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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Safety, not first

Safety, not first

A comprehensive and well-researched report by students of Northwestern University in Qatar lays threadbare the lack of adequate safety standards in the country.

This is the premise of the whole report: “The building you live or work in may feel safe and look strong from the outside, but have you ever wondered how sturdy it really is? How about the people who built it – how safe were they during the construction process? Was anyone injured? Or worse…did anyone die?”

Some of the most interesting facts and observations of this report are:

A diagram of how the Villaggio fire started and spread.
On constructions workers, there are three separate sections of note. Fatal occupational injuries in Qatar (5 per 100,000 workers) is far higher than in the US or UK; and a supporting video on workers’ right to life, touching upon the Human Rights Watch report.
This other piece is on how ineffective safety signs in English are, as most construction workers are not fluent in English.
And, do Qatar’s high-rises put tenants at risk?

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