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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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SURVEY: 41% of Qataris play sports to lose weight; 32% do to to stay in shape

SURVEY: 41% of Qataris play sports to lose weight; 32% do to to stay in shape

Over 40% of the residents of Qatar were encouraged to exercise due to the availability of the sport equipment on the Corniche, according to a new sports survey.

On the occasion of National Sport Day 2014, the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics reports conducted an electronic survey of 1006 males and females comprising both Qataris and non-Qataris.
Here are some of the findings:
  • 74% of the respondents practice one or the other sport. 72% of Qatari participants and 75% of non-Qataris practice a sport.
  • Walking and jogging are the most commonly practiced activities among the 59% of Qataris who engage in sports activities.
  • 41% of Qataris who play sports do so to lose weight and 32% do so to stay in shape whereas 46% non-Qataris who play sports aim for weight loss and 27% of them seek to stay in shape.
  • Residents within the 30-39 years age group has the most number of active sports practitioners at 36%, while the 20-29 years age group has a high number of Qatari sport practitioners.
  • 49% of total Qatari respondents spend less than QR1,000 on exercise per month and sport equipment whereas the number of people who spend more than QR10,000 per month is a mere 1%.
  • 58% of non-Qatari respondents spend less then 58% on sporting equipment every month and 7% spend between QR5,000 and QR10,000.
  • 49% of total Qataris and 58% of non-Qataris exercise an hour per week.
  • 79% of respondents who have swimming pools exercised at home while 85% of those who had a gym at home exercised more often.
National Sport Day 2014 will have a variety of fun activities for people of ages – kids, adults and families. Here is JustHere’s compilation of all the sports and activities that will be taking place around Qatar on the day.

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