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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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To reduce congestion, residential districts to sprout up outside Doha

To reduce congestion, residential districts to sprout up outside Doha

In an effort to reduce crowds and congestion around the country, the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning is developing model residential districts in different parts of Qatar. They have developed a design for the project which comprises schools, commercial centres, parks and other amenities. This plan is part of an ongoing project to develop residential complexes to eventually replace old neighbourhood convenience stores, The Peninsula has reported. According to Central Municipal Member (CMC) and representative of the Al Gharafa constituency, Mubarak Frish, the first such residential project is set to be implemented in Rowdath Al Hammam on the Al Shamal road. The new design will have uniform standards and specifications and will include ample parking spaces and roads designed to prevent traffic jams.

This initiative, however, faces opposition from some Qatari architects and other CMC members who are in favour of redeveloping the older parts of the city which have been built without much planning, according to the report.

Of the total population of about 1.9 million people, nearly 47% resides in Doha, whereas close to 27% resides in Al Rayyan. Also, Doha is the country’s commercial and economic hub, which explains the high population concentration within Doha city limits. The townships of Al Khor (11.4%), Al Wakra (8.3%), Umm Salal (3.5%), Al Daayen (2.5%) and Al Shamal (0.46%) follow next in the highest population density category.

A few of the older areas that are already undergoing major facelifts are Msheireb (the Doha Downtown Project) and parts of Muntazah where new roads and buildings are being added to improve the current infrastructure.

In addition to residential projects, the city is also looking to relocate some of its old commercial complexes and businesses to outside city limits to build more modern buildings in their place.


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