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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Ready to groove? Qatar’s youth launch new dance initiative

Ready to groove? Qatar’s youth launch new dance initiative

Fired up by a passion for dance, a group of alumni from Qatar Foundation have started a new dance initiative called “Ek Junoon”.  Anyone between the ages of 15-40 years—who possess a flair for dancing—is invited to be a part of a series of creative dance videos filmed and produced by young graduates, and will be featured on the Ek Junoon website. They would also be promoted through social media portals, such as FacebookTwitterInstagram and Youtube.

“The goal is to become a premier performing arts platform or hub for dancers in the country and the region to share dance skills in the process of artistically documenting this experience. We plan to release videos on a regular basis. Moreover, with the support of entertainment agencies or sponsors, we plan to hold events, such as talent shows, that will be open to all,” says Founder and Creative Director, Jibin George Koshy, a graduate from Georgetown University.

Ek Junoon” is a Hindi/Urdu phrase that means “One Passion”. There are two reasons as to why curators of the initiative settled for a “desi” (South Asian origin) name. “Ek Junoon is based on the dancing and cinematography skills and experiences of largely “desi” (referring to those of South Asian descent) youth who grew up in Doha. Secondly, since our experience and specialization is in “desi” dance and music, we were encouraged to showcase our roots and origin.”

Despite its South Asian origin, Jibin asserts, “Ek Junoon has always been and will continue to be an enterprise welcoming and encouraging diversity. This initiative is not just for South Asians and we would love to work in a multi-cultural environment. We are mainly an urban and contemporary dance crew whose aim is to bring people from diverse cultures together to perform our interpretation of Bollywood, Ballroom, Dabkeh,  Al-‘Ardha, etc. Our choice of music and style of dancing reflect our experiences of being raised in a truly multi-cultural environment.”

The group is already out with their first video “The First Move”. Watch it here.

If you have a passion for dance, here’s a perfect platform to showcase your talent. To which Jibin adds, “Dance is a healthy interruption which acts as a stress buster, helping develop a sound mind and a healthy body. I believe the art of dance is an essential part of human nature that could be used to bridge societal divides in today’s world. Perhaps, through the common medium of dance, we can connect better as humans.”

[Pic Courtesy: Ek Junoon website]

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