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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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SCH rejects price hike request by private medical facilities

SCH rejects price hike request by private medical facilities

Until the national health insurance scheme is implemented, private healthcare institutions in the country will not be able to raise their fees, announced Supreme Council of Health (SCH).

According to a report in The Peninsula, the SCH rejected requests by private medical facilities for a fee hike unless they are adding any new medical services.

According to Dr Jamal Rashid Al Khanji, Director of the Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Department at SCH, most private clinics and hospitals request for a raise without any valid reasons. “The SCH is not authorised to fix prices, but can freeze them to prevent a further hike, if there is a need. Through this move, the Permanent Licensing Committee (PLC) wants to send a strong message to those facilities that are trying to hike their fees without any justification.” Read full report here.

For license renewal, all private medical facilities are required to submit their detailed price list to SCH for approval. Moreover, the council has also made it mandatory that such facilities display the price list at the reception area, failing which they can be closed to almost three months.

As compared to private clinics and hospitals, Government health care facilities such as the Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) are a much cheaper option for residents. But with the growing population, PHCs are unable to accommodate new patients forcing them to opt for pricey private clinics. Read JustHere’s report on the need for more PHCs in the country.

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