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JustHere | November 16, 2017

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Today’s Buzz – 25 June, 2014

‘Majority of staff in beauty industry are unqualified’
Around 80% people involved in the hair and beauty industry in Qatar are without any international qualifications or certifications that are necessary to maintain healthy and safety standards, Tajmeel Principal Beverley Crowther told Gulf Times.
“It’s very important that everybody is qualified in the hair and beauty industry. Only about 5% have internationally recognised qualifications, while in the last year, I’ve trained another 15% in the basic health and safety standards. So, about 80% people in the hair and beauty industry are without any international qualifications,” she said.
[Source: Gulf Times]

SCH health tips for travellers, pilgrims
A top official of The Supreme Council of Health (SCH)  has  advised all the travellers going from Qatar for pilgrimage or on holiday to take necessary precautions while embarking on their journey.
He also said that there  had been  no instances of Mers virus in Qatar since November 2013.
[Source: Gulf Times]

Woqod to import 300,000 Shafaf cylinders: CEO
Some 300,000 transparent (Shafaf) cooking gas cylinders are being imported to help ease their shortage ahead of Ramadan.
Orders for the supply of the cylinders have already been placed with the exporters, local petroleum products distributor and cooking gas supplier, Woqod said yesterday.
A top Woqod (Qatar Fuel) official said that the corporation is encouraging ‘Shafaf’ retailers to accept metal cylinders from buyers in exchange (for the new cylinder) and give them a discount of QR50.
[Source: The Peninsula]

No major impact of diesel price hike on inflation, says Ministry
The impact of recent hike in diesel prices on consumer price inflation will be minor and a temporary phenomenon, the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics said yesterday.
The weight of diesel in the consumer price index (CPI) is very small.
As most private vehicles use petrol, the effect will be minor and short-lived, the ministry’s latest edition of Economic Outlook said.
Qatar Fuel (Wooqod) increased the retail price of diesel to QR1.5 a litre from QR1 on May 1.
[Source: The Peninsula]

CPD shuts cosmetics firm for manipulating validity date
The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has closed shops and warehouse of a well-known natural cosmetic products company for commercial fraud and attempt to mislead consumers by manipulating the validity date of its products.
Following a tip-off, inspectors from the ministry’s Consumer Protection and Commercial Fraud Combat departments along with the competent security authorities raided the main warehouse of the company located in Duhail area and seized a large quantity of expired products which had validity date modification.
[Source: Qatar Tribune]

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