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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Born this way

Reema Venkataramakrishnan

Born: November 30, 1989

Profession: Marketing

Nationality: Indian

In Qatar since: Birth

Annual residence permit renewal: December

Earliest Qatar Memory: Going to the sand dunes with my family; camping out in the open and sleeping under the stars.
Those other places… When I was growing up in Qatar, I had to depend on my parents to drop and pick me up every time I went out, but in Mumbai, kids start travelling by public transport at a very early age and become extremely self-sufficient in that sense.
The thing I’d missed most about Qatar: The luxury of living in this country. Everything from air-conditioners everywhere to being able to take long drives without having to worry about how much petrol you are using.
What must change here, now: I think we should have more dog-friendly zones in Qatar, parks and recreation areas for pets.
Home is… Where I can get go and just be.

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