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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Here today, gone tomorrow. Vanishing acts, Qatar-style

With the ever-evolving cityscape, Doha has definitely changed over the years. Once popular landmarks are now mere memories. Take a look at the 10 landmarks we have compiled. What would you add to this list?

  • Palm Tree Island Palm Tree Island
  • Doha Zoo Doha Zoo
  • Karak joint at the Corniche Karak joint at the Corniche
  • Arch Roundabout [Photo courtesy: Goodhugh via Flickr] Arch Roundabout [Photo courtesy: Goodhugh via Flickr]
Palm Tree Island

Another popular picnic spot among residents in the 90s. What was once an island teeming with families over the weekend has been reduced to the small, barren land on the sea with a lone tree!

Aladdin Kingdom

One of the most sought after theme parks in Qatar, Aladdin Kingdom was a sure favourite among kids.  It opened in 1994 and featured a variety of rides out of which roller coaster and the 4-D venture were highly popular.

Karak Joint at the Corniche

The iconic Karak shop at the Sheraton end of Corniche, near the Msherieb Enrichment Centre, closed down early last year. Though residents were forced to find new alternatives, nothing compares to the old Doha feeling that this nightspot offered.

Oryx Roundabout

The sight of two oryx heads near the Qatar National Theater was a regular for motorists until Ashghal demolished the roundabout. The former Oryx Roundabout was officially opened as Lodhaily intersection on November 15, 2013.

Arch or Rainbow Roundabout

Yet another iconic roundabout in WestBay was demolished in October last year The  Arch roundabout, also known as Rainbow Roundabout, is being turned into a three-level interchange including a dual three-lane underpass from Al Dafna area to Lusail.

‘Crazy’ Roundabout

Before crazy roundabout became an intersection, traffic in that areas was nothing, but crazy! This was because there were two roundabouts in close proximity in the same area that created a whole lot of confusion among motorists.

Parachute Roundabout

If you would drive towards Wakrah back then, long-time residents would remember the huge parachute structure erected on the roundabout on the airport road greeting motorists coming from all sides. Today there’s a just a signalised intersection in its place.

Doha Zoo

Qatar’s only zoo closed in 2012 for renovation. The zoo drew much flak for its size and poor conditions in which the animals were made to stay. The new zoo will be ready by 2020, officials have promised, and will house about 3,000 animals.

National showroom

The one-stop shop for all electronic items, wasn’t just a popular store, but also became a famous landmark for the Msheireb area, so much so that the area itself was called ‘National’. The neighbourhood itself is now torn down, giving way to the Msheireb Downtown project.

Muntazah Park

This was one of the best and first ‘family’ parks in Doha with a lot of greenery. The park has been closed for almost a decade now. Today only a patch of green is open to public.

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