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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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QF attempts to change workers’ plight in Qatar

QF attempts to change workers’ plight in Qatar

The Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) is set to introduce a new welfare initiative that aims to curb unfair employment practices. The objective of this initiative is to improve the working and living conditions of expatriate workers employed in construction and other service sectors.

This is in line with the Migrant Workers’ Welfare Charter that QF had signed last year, which reflects the organisation’s “belief that dignified living and working conditions are essential to unlocking human potential and indispensable to the mission of raising the quality of life for all workers”, according to a press statement issued by QF.

The QF Mandatory Standards of Migrant Workers’ Welfare is specifically seeking to curb problems such as overcrowded living conditions and unethical recruitment processes through stringent measures. These measures require that QF’s new contractors and sub-contractors attend mandatory induction training sessions to familiarise themselves with the mandated regulations. Periodic welfare audits will also be organised as an extension to ongoing health, safety and environment audits. These welfare audits will include but are not limited to inspection of the contractor and sub-contractor’s work site, accommodation site, and a review of employment records, as well as with management and workers.

Violation of the QF Mandatory Standards of Migrant Workers’ Welfare regulations will entail corrective measures and may even result in the termination of contract.

This initiative comes as a development in the area of workers’ rights since Qatar has been receiving a lot of flak for its mistreatment of migrant workers. Read more about this issue in this previous article on JustHere.

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