municipal inspectors do not have the authority to enter a villa, and can do so only with permission from the Public Prosecution. So they have been asked to conduct the survey by observing possible violations from outside, like looking at the number of window air conditioners installed in a villa and cars parked outside at night or at the weekend.

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