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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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With strict number crunch in classrooms, schools encouraged to open new branches to accommodate more students

The need to reduce total number of students in classrooms to 30 is a safety requirement by the Civil Defence, and not an SEC mandate.

Speaking at an open forum recently, HE the Minister of Education and Higher Education, and SEC’s Secretary General, Dr Mohamed Abdulwahid al-Hammadi, said that despite the increasing demand for admissions, schools are required to abide by “the safety and security regulations and standards stipulated by the General Directorate of the Civil Defence”. Hence, opening new branches across the city was the only feasible solution, particularly those schools with “distinguished records”, he added in a report by Gulf Times.

According to the State Budget for fiscal 2014/15, the government has allocated QR26.3bn allotted to the education sector. The plan also includes development of about 85 new schools in the country, 29 of which are currently under construction. In addition, about 21 kindergarten facilities are expected to be built within the next 18 months, 15 of them are already under construction.

The chase to admissions

Residents in Qatar have faced several challenges finding a seat for their children in existing schools. Many parents that JustHere spoke to in an interview last year had said they had to apply a year in advance to secure a seat, but admissions were still not guaranteed. The uncertainty of waiting lists, and exorbitant school fees, have forced a few parents to take up homeschooling as an alternative.

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