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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Today’s Buzz – 26th June, 2014

Seha scheme to provide dental cover from today
The National Health Insurance Company (NHIC) has announced that dental services will be covered from today under Seha – the National Health Insurance Scheme.
All Qataris covered by the Seha scheme can now get the full range of medically-necessary dental treatments at a large number of hospitals, clinics and specialised dental centres within the authorised provider network.
All basic dental services and emergency treatments are fully covered within the Seha provider network and do not require any co-payments from members.
[Source: Gulf Times]

Employers revise duties for workers’ convenience
The rising temperatures have prompted many “labour-friendly” managers in the construction industry to reschedule working hours for their workers.
These changes are being explored keeping the convenience of workers in mind. As some of the managers said, the workers would otherwise be “terribly exhausted” even before the daily mid-day break, put in place by the Labour Ministry to protect them from the summer heat, starts at 11:30am.
[Source: Gulf Times]

Law soon to punish black marketeers of subsidised food
The government is planning a law to criminalise the sale on the black market of subsidised food items meant for Qataris.
Once the legislation is invoked, people involved in the alleged abuse of the system, including the citizens who allow the misuse of the privilege, may all be punished.
Under Tamween (Arabic word meaning ‘supply’), Qatari families are entitled to buy from designated outlets quality food items like rice and edible oil, among other things, at very low prices.
[Source: The Peninsula]

QF’s solar project to reduce carbon emissions by 2,590 tonnes annually
QATAR Foundation’s (QF) newly launched Solar Smart-Grid project will reduce around 2,590 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, Project Manager Ibrahim al Haidos has said.
Addressing a press conference held at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) on Wednesday, Haidos said,”The clean energy produced is enough to offset annual electricity usage of 471 Qatari homes. The drop in carbon emission saves is equivalent to conserving 6,023 barrels of oil worth half a million dollars or growing 66,410 tree seedlings for 10 years.”
[Source: Qatar Tribune]

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