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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Tickets sold out for Berners-Lee talk in Qatar

The man who makes it possible for you to read this online is speaking in Qatar next week. But if you haven’t reserved your tickets already, you may have to settle for listening to him online and not in person.

Tim-Berners-Lee-innerThe World Wide Web turns 25 next month, and to celebrate its first quarter, inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee is to speak about about the journey ahead for this technology.

Organised by Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), the lecture titled ‘the World Wide Web and the Next 25 Years’ will be held 4.30pm on Sunday 23rd March at the Qatar National Convention Centre. However, all tickets have already been sold. For those of you without a ticket, organisers are working on providing a live video streaming, details of which will be announced soon, a QCRI official told JustHere.

The lecture will highlight “why principles of integrity, openness, and individuals’ freedom to use technology unimpaired should underpin its governance”.

He will also discuss how the World Wide Web can maximise its benefit to humanity by using its power to promote scientific collaboration to solve major problems, apply democratic and rational principles of governance, and build understanding and empathy across national and cultural borders.

Notably, Berners-Lee himself did not make a business proposition of his invention, preferring to keep it free.

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