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JustHere | January 3, 2018

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[PHOTO FEATURE] International Labour Day: That’s #MyCommunity

As we mark International Worker’s Day today, here’s our little attempt of getting to know our community better. We asked you to submit a photo of someone you interact with daily, but don’t know well.
And this is what you gave. We are keeping this section open the whole of May, so please do continue submitting your photos and stories.

Abdulla, a valuable member of the Msheireb Family. He is a ray of sunshine, he’s one of those people that brings joy with him wherever he goes.
Sumbitted by Nofe Al Suwaidi



This is Radhakrishna Neopane who helps me tend my windowsill garden. He knows and loves my plants more than I do!
Submitted by Ketaki Bardalai



Sudha, Shankar and Ganga – the cleaning gang in my building. Am so grateful to them for ensuring that my house stays spotlessly clean – at least 3 days a week!
Submitted by Ketaki Bardalai 



Our security guard at Beach Tower. His name is Hillary. He’s from Cameroon. What he loves the most in his job is that it makes everyone in the building safer and happier. He has a good heart, he loves kids, he loves the people of the tower and we love him too. He is resourceful and fixes all our issues, even if it’s not part of his job role.
Sumbitted by Ildiko Francia 



This is me and Cindy, the all star kitchen attendant. She’s from the Philippines, has been at VCUQatar for a number of years and loves fashion. We did have a plant die on our shift but she’s my go to woman for all things office related.
Sumbitted by Mohana Rajakumar 



He’s Ganga, from Nepal. Never seen him without this smile. Age – 21 years. Been in Qatar for three years. Superstar.
Submitted by Aju George Chris



Ramon Lusuergo, 37 years old, from Phillipines. He works at the Qatar Foundation clubhouse gym. I call him Mon. He has trained me for more that two months now, and there has been a lot of physical change in me since then. He is an extremely friendly and informative guy, and very helpful in terms of mental and physical fitness. He dreams of becoming a professional model. He likes boxing and basketball.
Submitted by Tariq Spence



That’s Joy from Qatar Tennis Federation. She’s a bit camera shy, so requested for a candid shot! Joy does court bookings and manages the schedule of trainings. She’s usually on night duty. She’s very generous. Even if I call in at the last minute to book a court, she tries her best to make one available for me. She likes to watch people play tennis, though she doesn’t play the game herself.
Submitted by John Dichoso



Satara is the supervisor of the cleaning staff at Barwa Towers. She never fails to smile and greet everyone when she does her rounds at the office.
Submitted by Betsy Oliveira



Selva is the “messenger” of Hamad Medical Corporation. His work involves a lot of travelling around the city, as he has to handover documents from one department to another. He is very hardworking. He likes to watch movies in his free time. He cooks too.
Submitted by Neha Anand Shah



That’s a picture of me with Abdulla (in green). Abdullah is a porter at the Kilo Market on Salwa Road. At 70 years, he’s probably the oldest employee there! Despite his age, he works hard at his job. It’s tiring, he says. But he needs to work to support his wife back home in Iran. He has no complaints in life, and you can see the contentment is his eyes.
Submitted by Cassey Oliveira



Mohamed Majdi is a waiter at Jollie café. He is extremely friendly, and full of smiles. He loves to bake cookies, and they are really tasty. I tried them once. In fact, he dreams of opening a bakery in Egypt. His favourite place to be in Qatar is the corniche.
Submitted by Ahmed Ismail



I see this guy every night when I’m leaving work. He is always smiling, and wishes me good night every single day. His name is Deepak and he works as an Information Assistant at The Gate Mall. If you’re ever lost, just approach him and he will be happy to assist you.
Submitted by Dawood Al-Ansari



That’s Laxman, our office teaboy. Laxman loves to bring humor to the place “to remove the morning stony faces of employees,” he says.
Submitted by Kareem Andary



Tej Prasad, a janitor at Sckumberger. 41 years old, from Nepal. Worked here for two years. Comes once a day to clean the office. He dreams to make enough money for his family back home. He likes to play cricket and volleyball on weekends.
Submitted by Nitin Ferdinand



Roshan Sanjeewa is a Tea Boy at Doha Film Institute, who I always look forward to meeting and learning more about him during every film festival. He’s happy to have landed a job at DFI where he enjoys being around the staff who do take good care of him and offer him advices. He would like to be a successful man in the near future with the blessing of God.
Submitted by Gazanfarulla Khan



  1. I Love it. I really do. Such a smart idea and so nice to give you a thank you for labors whom we cant live without 🙂

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