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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Setting up your home: What to bear in mind when applying for utility services

New to Qatar? Looking for a place to stay? In this four-part series, JustHere will guide you through the different aspects of finding a home for yourself.

In the third part, we discuss about setting up water and electricity connection for your home.

There’s only one supplier of water and electricity in the country – the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation, popularly referred to as Kahramaa.

Before moving to an apartment, you need to apply for a water and electricity connection at Kahramaa. This is necessary to track your water and electricity consumption for which you will be charged monthly.

Documents needed
  • Completed application form signed by your sponsor. Available online
  • Copy of Qatar ID
  • Copy of sponsor’s ID
  • Kahramaa reference numbers (in red and blue) that will be found outside the main door of your apartment, or ask your real estate agent
  • Copy of your rental lease
  • Deposit of QR 2,000 (QR 1,200 for electricity and QR 800 for water) that is refundable upon disconnection.
  • Current meter readings
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  • Service centres are open from 06:30am to 14:30pm only, so plan your visit accordingly.
  • It would take a minimum of 48 hours to receive a connection, so it’s better to get it done before you shift in.
  • Keep your deposit slip carefully. You need it to get refund whenever you close the connection.
  • The call center number is 991.

Submit these documents at the service centre in your area. The various locations can be found on their website. Your connection would be ready within 48 hours.

However, you don’t need to apply for one, if:

  • You are staying in a company-provided accommodation, as your company would incur the expense.
  • Your landlord includes a fixed water and electricity charge in your house rent.
Making payment

Kahramaa issues bills every month. There are different modes of payment that you can choose from:

  • Online payment is accepted only through credit cards issued by registered Qatari Banks.
  • Ooredoo & QNB self service machines
  • Some banks have provision to pay Kahramaa bills online. Check with your respective bank.
  • Pay at the service centre directly.
  • There’s even an iPhone app to pay your Kahramaa bills.
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Be warned

There have been complaints from consumers about wrong billing from Kahramaa. This may happen because:
1.         Faulty meter. If your meter reads ‘0’, it’s not working. Have it replaced by contacting Kahramaa. The amount will be adjusted in the subsequent bills.
2.         Kahramaa doesn’t check meters regularly. Billing is based on estimation. So even if you go on vacation, and your water and electricity charge should be zero, don’t be surprised to receive a bill that charges you like previous months. In this case, you need to request for a meter reading for that month, and they will adjust the amount with the following bills.
3.         Sometimes previous tenants don’t pay their outstanding bills, and that amount is charged against your name. Make sure you have it checked with your landlord.

Would help if you
  • Check the water and electricity meter as soon as you move to your new apartment. Notify Kahramaa of any faulty meter and have it replaced.
  • Make an account of your meter readings every month (if possible) to compare with the bills that you receive.
  • Keep in mind that the tap water here is not potable! You would have to buy a filter or bottled mineral water from the stores.


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    One more tip – right before you go to Kahramaa, make sure you bust your balls with a hammer. That way, nothing worse can happen to you…

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