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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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‘The more local your film, the more universal it is,’ says Qumra Master Bruno Dumont

Qumra Master Bruno Dumont, delivering his Master Class at the third edition of Qumra, the industry event by the Doha Film Institute, urged emerging filmmakers to push the boundaries of reality, reminding them that the ‘more localised’ their stories, the ‘more universal’ they become.


By shaping the dimensions of ‘being’ and ‘non-being,’ philosophy drives him in his character sketches, as “philosophers are people who have probed human nature.” That is why he sees the role of cinema as a “spiritual experience’ and film as a “natural art.”

Dumont had an eager audience at Qumra, emerging talents who probed him on his work with professional actors of late, having earlier preferred to work with non-trained people. Dumont says the key in working with professional actors is to ‘dehumanise them and make them look deep into themselves to become real characters. Direct them, always, as non-professionals and you get excellent results,” he told the audience.

Dumont narrated his journey in cinema, starting first with studying and teaching philosophy, shooting industrial films, and going on to learn cinematography, editing and scripting. When he ventured into fiction-filmmaking, he found it impossible to work with established actors. “So I worked with non-actors and found the work was smooth.”

The filmmaker understands that films are dense “and does not have to appeal to all; you cannot make a film to please all. Accept that some people do not love your films, and leave it at that.”

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