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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Ta2heel: By the youth for the youth… a uniquely Qatar initiative

Ta2heel: By the youth for the youth… a uniquely Qatar initiative

The Arab world has one of the youngest populations in the world. It was that collective power that we saw being exercised in countries across the region. In Qatar, a section of the youth seek to make a mark as well. Their voice by way of social initiatives has begun to receive the interest of the leaders. These initiatives, conceived and executed in Qatar prepare youngsters to play a more dynamic role in the labour market.

Ta2heel, one such, is a student organisation that prepares high school students for university, and to understand the opportunities and vocations available to them.  One of their main aims is to help high school students adapt to life in university. This would be the third summer, of this initiative, and will be launched in mid-June.

salman-ta2heelTa2heel media manager Salman Hamad Al-Muhanadi  tells us more.

Why did you guys start this initiative? 

It’s a long story. But here’s the short version: Ta2heel is the sum of two separate youth empowerment initiatives.

The first is All4One launched in 2009, and the other is Roar of the Crowd: Leadership Expedition. Ta2heel came as a follow up to the ideas developed in the previous programmes. The founding member behind all of those I’ve mentioned is Sarah Al-Derham; she introduced us all to each other, and gave us the chance to collaborate on this programme.

The purpose is to provide local high school students an insight into the different fields of study that they can peruse, as well as prepare them for university life, and assisting them with their university applications.

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Sarah Al-Derham, Founder.

Moza Al-Derham and Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, outreach and PR.

Fahad Al-Kuwari, in-charge of the engagement programme. Mohammad Al-Malek and Rashid Al-Kuwari,  in-charge of activities and events.

Nada Hammada and Farah Al-Taweel, graphic designers.

Salman Hamad Al-Muhanadi, media manager.

Ali Al-Anssari, our videographer.

Abdullah Al-Khalaf, finance in-charge.

Mohammad al-Fadhallah, in-charge of field trips during the programme.


Who is involved?

We’re just 10 of us (see sidebar), plus the volunteers that we recruit.

What’s Ta2heel’s short term goal and the long term one?

We don’t want future generations falling into the same trap we did. The confusion after high school can be crippling. Not knowing what to do and going for something you don’t want to or are suited for is bad. That’s why Ta2heel exists.

In the future, we want a society capable of writing its own narrative, based on wise and well-thought-out decisions. We want young leaders with integrity, and dreams of changing the world for the better.

Are there any patrons?

Our main caretaker for now is Qatar Foundation, since most of our members are students in Education City. This allows us to optimise the privileges that QF gives to their students. Last year we collaborated with Bedaya, and TEDxYouth. They were great. This year, we’re still on the lookout.

How many students have benefitted from Ta2heel? 
Over the past two years around 95 students have been through the programme.  This year’s summer programme will admit approximately 50 students.

Is it a group mentoring or one-to-one sessions?
In the classrooms, the students are there together. But outside the classrooms, the students are separated into 5 groups or as we like to call it “Nations.” Each one has its own name, leader, map, national anthem and flag.

Could you highlight the major activities that Ta2heel team has been doing?

Besides the awesome activities during Ta2heel itself, we do have activities happening through the year for our students and for the public. For example, we organised an educational trip to a DFI film screening. In addition, we had our own movie night at the Ceremonial Court of Education City. We screened three Qatari short films that were made by students, but the main attraction was a feature film about students that were making a film. The purpose of such activities is to inspire our students to doing great things by exposing them to what’s out there and the potential. We also invite the public so they can learn about the programme and the activities that we do. We’ll be doing more soon, so stay connected!

High school students, regardless of nationality, who wish to learn more about this project may contact the organisation through: Ta2heel.org



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