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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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The Katara Dilemma: What do we do about misbehaviour?

The Katara Dilemma: What do we do about misbehaviour?

If you’re a spoilt rich young adult who doesn’t need an education, a job nor do you require to pitch in to meet your basic needs, why should you be processed into the circle of life? Or live by the practices that govern others?

Katara is a good place to meet up with family and friends. This family-friendly environment is fading away, because of inappropriate behaviour of some youth.

Spot a female at the wheel of a car? Chances are you’d see 10 Land Cruisers giving her chase to get a phone number or to get a room. You’d also see men and women at each other’s throats, swearing because someone tries to make a move and gets rejected.

I thought Katara was an international site for residents and tourists alike? What would visitors say about Qatar? Speaking of tourists, a friend of mine was hosting delegates from Japan and she took them to Katara. After dinner, a group of men in white thobes started walking next to them and talking inappropriately. What was also not very surprising is the attitude of the Asian security, who do not even react because they assume that they will get into trouble or be deported.

The energy of youth in Qatar is not channeled properly. It is actually very sad to see a significant number of youngsters wasting their time. Why aren’t they given better direction? Where will they end up? We need to get them into mandatory community service, probably get them to  spend time at a home for the elderly.

The programme should target youth who are so complacent in their cushy, self-satisfied existence, that they really need reminder of the reality of life, and the culture they belong to.

Although a home for elderly is itself a reflection of things that go wrong (a place for those who have no family to support them), it would be a good place for the young to receive the kind of attention and direction that their immediate family has failed to provide.

This is not punitive action, mind you. This is a favour to the young.


  1. “The energy of youth in Qatar is not channeled properly.” – @@ShabebAlRumaihi

  2. I am not a youth , but I have seen on my only visit to Katara
    some misbehaving Young Ladies as well , why did you direct the article
    to young men , we aim to be fair right …. and let’s sway away
    for the stereotypical “qatari spoilt youth are rich ” not really .
    be safe ….
    and nothing personal ,
    I just found your blog today , I would have commented earlier .

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